The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing for Attorneys and How to Get Better Leads

You’re sitting at your desk, the phone rings, and it’s your secretary or front desk receptionist letting you know “there’s a rep on the phone with a Google website issue”. You roll your eyes and reach for something to throw across your office. It’s the umpteenth call this month, and you’re tired of being pitched the same old same old from attorney SEO marketing agencies. You’ve had your fill of nonsense.

However, because you’re a few days away from your law firms credit card being banged for tens of thousands of dollars from your current law firm marketing company, you take the call. Heck, you’ve spent enough money to put a down payment on a house (yes even in this market) and you haven’t landed any real solid clients.

Sound familiar? We know, we really know. And it sucks, but that’s the industry and the way it seems to be. It’s been like this for roughly 15 years. Attorneys get excited and hyped up by fast talking digital marketing reps. A picture is painted that online advertising is the best way to generate new clients for your law firm, the best marketing vehicle to increase revenue to your practice.

Unfortunately, more often than not, campaigns are not fruitful. Law Firms waste tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars one ad campaigns that produce no new case leads. It’s not that digital advertising doesn’t work, it’s the route taken, and the game plan conjured up by the marketing firm that doesn’t work.

Today, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of online marketing for attorneys and how to get better leads from your digital marketing spend. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, let’s tackle this one step at a time. Trust us, you will thank us after you read through this article.

Types of Online Marketing Campaigns Lawyers Can Use to Generate Leads

The online world of marketing has exploded with many different ways to help you spend your hard-earned money chasing leads. This “tutorial” of sorts, will highlight the Pros and Cons of online marketing for attorneys. In addition, we will touch on tactics we utilize to design effective law firm marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss, brainstorm, and pull apart today. We may even put a few of them back together. That’s cause we’re the Jedi Knights of law firm marketing. The Jedi’s before Anakin turned to the dark side. Okay, bad example, let’s move on.

  • SEO
  • Adwords/PPC
  • Google My Business
  • Maps Section of Google Search Pages
  • Google Local Service Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising
  • You Tube Channels
  • You Tube Advertising
  • OTT Advertising

The goal of this article is to arm you with information that will help you decide how to grow you practice through a properly devised law firm marketing campaign, and how to win at the digital advertising game. Below, we provide a quick “down and dirty” overview of how each component of online marketing works (or could work if executed properly) for law firms. Then, we go further by identifying (again in our opinion) the pros and cons of each component as it applies to attorneys and lead generation.

Organic SEO for Law Firms

If you’re an attorney, you’ve been pitched SEO. Search Engine Optimization isn’t new. It’s been around for a long time. In fact, according to Search Engine Journal, the practice of SEO we know today starts in the early to mid 1990’s. In simple terms SEO is the practice of improving your website and law firm’s presence on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In all reality, it’s about getting your info to pop up high enough within the Google SERPs (search engine results pages).

Now, there are tons of different opinions on what works, what doesn’t work, and how SEO should be executed. Some of the opinions online we agree with, some we don’t, but our biggest beef with SEO and law firm SEO companies is how the pitch, present, and subsequently sell SEO. But, we will get to that later on in the pros and cons section.

Essentially, through content (quality content), you can provide answers to potential questions a new client may have. If a new potential client “Google” searches something like “how long does it take to get paid after a car accident injury” or “what are my rights as a father going through a divorce” or “best criminal defense lawyer near me” if you have a solid well written informative piece on your site, that article or your site may pop up within the search results pages.

There are other elements of SEO such as links (in-bound and out-bound links), user experience, website speed, and back-end development that play a “smaller role” in our opinion. Now, some SEO firms may pitch you what we like to call “smoke and mirrors magic” or “hocus pocus SEO”. Don’t fall for it. SEO is and always will be about information. That means CONTENT is KING.

On a sale of 1-10, from a lead generation standpoint, we give SEO a 5. It’s not going to have the same POWER as paid search, TV, or radio. But, what it DOES DO WELL, is it builds your reputation and brand and makes you look real. A client who wants to hire the best lawyer possible wants to see who you are and what you’ve done. A strong web presence and a well thought out organic SEO campaign can help. Just don’t forget to do the other things that actually generate leads for you.

Pros to Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has been a key component to any Law Firm’s marketing efforts for the past 20 years. It was and to some degree still very important for a Firm to be on the first page of google searches for all of the keywords associated with the Firm’s core business. If you are on the first page for many of your keywords and have maintained that positioning then you know what a constant battle it is to stay on the first page, you also know that it doesn’t happen overnight and can take many months to reach first pages through, relevant content, properly built websites, blogs, social traffic, videos, backlinks and many other “tricks” so that Google’s mathematical algorithm continually indexes your site and begins to rank you more highly.

If you have mastered these some of the above SEO tasks and tricks, you may be on the first page of some of your keywords, congratulations!!! It’s a constant battle that have its rewards. Being on the first page of search for a particular keyword, gives you relevance, visibility and a certain amount of trust to the potential client. The more first pages you are on for your chosen keywords the more “organic traffic” that you will see on your Google analytics and if you have set up your conversions in analytics you should be able to track the number of calls and forms that come from this organic traffic.

In the early 2000’s being on the first page or in the first position on the first page of a keyword was gold. You were the first thing that people would see when they searched. Many Firms that understood this in the early days benefitted greatly from their efforts to get to number one and fight to stay there. These firms were bombarded with leads and thought that the parade would never end. They gained the trust, clout and recognition of their marketplace by being so highly ranked.

So, in closing, the key pros of SEO are as follows:

  • Trust Building
  • Residual Benefit (not a pay per click or pay per lead environment)
  • Builds Clout and Credibility of the Law Firm

Cons to Organic SEO

In digital time, the early 2000’s when SEO was king, is comparable now to when the Pyramids were built. Back in the day, SEO done properly, meant that you had a chance to rise in the SERP’s and get on the first page of Google searches. It was like being Pharaoh, you were the master of that page and those who searched came calling for your services. Times changed. Times have REALLY changed.

Our biggest beef with Organic SEO isn’t really with SEO itself, but with law firm marketing companies and how they sell SEO. For too long now, attorney SEO advertising agencies have painted a picture to law firms that Organic SEO is the BEST way to generate new leads. To be blunt, honest, and to not waste anymore of your precious time, Organic SEO does not provide leads directly. In addition, you have to produce a lot of content, quality content. Most law firm marketing companies either produce very poor content, or worse, they charge you money for SEO and then require YOU to write the content.

That’s means you’re paying them for nothing. Yes, again, let me repeat. You are paying your attorney SEO marketing company for doing jack (you know what) if YOU are writing your own Organic SEO content.

SEO also takes time to even produce decent SERPs results. And, with the explosion of paid search, organic listings are so far down the page that UNLESS your potential client is doing secondary research about YOU and YOUR firm, chances are slim to zero they will ever even find your article or blog or listing.

Attorney SEO marketing companies also are notorious for locking law firms into long contracts. You end up paying for a bunch of “hogwash” that never delivers a new case lead, and worse of all, you get billed up “the you know what” month after month.

Once Google realized how powerful search was, they started allowing advertising on search pages, PPC. The PPC model allowed for competitors to bid on the keywords that you had been working on so diligently to rise in the ranking, being number one was still a great thing but now you were number one on a page that had 2-3 ads above your organic listing. Most people due to the size of the ad notice do not even see it and click on the first thing they see to get the help they need. At this time this reduced the amount of organic traffic and leads coming from SEO.

The next blow to SEO was the advent of the mobile phone. Before the mobile phone, search was done on a desktop computer so even though there were ads you did see the organic listings, chances were that if you were number one or two organically then you were above the fold and you still got traffic. Mobile phones changed that. People started using their phones to search, this meant that when they searched a keyword that search would appear on their phone starting with the ads. This meant that people would now have to scroll through 2-3 prior ad listings before they got to the organic listings that you had been working on so hard to maintain and rise in. This further eroded organic traffic and they leads organic traffic produced.

At this point SEO was still necessary as mobile was just catching on and it was a great trust and brand awareness builder. Not wanting to slow the gravy train down any, Google instituted their local map section on key word pages. I am sure that you are familiar with this section that has the map with pins in it and 3 firms listed below. This is another form of search and is always above the organic search. This further pushes down your listing on the keyword search and it requires a different type of specialized SEO marketing to get listed in them. So, with the advent of the maps section your organic listing if searched on desktop is most likely below the fold on your monitor and you must scroll for what seems to be hours to get to organic listings on your mobile phone.

Not to be outdone Google has introduced another new advertising service that further pushes down your SEO, organic listing when being searched. Google Local Service Ads, these are relatively new and have a whole new set of requirements which we will get into later, but they are now the first thing on searches. The Google Local Service Ads are the pictures of Lawyers at the top of keyword searches and there are 3 of them. Today 70% or more of people that search for your services use their phone, thismeans that when searching a key word that you have worked so hard to get on the first page of search for, people will have to scroll down through 3 pictures of Lawyers, stacked on top of each other, 3 ads stacked followed by the google maps section, a map and then 3 more listings and finally organic. So you see that the potential client to get to you organically has to scroll through a minimum of 9 listings before getting to your organic listing if you are good enough to be the first listed.

Today organic traffic and SEO is important, but it is not the driver of business that it used to be for the reasons above. If you are being pitched by marketing companies crowing about SEO, we hope that you will think about what we just outlined for you above.

So, in closing, the key cons of SEO are as follows:

  • Not a Direct Lead Source
  • Content Sounds Like Nonsense
  • Locked into Contracts that never Produce an ROI
  • Takes a Long Time to Even Rank Decently within the SERPs

Google AdWords for Law Firms

Paid search, or Google AdWords, started in October of 2000. Regardless of what law firm marketing agencies may tell you, and no matter some Attorney SEO marketing rep says, there are ONLY 2 ways to advertise on Google. Paid search and Organic SEO. Yes, the Google MAP section does take into account your NAP score. Yes, directories play a HUGE factor in your MAP rankings. But, NO, the MAP is still an organic area (unless you purchase MAP/Smart Campaign Ads which are paid search ads). So, to put a “nail in it” there are only two ways to advertise your law firm on Google, paid ads or organic listing, period.

With that said, Google AdWords for law firms’ rock. Yes, we will say it again. If you’re an attorney, and you’re wanting to generate leads from potential clients searching on Google, you MUST run paid ads. No question. Paid search let’s you (again if executed correctly) go from ZERO to HERO in 2.5 clicks. Forget the nonsense of Organic SEO and time, AdWords takes your firm to the top.

However, paid search is complex. It’s not enough to just pick a budget and select some keywords. You have to consider your cost per click, cost per acquisition, target audience, time of day to run your ads, your ad descriptions, ad extensions, types of ads you want to run. Then you have to take into account your website, landing pages, quality score… you get the drift.

Paid marketing is the “800-pound gorilla” of online/digital advertising. If you do your homework, build a solid campaign an effectively manage it, you will CRUSH your competition. However, if you “half ass it” or go in “halfcocked” you could blow a TON of money REALLY quickly.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Google AdWords for lawyers.

Pros to Google AdWords

One of the first advertising vehicles that Google devised was allowing companies and Firms to advertise their goods or services by bidding on “keywords”. Quickly, keywords are words and phrases used to describe your business that people would search when they are looking for a particular service or goods. Some” keyword” examples are as follows:

  1. Car Crash Attorney
  2. Car Crash Lawyer
  3. Auto crash Attorney
  4. Auto Crash Lawyer

You get the idea, and I am sure that you are going after many keywords for your SEO that we previously discussed. Google AdWords can also be called more generically, PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) when its being discussed. Once it was introduced it became the primary driver of leads to firms. The Google AdWords ads were placed on the top of search pages with a tiny icon telling people that it was an ad. The effect of this was that it pushed down many firms’ hard work to get to the first position on the page searched. The ads are served up to people searching depending on how much you are willing to pay for a “click”.

Google AdWords immediately (initially) put Firms close to the top of search pages provided that you are bidding enough. Google ads also give you geographic options and other demographic criteria that helps you narrowly target your key audience. Another benefit of PPC is that you don’t pay for it unless a potential client clicks on your ad. So, you pay for an action and not an impression, that of course doesn’t mean that the click leads to a call or form being filled out. Up until recently, by bidding properly for your targeted keywords this pretty much guaranteed that you would be in one of the top 3 positions on the search page. Google AdWords is a important part of any marketing mix, but it now must be part of a broader strategy due to it not putting your ad at the top of a search page.

So, to wrap up paid search and the benefits of Google AdWords for attorneys, here are the key elements we mentioned:

  • Direct Lead Source
  • Choose Your Keywords
  • Choose Your Target Market/Geographical Market
  • Better Analytics
  • Quickly Place High in the SERPs
  • Proven Lead Generation Platform
  • Ability to Track and Gauge an ROI

Cons to Google AdWords

AdWords are a good way to climb near the top of any search page, but as we have discussed they are not as powerful as they once were in making your phone ring. Google AdWords have become another part of your marketing mix to ensure that you are constantly seen and are now similar to a “branding” tool for your firm, lending more credibility and visibility. AdWords can be expensive as they are priced by the amount of traffic going to a particular keyword and they are susceptible to “robot clicks” that drive up the cost of your advertising with no results.

Setting up campaigns are also detailed and can be quite tricky. If you are new to the game you can be taken for a ride by not knowing how to set things up properly. Do you target exact match keywords, are they the correct keywords, do you do long tail keywords, how do you set up negative campaigns, what words create the most potential client interaction? These are just a few questions that you will need to know the answers to begin the process of setting up a campaign. We can tell you that the most seasoned marketers take time to set up campaigns and then slowly test them to make sure that they have done the job properly. Bidding properly and tracking the responses can also be a full time job.

Google Adwords used to be able to put you at the top of key word search results, now with the advent of Google Local Service Ads that is not the case. These ads are below the Local Service ads and to further make them less relevant up to 70% of people now use their phones for search, this means that they have to scroll almost endlessly to get to the paid ads as the Local Service ads are stacked when scrolling on mobile.

Google ads are only half the process, because even if a prospective client sees your ad and clicks on it, if they don’t see something that resonates with the reason, they are searching then this just cost you money with no results. Having the proper, tested landing page with the information that people searching are looking for means that you are wasting time and money.

Here are the cons to Google AdWords and things to remember before launching a paid search campaign:

  • Expensive Platform
  • Only as Good as Your Last Month
  • Wasted Money of Robot Clicks
  • Need to Commit to a Campaign for a few Months to Make Propper Adjustments (spend)

Google Local Service Ads for Lawyers

If you haven’t heard about Google Local Service Ads for lawyers, you need to STOP what you’re doing and read this. Look, just like every other consumer facing attorney, you’ve received ALL the bogus “Google changed this, and Google changed that” sales calls. Very rarely does Google actually change something that REALLY affects you, your firm, and how you get leads. This one though, is a “doozy”.

Google Local Service Ads is the “red headed stepchild” of the Google Guarantee program. In 2018 Google launched their “Guaranteed” program. In simple terms, Google would “underwrite” a service-based business such as, but not limited to, plumbers and they would approve or deny the business. If approved, Google would provide the business (really the customers of said business) with a “guarantee” that if the customer wasn’t satisfied with the service and they were unable to obtain a refund from the vendor, Google would “insure” up to $2,000.00 back to the consumer (double check our info for yourself).

Google, being the biggest and best search engine out there, wanted to offer something similar to lawyers. However, Google wasn’t about to issue a refund to a pissed off consumer who paid $50,000.00 to a divorce attorney, only to lose their house in Beverly Hills and their fleet of Lambo’s to their ex-wife. So, they created the “Google Screened” service ads for attorneys.

If you’re an attorney who is really looking to GRAB more leads, you HAVE to run Google Local Service Ads, period. Click here to check out of one our articles solely about services ads and how they work, or read below to learn more.

Pros to Google Local Service Ads for Law Firms

This newest feature of Google AdWords has changed advertising for Firms since last October. This newest feature can get your Firm on the top of searches, and it is effective. This newest edition to the Google Advertising arsenal allows you to put the face of your firm in the ad, tells prospective clients that you are “Google Screened” giving them a level of trust, and it shows your review rating. This naturally attracts potential clients to find out more from you.

Google takes it a step further by landing the potential client onto a page that highlights your main areas of practice, showcases your associate attorneys, and makes it easy for a visitor to contact you. Simply put, you are now sitting on the VERY TOP of Google’s search pages. Prime real estate. The conversions are, without a doubt, amazing.

Also, since the bulk of searches are done on mobile, and the mobile display is ascending and descending, you sit in a “three pack row” with YOUR face, YOUR glowing reviews, and a GREEN check mark of confidence from Google. You WILL get calls. Period.

Here are the key reasons why we LOVE Google Local Service Ads for attorneys, and you should to:

  • You Sit on the Top of the SERPs
  • Highlights Your Photo and Reviews
  • Highly Trusted Position and Confidence Mark from Google
  • Refunds are Quickly Issued for Bogus Calls/Click

Cons to Google Local Service Ads for Law Firms

This advertising vehicle also has its downside, besides making a lot of your prior advertising and marketing energy less effective, there are hurdles that you have to overcome to be accepted into the program. The approval process for acceptance can take time, sometimes up to 6 weeks and there is lots of documentation that can feel intrusive that needs to be provided. The set up can be tricky and if not done properly by setting the correct fields you will not get the leads you thought you were advertising for and get leads that will cost you a lot of money as the calls and messages can be very expensive.

The landing page, if a prospective client clicks on the service ad, lands on a modified Google My Business page that is not very flexible and if not set up properly will only lead to additional costs and confusion. It is very standard and great care needs to be taken in the set-up phase of the process.

Furthermore, the reporting for Google Local Service Ads does NOT currently have an API. Meaning, you cannot link the reporting into your Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and therefore it’s not as easy to track. If you’re the type of attorney who is anal retentive and wants accurate reporting, you may be pissed off.

Reviews are also mandatory. So if you do not have quality reviews and a lot of reviews you’re going to be swimming upstream. Start brainstorming ways to get your clients to leave you reviews. Call one of our Dev Team reps to find out more.

Lastly, if you are in a competitive market or large Geo where you need to cover a larger area, say Los Angeles, this could be tough. Say your office is in Sherman Oaks, CA. You cannot just survive marketing Sherman Oaks, you need to go into the whole San Fernando Valley and into Hollywood, Century City, basically all of Los Angeles. This could be a nightmare with service ads.

Unlike traditional AdWords where you can buy keywords and geo’s, you really can’t with GLSA (google local service ads). While you CAN “toggle” your search areas, and select cities you want to advertise in, the GLSA’s are somewhat tied to your Google My Business accounts. This means if you DO NOT have a physical address in an area, but your competitors do, and their GMB profiles have unique reviews for said profiles, their GLSA placements will destroy yours. Check with us directly about this and how you may be able to work around it.

Here are some of the cons to Google Local Service Ads for lawyers:

  • Extensive and Annoying Approval Process
  • Lots of Competition and Expensive
  • Still a Paid Environment so “Only as Good as Your Last Month”
  • Spotty Reporting with no API Link to Google Analytics
  • Ever Changing New System
  • Issues with Geographical Marketing
  • Reviews are Critical for you to Impress in the “Three Pack Carousel”

Attorney Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing, in our opinion, helps build your firm’s brand. Unlike other forms of marketing, social isn’t really a direct lead generation tool as much as it helps build your name and reputation. We like to think of social as a secondary helper. For example, say a new potential client finds you from paid search, they may want to do some background research on you and your fellow attorneys. Having a solid social presence may help boost your image.

Social is another great way to interact with your community, display law firm updates such as awards, accolades, and case results. Here are our top pros and cons to social media marketing for attorneys.

Pros to Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media can be a great tool for continuing to brand your firm, and its also a great way to show your successes in terms of verdicts and client testimonials. Social Media platforms are great for video and can help increase awareness of your firm. Social Media for firms needs to be a full firm effort, meaning that everyone in the firm needs to share posts the firm places and like them so that they reach to a broader audience. The key is likes and shares and this must be constantly pushed.

Advertising on Social Media platforms can be part of a marketing mix as it is not expensive if there is any response. It does not target the same way as search even though you can get to certain segments of the population through some of their demographic categories that you can choose. This type of advertising can be likened to more traditional advertising that relies on reach and frequency to establish you brand within a market.

  • Helps Build Your Law Firm’s Brand
  • Inexpensive Ad Platform
  • Helps Display Client Reviews
  • Helps You Engage with Local Community

Cons to Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media doesn’t generate immediate leads that other media sources do as it is much more of a “shotgun” approach. This means that most if not all of the people who are being exposed to your ad most likely don’t currently need your services now. This is good for “brand” building if you maintain the spend as the people seeing your ad may need your services in the future. It won’t solve you immediate need of bringing in business today.

  • Not a Good Lead Generation Tool
  • Can be a Waste of Time and Energy
  • May Miss the Correct Delivery Message

Google My Business and MAP Ads for Attorneys

Okay, so our number ONE vehicle for generating leads for law firms is paid search. This includes standard Google AdWords, Google Local Service Ads, MAP ads, and even other firms of “pay per click” based marketing campaigns. However, if we had to pick a non-paid ad campaign, we’d pick your firm’s Google My Business profile.

Google My Business is a great way to generate quality case leads, that is, if it’s utilized correctly. Once again, it all comes down to execution and how you and your law firm (or the law firm marketing agency you hired) manage your campaign.

Set up from the JUMP is crucial. Take a look below at our pros and cons of Google My Business and MAP ads for attorneys.

Pros to Google My Business for Law Firms

Your firm’s GMB (Google My Business) profile is a power engine. First, it’s free. Unlike paid ads, you don’t have to fork over a penny to set up and manage your GMB profile. Next, the MAP section of Google is a trusted and highlighted piece of real estate on the top of the first page of the SERPs. Add in the fact that you can add content, new updates such as law firm awards and case results, and you’ve got a really good lead generation tool.

In addition, you can run paid ads from your GMB profile, activate text messaging capabilities, as well as sync to your social profiles. Your GMB profile should be a STAPLE in your arsenal of online marketing campaigns. GMB helps local clients find you, and if you have multiple offices, can help you generate some serious call volume without breaking the bank.

Our top pros for your law firm’s Google My Business profile are as follows:

  • Free Marketing Platform
  • Trusted Area of Google
  • Top of the SERPs
  • You can run Paid Ads if you so Choose
  • Post Updates about Your Law Firm

Cons to Google My Business for Law Firms

ZERO. Yes, read it again. There are ZERO cons, in our opinion, to using your law firm’s GMB profile as a lead generation tool. A word to the wise though… Shady law firm marketing companies have been known to create ‘fake” accounts in an effort to boost your lead volume. Be aware of this, and don’t go for it, it could come back to bite you in the behind with Google. In addition, don’t EVER give away your ownership to an ad agency unless you KNOW FOR A FACT, they will release it without question should you choose to part ways. Getting it back from Google is more than a pain, it’s sometimes impossible.

Over the Top Digital Streaming Ads for Attorneys

OTT is digital TV marketing. Period. We love OTT for branding, but it’s not the most effective lead generation tool. If you compare the data on OTT to traditional television, it’s a night and day difference. Different in that traditional TV ads KILL IT for lawyers. Yes, once again, old school TV marketing on satellite or cable is the BEST WAY for your law firm to get new leads. Even better than ANY form of digital marketing. Period. OTT however isn’t as powerful as standard TV, that is, right now. Things could change in the future.

Pros to OTT for Law Firms

OTT is an acronym for “over the top”. This is streaming content such as Hulu, Roku and many others that have joined the “cord cutters”. The benefits are that you can target specific areas with a high degree of specificity. Your message can then be targeted by the content that people are consuming. This is great for highly targeted marketing and branding. OTT tends to skew towards a younger audience and this also may be beneficial to you targeted market. If you have effective creative and creates a lasting memory OTT can work for you.

The pros to OTT for lawyers are as follows:

  • Gets You on TV Cheaper than Standard Cable or Satellite
  • New Age of Potential Clients are Moving Towards Streaming TV
  • Helps you Build Your Law Firm’s Brand

Cons to OTT for Law Firms

OTT is very expensive, and it has not been proven that it is effective, we in fact steer our clients away from this medium because of these very reasons. We find that traditional Television advertising is far mare effective and is still the way to go when considering creating a presence in a particular market and making the phones ring.

  • Expensive
  • The Data is not Solid About its Lead Generation Ability

Tips to Remember When Considering Online Marketing for Your Law Firm

So, we took time to identify the pros and cons of online marketing for lawyers. We touched on multiple digital marketing vehicles that attorneys can utilize to help increase their online exposure, grow their brand, and hopefully capitalize on obtaining new and better case leads. Here are a couple key things we believe are important should your law firm choose to launch an online law firm marketing campaign.

Remember, we are here to help. Yes, we want to sell you. And yes, you should do your homework before you sign up with us or any law firm marketing company. Read below, do your own research, and when you’re ready to talk shop call us at (818) 877-7701.

Don’t Go Cheap on Your Budget

You invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your education and your career, it’s time to invest in yourself by advertising smartly. If a case brings you $10,000 and your investment to get that case was only $1,000.00 how much would you invest? You are your best investment, and your best investment is in advertising for yourself. The best investment you made was in yourself, now is the time to further that investment by letting people know what you do and how well you do it.

Bottom line, you cannot look at digital marketing as a monthly payment like you do with your office rent, car payment, or gym membership. You have to look at this as an investment. Do you freak out when you put $100,000.00 into a solid stock purchase? No, you’ve done your homework and you’re hedging, you got this covered.

If you want to make money from your digital marketing spend you HAVE to look at it the same way. You must do your homework, “guesstimate” what your competitors are spending, and come up with a plan to beat them. Going cheap is the easiest way to destroy a campaign.

Ask Your Potential Ad Agency a lot of Questions

Don’t RUSH. STOP rushing. You do not know us. You most likely don’t even know your current marketing company. Signing up for some long-term contract because some smooth-talking rep called you over the phone isn’t very “lawyer like”. So STOP the madness.

Interview the law firm marketing company you plan on using. Get to know them, do a ZOOM, find out who they have worked with. Ask LOTS of questions. Crawl before you run.

Make Sure You Answer the Phone with a SMILE

PICK UP THE PHONE when new potential clients call you. We know, it sounds asinine to tell an attorney to answer the phone, especially an attorney who WANTS new business. Guess what, we have to deal with this issue a lot. Law firms need to make sure their backend support is in place. Our job is to play quarterback and to “throw you” perfect passes (send you new quality case leads). Your job is to catch those passes and run them into the endzone (sign up new clients). You CANNOT catch any passes if you DO NOT pick up EVERY phone call that comes in from your online marketing campaign.

Use a call tracking system, hire quality front desk people. Do what you NEED to do to make sure every call gets answered and answered with a SMILE and within 2-3 rings MAX. Remember, online leads have NO loyalty. They went to Google because they didn’t know who to call. If you don’t pick up the phone quickly and with a SMILE they potential client will just call the next law firm on the list.

Ask Clients for Video Testimonials

Testimonials are a key to success; they say things that you can’t and they are your best ambassadors. Testimonials show the human side of your business, they allow people to put themselves in those people’s shoes and they build trust. New potential clients want to see and hear from people who have utilized your firm before. People who are just like them, and in the SAME shoes they are currently in.

Testimonials are everyday people that confirm the choice they made to use your firm was the right choice. They are great salespeople for you. So ask for them, get them on your website, link them to you Google My Business profile, spread them across your social profiles.

Take an Active Roll with Your Marketing Firm

Don’t be a passive client. Take an active roll with your law firm marketing and the company you are working with. Ask to review analytics, call reports, keyword lists. Take a look at how campaigns are set up, discuss content ideas, provide them with information about your law firm and new things going on.

Geo Targeting and Geo Fencing for Law Firms

Almost all paid ads have some ability to utilize geotargeting. Remember, you are “in the trenches” and you have “boots on the ground”. So, give your law firm marketing company the inside scoop on YOUR geographical market. If you’re an employment law attorney, and you want to target high level executives, and part of your geo market is rent controlled and the other part is full of gated communities, where do you think you should target your ads?

Talk to your law firm marketing agency and discuss your target market. The more insight you provide, the better your campaign should run.

Law Firm Marketing the Big Bang Way

Thanks for taking time today to read our newest blog about law firm marketing. If you’re an attorney, and you are interested in learning more about law firm marketing the Big Bang way, give us a call. We’d love to talk shop. Even if you just looking for free information, we’re happy to help. There is nothing we do, nothing any law firm marketing agency does, that you cannot do all by yourself. Generating quality case leads for your law firm comes down to rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work.

For over 12 years we’ve been helping law firms grow. We’d love an opportunity to help you and your firm as well. Remember, online marketing for law firms has many pros and cons. So, do your homework, understand what it is you’re getting into, and ask lots of questions. Good look and happy lead hunting.