Using Search Engine Optimization to Generate Leads During the COVID Crisis

Thank you for stopping by our website. First and foremost, we hope that you, your families, and your staff are doing as well as can be. These are trying times, and everyone at Big Bang Marketing understands the anxieties all business owners face right now. As always, we believe we excel at assisting law firms, medical offices, and business professionals with their lead generation needs. So, we wanted to take a moment to discuss using search engine optimization to generate leads during the COVID crisis.

The market has changed. Yes, things will bounce back. However, will they ever go back to the way they were? We keep hearing a lot of people throwing around the term “back to normal”. Even when the “stay at home orders” do expire, there still may be echoes of social distancing that remain for some time, maybe even forever. Remember boarding an airplane pre 911? The world changed, and COVID may very well change how we do business. So, what can SEO do to help you grow your business during the Coronaviris crisis, and even after we make it to the other sire? Let’s discuss this in detail.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using SEO to Grow Your Business After the Coronavirus Ends 

We asked some of our top SEO reps, and our clients, to give us feedback as to how they foresee the business landscape post-COVID. Things will change, and some things may turn out better than before. The point is knowing how to adapt, and more importantly, being willing to adapt. Evolution is inevitable. Those who refuse, or who are unable, to change according to their environment go extinct. Think Jurassic Park, we love that movie, who wouldn’t want to have a pet T-Rex. Okay, back to business. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of using SEO to grow your business after the Coronavirus ends. You can even apply some of these now.

Remember, these are our opinions. No one has a crystal ball to see the future. However, after 12 plus years of experience, and bouncing ideas of multiple department heads we believe these 5 tips may help you grow and succeed even in a tough market. If you have questions, drop us a line, we are always here to help. Without further delay, here are our tips for using search engine optimization to generate leads during the COVID crisis.

People Are Watching News on their Phones and Laptops 

SEO, if performed correctly, and significantly help you build your digital footprint. This means giving your business an opportunity to get in front of more potential clients. We’ve all known that mobile use has exploded over the last few years. However, with social distancing more and more people are watching news on their phones and laptops. Some sites and software allow you to geo-target for certain searches against certain leads. We can help, and we know how to drive attorneys, dentists, and e-commerce owners leads monthly.

We Are Forced to Buy Goods and Services Online Now More Than Ever 

Personally, I cannot stand shopping online. My wife, she loves it. See, I want to be able to touch, feel, and see in real life what I am buying. However, most people are like my wife. And truthfully, the Coronavirus lockdown has started to change my mind. Buying goods and services online is so convenient. And with agencies like Amazon Prime, returns are super easy as well. So, what does that mean for your law firm or dental office? Simple, you can capitalize on the search traffic.

Virtual Meetings and Presentations Are Becoming More Popular 

Yes, you guessed it, even meetings and sales presentations are booming in the digital world. Virtual meetings and presentations are becoming more popular. You can really use this to your advantage, grow your brand, get your product or service out there to a wider audience IF you know how to use SEO to drive your biz to the top of the SERPs. If you don’t, we can help. Yes, you will have to pay us. But hey, if we can make you a lot of money doesn’t it all make dollars and cents?

Cost-Effectiveness of SEO Compared to TV and Print 

Like any good business owner would say, it’s not what you make but what you keep. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you spend $500 or $50,000 on marketing. It all comes down to how much of a profit you can turn. Digital ads may be the best way to do this. Our Analysts can help you and your firm break down the cost-effectiveness of SEO compared to TV and print. For attorneys, dentists, and business professionals we believe this is the way to go.

SEO Provides You Clients Looking to Buy Now

SEO provides you clients looking to buy NOW. This means they are ready, willing, and able to purchase your goods or services. We also love television commercials, radio ads, and print. However, those marketing medias create “earworms“. As business owners, we hope that when a client has a need or want for our goods or services that they will remember our earworm, commercial, or radio jingle. If they don’t though, they may end up looking online. SEO plants your biz smack in front of the faces of those who are ACTIVELY looking to BUY NOW.

People My Be Scared to Go Back to the Way it Was Before

In all reality, the top reason why we believe using search engine optimization during the COVID crisis is beneficial is because people are at home. In addition, our top 5 benefits of using SEO to grow your business after the Coronavirus ends focus on the same thing. People may be scared to go back to the way it was before. We’ve been living in a digital age for over a decade. However, it may become even more of a digital world. SEO gives your business a way to tap into digital “shoppers” and that’s what we know how to do best. Click here to schedule a free consultation today.