The Future of SEO Marketing for Attorneys

Okay, stop rolling your eyes. Yes, we know that at the end of every year, every SEO company tires to paint some urgent picture about the future of SEO marketing for attorneys. In addition, we know that you know were are trying to get this post to rank. That means if you found this article because you’re searching for a new law firm marketing company, we did our job. We did our job very well. Just imagine what we could do for your law firm. Sorry, I had to slide that in. Alright, let’s get down to business. What happened in 2019 with attorney SEO marketing and what’s going to happen in 2020?

It’s November, which means if you take time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and pregaming for New Year’s we have about 30 working days left in 2019. That gives all of you lawyers out there looking for new marketing agencies just enough time to get pitched by one of our educated, and ever so classy, account executives. Look, every year brings with it lots of changes. Sometimes those changes are minimal, other times they are industry moving. 2019 brought with it some earth-shaking updates and those shockwaves are going to carry over into 2020. The question for you is this, where is your law firm going to land in January? Let’s look at the future of SEO marketing for attorneys.

Law Firm Marketing Tips for 2020

If you visit our website enough, or if you answer enough of our phone calls, then you know we love law firm marketing. It’s in our blood, it’s what we do. Heck, we even have receptionist and paralegal services available to our attorney clients. Yes, that means for you criminal defense attorneys, we actually answer your calls for you in the wee hours of the morning. Go DUI leads go. If you wondering if we have some magic law firm marketing tips for 2020, we don’t. There’s no magic to this business, just old fashioned hard work. Just like you didn’t “scam your way” through law school, you cannot “cheat” to get better SERPs rankings or improve your site’s visibility. So, what is the future of SEO marketing for attorneys? It’s actually pretty bright, if you know what you’re doing that is.

Organic SEO (search engine optimization), paid search marketing, and social media all received major updates in 2019. In March Google launched the new search console. Following that major changed came the final installment in mobile-first indexing. We then saw a big movement with AMP pages and the Google AMP Project. The summer months brought with it chaotic shift after chaotic shift as multiple algorithm changes sent rankings on a rollercoaster ride. When we needed a break from organic updates, we received a nice new toy called the BERT broad update, which is now showing once again that AMP and natural language MUST be accounted for. Mind you, we haven’t even mentioned the update to PPC or Social Media yet.

The point is this, there were lots of major updates in 2019. If you want to capitalize on those changes, and prepare for a rockstar 2020, check out what we believe to be the 5 biggest law firm marketing updates in 2020.

The 5 Biggest Law Firm Marketing Tips 

At the end of the day, what makes Big Bang so successful is that our law firm clients are successful. Most marketing agencies promise the world. They flirt with you, tease you, and tangle you up in contracts and fantasies that your law firm is going to grow from the onslaught of new business. Sadly, when no new clients come from the tens of thousands of dollars you’re spending on marketing, that same SEO firm demands their money. Sound familiar, are you cussing out your computer screen? Don’t get mad, get even. Screw me once, your bad. Screw me twice, my bad. Don’t be an ass-hat. SEO alone is DEAD, we’ve told you this a million times. So, what the heck are you supposed to do come 2020 to market your law firm? How do you survive the never-ending changes to search? Here’s what we believe are the 5 biggest law firm marketing tips for 2020.

Voice Search SEO 

We talked about this at the end of 2018 and throughout 2019. It’s here, and it’s time for your law firm to take full advantage of this. Voice Search SEO is going to be huge in 2020. We all talk to our phones now. Whether we need cooking recipes, driving directions, or an attorney we simply “ask” our phone. Now, on the surface, they may seem not very important. After all, people have been searching on their phones for the last decade-plus. So, what makes voice commands so much better? It’s the detail of the question or search query. We’re going to get into this a lot more later on when we touch on BERT but for now, here is the basics of why we’re so adamant about voice search SEO. People can “talk” and “ask” a much more specific question which should lead to better leads and quality calls to your law firm.

Accelerated Mobile Pages 

AMP isn’t new. This one is a bit controversial. If you ask a room full of programmers about AMP you’re bound to get a difference of opinion. Rightfully so, as AMP has been hit and miss for a long time now. In 2007 the mortgage market blew up. Wholesale lenders like Countrywide, IndyMac, and Bear Sterns took down our economy with shady loans and bad packaged MBS’s. However, in 2004, 2005, and 2006 there were groups of people who forecasted this, bet big on it, and made out like financial bandits while the rest of the world was left holding their hands out for a golden parachute. That’s how AMP is going to be. If you don’t deal with it now, it’s going to run you over like a freight train. Period.

BERT and Natural Language 

BERT, in our opinion, is a “learning algorithm” that will significantly advance content understanding. As we mentioned with voice search, people can “ask” much more specific questions with their voice when compared to typing on their phone. For example, someone typing in “injury attorney Elk Grove” may be looking for a car accident attorney, workers’ comp lawyer, or a med-mal law firm. However, someone “speaking” to their phone and asking for a “car accident injury lawyer who can help me with a spinal cord injury claim” might be your Willy Wonka golden ticket case you’ve been waiting for all year long. BERT helps push voice search SEO to the next level.

Paid Search Marketing and Google AdWords 

If digital marketing were a chess game, which it kind of is, paid search and Google Adwords would be the Queen of the board. Social media and paid search had huge updates in 2019. If you can find a law firm marketing agency who knows how to capitalize on those change it could be a game-changer for your firm. I wonder where you could find such an agency, where you could locate such an amazing marketing firm? That’s a wink wink, nudge nudge, to pick up the phone and call us. Look, paid search can drive you quality leads, period.

Quality Content 

If paid search is Queen, than content is King. It has been, still is, and always will be KING of the SEO world. Why is that? Super simple, the content is where all the information comes from. More than anything, search engines want to provide users with information. Each search query, whether typed out or spoken, is essentially a question. Content allows a site to potentially answer a question. All the search engine is doing is trying to match the question with the best possible answer. Anyone remember the site “ask Jeeves“? Content is going to be super important in 2020, we are an award-winning attorney content agency, so call us and get ready for an explosion of growth in 2020.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Agencies 

We truly believe we are one of the best law firm marketing agencies around. Our developers, writers, and paid search team leaders have over 12 years of experience assisting law firms. We offer a non-compete clause and we dedicate ourselves to our clients. The law firms who utilize our services will tell you that we answer their calls, and in fact, we contact them on a daily basis with updates. Content is continually published on the site, off-site, and throughout social feeds. Our certified Google AdWords specialists know how to tackle campaigns and stretch budgets. Oh yeah, did I mention we also have a full television commercial team with directors and media airtime buyers? Look, in 2020, make it the first time you make MORE money on your attorney SEO marketing campaign than you spend. Call Big Bang Marketing today.