What Does Law Firm Marketing Look Like in 2021?

To say that 2020 has been a challenge is an understatement. As we close at this year, most of us cannot wait for 2021. While the ending of the calendar year isn’t a guarantee for a totally new beginning (we are still going to have to learn to adapt and live with the virus) it does (at least for our agency) bring with a sense of a mental “fresh start”. Every new year seems to bring with it changes and updates. Sometimes things change with Google, as we saw this year with the opening of the Google Screened listings for lawyers. Other times we see updates with regards to how potential clients search, or even how browsers and phones display websites.

However, 2021 doesn’t seem to have “new updates” as much as it has all of us beginning to learn how to adjust and adapt to what has transpired in 2020. For our criminal lawyers and family law attorneys, you were hurt the most by the shutdowns and pandemic (from a purely economic standpoint). Courts were closed, prosecutors weren’t (at least it seemed this way) as willing to push forward on certain types of charges. Couples too were less likely to spit, even if they wanted to, due to financial constraints and a lack of somewhere to go. So, with courts closed and families not splitting up, criminal defense attorneys and divorce lawyers were left stranded on an island.

Yes, personal injury still carried through. However, not to the extent that cases usually do. The lack of people going to and from places severely cut down on the number of auto accidents and slip and fall cases. Most of all, people did not want to travel to participate in a consultation. Which leads our clients, and most law firms, scrambling to find a virtual alternative. Luckily for Big Bang law firms, we offer a platform for this.

As we move into 2021 we are all going to have to come to the realization that things won’t go back to the way they were. Maybe never. Yes, it will get better and yes things will stabilize. Theme parks will open, bars and restaurants will return to full capacity, and law firms will thrive. However, it may look a little different. That’s okay. We know how to adapt, and how to drive you new cases, even in these different times. So, what does law firm marketing look like in 2021? Let’s take a look.

Adapting and Adjusting Your Law Firm Marketing Tactics

If you want to thrive in 2021 (and moving forward) you’re going to need to suck it up. Yes, we are harsh. Not because we want to come off as rude, but honesty is the best policy. What worked in 2019 and the beginning of 2020 won’t work now. And, it most likely won’t work ever again. Adapting and adjusting your law firm marketing tactics is a MUST in 2021. The development of Google Screened ads is allowing some lawyers to kill it, and some lawyers to lose it. In October of 2020, Google turned off the indexing feature inside the Google Search Console. Yes, organic SEO was and is still possible, but it definitely lost the juice that it had.

With more people at home, and nowhere to go, Television Ads become more popular (and more expensive). Radio saw an increase in both conversions and costs as well. In fact, we launched our Media Purchasing division just as the COVID pandemic was beginning. Lot’s of our law firms shifted budgets out of organic SEO and moved them to traditional marketing avenues, and they killed it.

The point is simple, you and your firm need to be flexible and mentally ready to spend money on new marketing avenues. Saying that you need to “think outside the box” is a major understatement. Here are some of the top things we believe you need to be prepared for moving into 2021.

Law Firm Marketing in 2021

We sat down with members of our paid search, television and radio, and organic SEO departments to find out what they believed law firm marketing in 2021 would look like. As always, these are just our opinions. We advise you to perform your own research and due diligence before diving into any of the campaign ideas our team leads have come up with. Now, with that said, we believe in our team leaders. They have over a decade of experience each. Most importantly, they focus on marketing, advertising, and lead generation for law firms coast to coast. This gives our agency a HUGE insight, as we are able to review analytics, investigate market share, and what campaigns work and don’t work, on a national level. Here are some of the top things we feel attorneys need to be aware of when it comes to marketing their law firm in 2021.

Google Screened for Lawyers

If you want to dominate the paid search game, then you better become familiar with the Google Screened process. We published an article about this last month, and it actually ranks very well online. We’ve been getting a lot of calls about this service, and also lots of questions, as the approval process is a bit tricky.

Long story short, Google Screened is essentially an extension of AdWords. It is will a “pay-per-click” environment. However, you MUST be approved to run ads in this section. Google works with a third-party agency known as Pinkerton, and they must perform a background check on you and your law firm prior to being able to launch a campaign. In addition, the cost per click is much higher than a traditional AdWords click.

Results? This new campaign kicks butt. And, if you’re an attorney looking to grab quality clicks and calls, you NEED to run ads in this section. Our advice, don’t get cheap with the spend. You also need to focus on your reviews. We will touch on this next.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Every attorney knows that their reputation is important. Your potential clients will want to know more about you, they will want to read about the experiences past clients had, and they will want to see third-party reviews about your firm. You know this right? Think again. Now that people are more at home, more than ever, they are digging into your online reputation. Furthermore, part of the Google Screened process has to deal with your reviews and your reputation.

You need to build out your directories and add content to your online profiles. Focus on your reputation, get clients to leave you reviews, and make sure you’re doing what you can to boost your online presence.

Google AdWords

While we urge you to run ads in the Google Screened area, you cannot forget to run traditional AdWords. The very top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) on mobile are dominated by traditional ads. Make sure you allocate enough spend to rank. Also, more than ever, your quality score and page experience is going to dictate your placement in the ads. It’s no longer enough just to set a high daily budget. Your page has to perform and have relevancy to rank. Double and triple check your landing pages.

Television Commercials and Radio Ads

This, in our opinion, is the NUMBER ONE thing law firms need to consider in 2021. Traditional marketing campaigns are showing lots of traction, and we’ve successfully run dozens of local and national television campaigns in 2020. Potential clients are at home watching TV, streaming videos on their phones and tablets, and most people have been stuck in a digital world due to COVID-19.

Our advice, don’t freak out when you see the cost of marketing on television. Instead, freak out about NOT doing it and watching quality cases get eaten up by your competitors. You need to run radio and television campaigns. Period. We can do it, and most importantly, we can drive you high-quality leads.

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies 2021

Big Bang has once again been named one of the best law firm marketing companies for 2021. From Clutch to Google to the SEO Top 10 awards, we continue to be ranked amongst the best of the best when it comes to marketing and advertising for attorneys. We care about how many new cases you get, we care about the quality of the cases, and most of all… we care about how much money you make.

Why do we care so much? Simple, we know you won’t want to pay us if you’re not making BANK. Yes, we are blunt, honest, and transparent. We’re real, and that’s why lawyers love us so much. We cut out all of the bull crap and get down to brass tactics and straight business.

If your law firm wants to learn more about what law firm marketing will look like in 2021, call us at (818) 877-7701. We’re ready, willing, and able to drive your law firm quality calls and client inquires. Call Big Bang Marketing today and let us prove to you why we are the best law firm marketing agency in the United States.