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Woodland Hills Attorney Marketing

So, you may be wondering why we decided to write a blog about Attorney Marketing in our own backyard of Woodland Hills, CA. Woodland Hills Attorney Marketing is a huge keyword right? Okay, so maybe you’re not wondering. Maybe you know that we work with hundreds of law firms coast to coast, so managing SEO for law firms is something we consider one of out top niche offerings. You caught us red handed, this blog will also help us with marketing to new lawyers. Yet, the actual real point of this blog post is to show you, or any business owner for that matter, how you can actually kick major butt within regards to your SEO all by yourself. You just need to take the time.

To start, you need to consider a few things. First, we are going off of Yoast guidelines. It’s not a fact that Yoast is the end all be all when it comes to organic SEO tips, yet even us as gurus still love all of the tools and tips provided by Yoast. Second, we are going to tackle structured data as well as programming for mobile first indexing. Lastly, we will look at domain authority and page authority in regards to quality outbound links, which will help give our page relevancy. Let’s dive into Woodland Hills Attorney Marketing at it’s absolute best.

How to Generate Attorney Leads in Woodland Hills

In the paragraph above we used two outbound links. One talks about using Yoast for law firms and the other talks about marketing for attorneys. Both have a strong domain and page authority. Also, within the source coding you can see that there are relevant and related keywords. Our slug also matches our focus keyword. You can use these same basic, very elementary tactics, when trying to create quality organic content for your law firm.

Say for example that you really want to focus on DUI leads, or telephone calls for Auto Accident cases. You would use your root focus keyword, possibly tie in the city name you wish to concentrate on, and use for your slug and first header tag. Try to locate an article or page from a trusted source that talks about your topic of discussion, and write your opinion or perspective on your said topic.

Limit the amount of words per paragraph and keep your sentences strong yet simplistic in nature. Remember, you want your content to be captivating, informative, but understandable by a broad audience. Also, use an internal link under your second subheading. If you can tackle these first few line items you’re already on your way to creating amazing SEO content, all by yourself for free.

Law Firm Marketing Costs 

Our third header tag we can start playing with synonyms and dropping out the geo-targeted keyword. Law Firm Marketing Costs might be a used search term when an attorney is looking on line for attorney marketing. Another great tip is to scroll to the very bottom of the Google search results. Here you will find “related search terms” that Google deems relevant to your used keyword search. Relevancy and “like searches” is a great way to snatch brownie points, so write content about those terms.

Law Firm marketing costs can be extreamly high. SEO and AdWords can run up to $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 a month depending upon an attorney’s location and vertical of law. If you add up traditional marketing expenses, it can consume well over $500,000.00 a year just to market and lead generate for a successful legal practice. Our goal here is to help you offset some of those costs by understanding how you can do some of this for free.

DUI Leads in Woodland Hills, CA 

This next tag might be controversial. As always, don’t just run out and believe everything we say. Like a good business owner, or in this case attorney, do your own research. Make up your own mind. We like to throw in a stop word into our fourth header tags, and again bring back a geographical marker. Also, we love to throw in a sub vertical keyword. In this case, the article is about attorney marketing but our fourth subheading talks about a specific area. DUI leads in Woodland Hills, CA might be something a DUI lawyer looks for when their phones stop ringing.

Best Attorney SEO 

As we finish up our post, we like to throw in a home run swing. SEO is one of the most used terms. As such, it is one of the hardest ones to rank for. Attorney SEO is a very valuable term, so we wanted to talk about the Best Attorney SEO money can buy. We believe that is our firm. There are lots of things a law firm can do, on their own, to increase their rankings. However, most lawyers want to litigate cases. So let us handle the heavy lifting and trust a geek to well, geek out your site.