Why Auto Publishing Blogs Doesn’t Work

One cheap trick some SEO firms do, especially those that outsource their content, is to write about 12 to 36 blogs upfront. Not only does this create horrible content, it also serves no value to your website or your business. The point of a blog post within your website is to trigger a bot to come back to your website, re-crawl, and pick up new information. In simplistic terms, you’re providing new content that is inviting your potential customers and clients to learn something. More important, you are feeding Google (or any search engine) keywords about good and services you offer.

However, when an SEO firm publishes your blogs upfront, they are writing about nonsense and non relevant search topics. Say for example that you are a personal injury attorney, and you’re paying an SEO firm to help get you car accident injury inquires. Writing posts about car crashes and auto collisions is not sufficient. Adding content about personal injury won’t cut it. The reason being, you need to tie your posts to recent relevant news. This is the reason why blogging even exists. To talk about current events.

How to Write Quality Blog Posts for Attorneys 

A lot of what we develop here at Big Bang Marketing is suited best for law firms. Our writers consist of ex-paralegals and even some attorneys publish content for us as well. Do we love lawyers and law? Not really. Let’s be honest, we work with law firms because we know that if we can hit a home run for attorneys, we can charge a lot of money. Managing marketing for lawyers, if done correctly, is a “win-win” for both the marketing agency and the law firm. So, you might want to know how to write quality blog posts for attorneys. It’s actually very easy.

Open up Google and simply type in a related search term. Okay, maybe we went a bit too fast. Say for example that you are an injury lawyer, and you practice law in Woodland Hills, CA. Well, open Google and type in something like “car accident on the 101 Freeway today”. You’re going to get results from local news stations, and traffic updates, and some type of fender bender or major accident. Copy that url and then write an opinion or story about that incident. Tie in your focus keyword, talk about how insurance companies might fight a claim, throw in a pic or two with some alt tags, add some inner links, use an SEO content tool to grade your writing, and “voila” your blog post is ranking.

How Often Should a Law Firm Produce new SEO Content? 

Daily, if you can. See, there are really only two ways for your law firm to get new clients leads from internet marketing. Organic or Paid Search. Period. Yes, we know Google has a map section, and yes while directories play a major role it is STILL an organic listing. So, knowing there are only two ways to get attorney leads from search marketing, you have two options. Replenish your ad spend monthly, or, replenish your organic content monthly. Both require daily management.

Other than blogging directly on your website, you can add content to your social profiles, publish articles on Linkedin, on your Google Business Profile, and you can send out tweets. Another great tip, that also helps you get ethical backlinks, is to visit blogs of other law firms and comment about their posts. Leave your site url in your comment, and if your comment is published, you now have a great link. The point is this, you need NEW content DAILY. You can do this all by yourself for free, or hire a reputable marketing agency to do it for you.