The Evolution of Law Firm Marketing

So, you’re an attorney, and if you’re stopping by our blog, chances are you’re looking to boost your marketing results. At Big Bang, we know what matters most to law firms. See, most (if not all) of our competitors love to dazzle their law firm clients with fancy charts, graphs, and analytics. Law firm marketing companies constantly talk about first page organic rankings, how many times you’re website was viewed, impressions on paid ads. However, what the majority of attorney search engine optimization reps and law firm marketing agencies fail to realize, is that you as the attorney don’t care about the mechanism, you just want the results. Or, as Willy Blank would say in Ocean’s Thirteen, “I don’t want the labor pains, I just want the baby”.

Simply put, blogs, organic SEO content, directories, billboards, mail-outs, email campaigns, even radio and television commercials are TOOLS. At their stripped down core, their sole purpose is to bring new clients. Period. All of the statics that go along with those tools, and how those tools “preform” is great. But without producing new clients and new cases those tools are worthless. Look at it this way. If you had a quarterback that had the BEST statics of all time, best passer rating, best interception to touchdown rating, but could NEVER win the big game, would you consider that quarterback worth all that money paid to them? No, absolutely not, winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing.

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Today, we’re going to talk about the evolution of law firm marketing. If you’re an attorney with at least 20 years of experience, than you’ve witnessed the beginning and exponential growth of online ads for attorneys. If you’ve taken an aggressive and proactive approach to your marketing, chances are you’ve dabbled at a minimum in traditional ad placements such as, but not limited to, print, television, and radio. Taking a nod from Willy Blanks, if you really want the results and not the pains, you need to learn from your past mistakes, the mistakes of other law firms, and most of all, copy what they did WELL and then expand and do it better. So, let’s dive deeper into how law firm marketing has evolved and how you can harness the available ad platforms to transform you law firm marketing.

How Law Firm Marketing Has Changed and How to Grow Your Practice 

Marketing has gotten complicated these days, or so Marketing firms would have you believe. The truth of the matter is that the same principles that were true 30 years ago are true today. At its base level marketing is the act of trying to get your message in front of as many potentially interested people as possible.  Methods have changed over time and analytics of targeting markets and demographics have gotten more precise. These changes have also helped marketers differentiate between branding and immediate need, or lead generation.

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In the early 90’s marketers had at their disposal what are now called traditional media to achieve their goals. At that time, the most powerful medium was television, channels were still condensed in markets and cable was just beginning to take hold. It was still a local market, and it was easier to capture the TV market with smart media placement. Radio also played a key role in an overall campaign as it could further segment a demographic for age, income, and ethnicity. Newspapers were still forces in every major market and presented good opportunities to further get your law firm’s marketing message out to the public. Outdoor advertising also filled in nicely for well-rounded campaigns as placement and impressions could be dramatically increased with properly placed billboards. There were other forms of marketing but these are the big traditional media that most would use.

Fast Forward to now and we have even more marketing opportunities at our disposal that have further helped us market to people actually looking for what we are marketing. These same opportunities have a greater number of analytical tools so that target marketing can even be more pinpointed. This is great news for marketing, but it can be confusing, convoluted and can take your eye from a good message. I am of course talking about digital marketing. This has truly been game changing for marketing, never was it so easy to get in front of people that were looking for you specifically. Digital marketing also provides deep levels of analytics that can and do give marketers clearer understandings of how the marketing is performing, but this can also be distracting and not close to the ultimate goal of acquiring new customers. Digital marketing has changed the game, it has opened up more immediate results, better analytics and when set up and administered properly can dramatically increase your business.

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If you want to take your business to the next level, give us a call and we will do a deep dive with you and tell you how we will market your business and how we can take it to the next level. You want a firm that has the market experience and technical experience to be able to market you in the best media to get you the best results at the lowest cost.

The Two Types of Marketing Campaigns and How to Harness Them to Grow Your Law Firm 

Marketing quite simply is getting your product or service in front of as many people as possible to do two things: make them want your goods or services now or create a memory so that when they want a product or service, they think of you instead of your competitors. Most marketing firms will tell you that marketing has evolved and that now there is only one way to achieve the results you want. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are 2 general types of marketing campaigns. Branding Campaigns and Impulse Campaigns. Both play a significant role in any marketing strategy. Branding is a much broader type of marketing that gets put in front of as many people as possible for as long as time as possible so that your good or service is forefront when a prospective customer is wanting it. On the other hand, the impulse buyer needs your good or service now, there is a need and urgency to act now.

As marketers we have been using every medium available to accomplish specific goals for our clients. While there have been changes in how these messages have been delivered to target markets the premises have been the same. Let us take a quick look at marketing vehicles and how they are used.

  1. Television: This is still one of the most powerful marketing mediums as it can be targeted, creative, repetitive, and interesting. Creating both branding and impulse.
  2. Radio: can target your prospective market because of its content, making this a choice for both branding and impulse. Creative is extremely important in all marketing but even more so with radio as people are usually doing other things while listening.
  3. Outdoor: There are many pluses to outdoor advertising as it crosses both types of marketing and can be placed in areas where your target markets, lives, works or drives by frequently.
  4. Print: Newspaper and periodical advertising can still play an important part in any full campaign and can help with both branding and impulse.
  5. Digital Marketing: This is the latest and now an extremely broad category which has taken over as the primary source of marketing for most firms. Included in this category is social media, YouTube, plus many others. Digital media can be broken down into branding and impulse the same as all the other mediums, but it adds the element of highly targeted traffic which none of the other types of media possess.

Used individually each one of these mediums can have some type of impact reaching your targeted audience for your goods or services. Some work much more quickly than others, we are experts in all these categories of marketing and our most effective campaigns have been those that use a blended campaign that blankets a market and makes your firm the household name it needs to be and the go to source for your particular type of law. Let us create a campaign specifically for you and see what a difference we can make.

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During the month of April we are hosting a weekly lunch and learn on Fridays. Our Dallas Branch and our Los Angeles Branch will be discussing Google Local Service Ads, updates to paid ad platforms, and how to blend in traditional medias such as radio and TV to build an effective lead generation campaign. At Big Bang, we believe in the power of blended ad campaigns. Today, we briefly touched on the evolution of law firm marketing and how it can affect you and your practice. If you’re serious about growing your firm, obtaining better leads and a more consistent flow of cases drop us a call today. Dial (818) 877-7701 and schedule a free law firm marketing review with a lead generation specialist today.

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