Utilizing Traditional Marketing for Attorneys and Why You Need to Consider Going Back to the Drawing Board

If you’ve spent any time browsing our website or talking with our Team Members, then you know well that we do not consider ourselves an advertising agency. We built our business based upon one main principle; the client has to make money from our efforts if we are to get paid. Period. With that said, we consider ourselves a lead generation firm, one that is focused on delivering quality case leads to lawyers coast to coast.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you practice personal injury, criminal defense, or family law. Whatever vertical of law you focus on, one thing is for sure, you MUST acquire new clients. Yes, we know that you’ve been bombarded by every law firm marketing company, every attorney SEO firm out there. And, yes, we also know you’ve been burned in the past.

So, if you need to get more cases, better clients, and you want a pipeline that revives itself every month then you know you need to invest in marketing. But what marketing campaigns actually work? Is digital advertising truly better than traditional? How much does it cost to run TV commercials and do potential clients actually remember them?

Today, we’re going to talk about utilizing traditional marketing for attorneys and why you need to consider going back to the drawing board when it comes to your law firm marketing spend. We sat down with the head of our Media Department, Mr. Gary Hewitt. With over 40 years of experience in advertising (he says it’s over 100 years), Gary has handled everything from managing ZZ TOP and working as an Executive for Parade Magazine to building some of the most successful law firm television and radio campaigns.

Here is what Mr. Hewitt had to say about the power of traditional marketing and why lawyers need to look into the various platforms available.

 Traditional Media Works for Law Firms

Traditional media is all the different advertising mediums and methods that existed before the onrush of digital media This blog will discuss the following mediums and how they all interact in a coordinated and concerted marketing strategy for your Firm:

  1. Television
  2. Radio
  3. Public Transportation Advertising/Bus Ads/Benches
  4. Outdoor Advertising/Billboards
  5. Local Sponsorships and School Advertising
  6. Religious Organizations Advertising
  7. Direct Mail
  8. Non-Profit Affiliations

As you will see in this blog, they are still extraordinarily effective in achieving two objectives necessary for truly successful campaigns, branding and clients.

Traditional Marketing for Attorneys

We are performance-driven marketers, meaning that we analyze every medium and dollar invested to acquire a client.  Minimizing the investment to acquire a client makes many of these traditional mediums a necessary outlet and they are designed to do three things simultaneously; the first is to brand your firm to the general consumer, the brand will connote to the consumer, your strengths, your philosophy, and your purpose. Second, it will drive traffic to your website third and most importantly it will make your phones ring. As you will learn below it is very important that each piece of your marketing puzzle must always be trackable and attributable.

Television is The King Of Law Firm Marketing

 Television is still the “800-pound gorilla” when it comes to marketing and advertising, nothing combines the ability to use sight, sound, emotion to a captured audience better than television. Gone are the days when there we only three or four stations in a market and buying them guaranteed you huge audiences. Today, television is a mix of broadcast, national cable, local cable, OTT, and YouTube, but the audience is still there and even larger than before. Understanding placement, demographics, rates, and messaging make today’s television buys complicated. That is why doing it on your own can feel daunting and sometimes lead to the incorrect placement and a lack of response.

Traditional Marketing for Attorneys

The power of television can only be harnessed if you have the correct message and placement. The correct message furthers your brand and creates that memorable moment and most importantly they cause the consumer to respond. We all remember ads that have catchy phrases and memorable moments, “Got Milk?”, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, “Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there” and the list goes on and on. Television imprints these slogans, taglines, and moments into our psyches, they are unforgettable. These taglines and slogans along with the name of the companies are brands. They are instantly recognizable because of the image that they have created with you through their advertising. You are drawn to them when you are looking to inquire or purchase within their category. But if the ads are not placed on demographically aligned stations in the proper timeslots at the correct costs even the best of television spots will have little to no impact. Properly placed television will generate increased traffic to your site, calls to your office, and a memorable brand within your market.

There is a real art and expertise that goes into creating spots that get potential clients to remember you when they may need your services or to act immediately when they see your spot. From the consistency of message, use of your tagline, powerful images, and compelling call to action, no detail should be overlooked. It is all about creating a memory or a sense of urgency so that when and if the time comes for a potential client to act, your firm is who they think of calling first and foremost.

Radio Still Rocks for Law Firms

Radio is still very much an important part of any media plan for your firm. There aren’t many avenues of marketing that can be as targeted and have a “captured” audience as what radio can produce. We all listen to the radio as we are driving and its rare that we change the station when an ad comes on, you are “captured” and you listen. Most people also have their favorite types of radio that they listen to; talk, news, country, rock, easy listening, jazz, urban and religious. This allows for targeted buying to demographics that work for your firm.

Traditional Marketing for Attorneys

Radio creative must have memorable phrases, catchy slogans, or jingles so that the potential client remembers your message, this is where having professionals help craft the spot is one of the keys to success. The opportunities for DJ-read ads make your ads more relatable and more local. Radio is used to reinforce all of the mediums and increase traffic to your site and make your phones ring. Reach and frequency in radio provided that the spots illicit response, is essential to a radio campaign that produces a cost per acquisition that works within the marketing plan and budget.

Get In Your Potential Clients Face, Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising comes in all forms and sizes. Just as with all advertising, placement and simple messaging are key to the success of this medium. The higher the traffic, or eyeballs that are exposed to the advertising the more you will pay. The two forms now available for Outdoor advertising are digital and traditional printed billboards.

Digital Billboards

These are marvels of advertising allowing the outdoor advertising company to sell the same space about 7.5 times per minute! These types of signs change the message to the traffic seeing the billboard every 8 seconds sometimes even shorter. This means that your message needs to be able to have an impact in that short time along with a memorable message and phone number. Because of the number of changes per minute it is unlikely that a person traveling the same route every day may not see your message more than once or at all during the time you are running the ad. Digital can be very effective if they are part of your overall outdoor and marketing mix as it will increase the reach and frequency of your “brand/message”.

We have been buying digital billboards since they were introduced and we have perfected their maximum effectiveness.

Printed Billboards

This type of outdoor advertising is very effective whether it is stand-alone or part of your overall marketing mix. It allows you to put your “brand/message” right in front of people as they are confined to their cars or are walking in their local business areas. You can target specific locations within the markets that you are advertising and there are various sizes and options available that can help further make your message stand out. Placement and sizes of your outdoor are very important and knowing your market will help with placement. Printed billboards also have the advantage of always being shown. This allows potential clients to see your message any time of day or night that they are passing by it. It becomes very important that your creative creates an impact so that it is remembered. This is where your branding and messaging must be concise and impactful. Having an agency that understands your demographics and your markets will further the effectiveness of Outdoor advertising.

Bus Ads for Law Firms

 Public and private transportation advertising can be very effective especially for certain types of Law and your market. Bus ads move, which means that different people are seeing the ads at different times and places. Whether your potential client is waiting for a bus or they are driving next to a bus, they get seen. The message again has to be consistent and memorable. A lot is going on unless you are stuck in traffic, a stop light, or are waiting to get on the bus the message must stand out. Depending on your market this can be a place where your ads can be in different languages or more targeted to the markets that the ads are appearing in. This can help increase the level of trust and the inclination for a potential client to feel that they can better relate to you and may be more likely to call when the need arises.

Local Sports, Community, and Religious Sponsorships

There are many opportunities for your firm and we are sure that you have either thought about sponsoring the local high school football team, a cheerleading squad, your church or other local groups. Sponsorships can come in many forms and we have found these to help show your involvement and care for the community. The messaging in these areas may need to be different depending on the type of organization and its purpose. We have been guiding firms for years on the effectiveness of this type of advertising and it’s important to choose wisely as there can be an overwhelming number of inquiries once you have stepped into this medium. These can be low cost but they can add up and they are harder to track but it helps solidify you to the community and gives you the exposure that you may otherwise not be able to achieve.

Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns are very effective for certain types of Law such as Lemon Law, Workers Comp, Labor Law, and other targetted types of law. Direct mail gets into peoples home and if it’s creative can get the potential client to open and read the mail. Our experienced direct mail writers have created and executed campaigns for many of the areas of Law mentioned above.

Traditional Media Advertising for Your Firm

 To get your phones ringing with the type of cases that you want, you should always look to experts that are performance-driven and talk about tracking every dollar spent and maximizing each one of those dollars. You want a firm where you can speak directly with the owners, provide accurate real-time reporting and have the answers that you deserve.

Law Firm Marketing

When it comes to law firm marketing, you have lots of options. We know this, you know this. Your office phone rings every day with agencies trying to pitch you and sell you. Yes, we would like to sell you as well. However, our approach is very different. We understand that law firms must make money from their marketing campaigns. In fact, we go further, law firms must make a profit off of their marketing campaigns.

At Big Bang, we’re about ROI. We know that if we make our clients millions of dollars off of their ad campaigns, that they will never have a problem paying us a couple hundred thousand dollars. Yes, we are not the cheapest law firm marketing company. We are, however (from what our clients tell us) the most effective. If you’re ready to take your law firm marketing to the next level, give us a call at (818) 877-7701. The call is free, there is no obligation, and you just might learn a thing or two about how to move away from wasting money on law firm marketing programs, and start investing in new case lead generation campaigns.