The Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Google AdWords

Big Bang isn’t a “one trick pony”. We are not simply a digital marketing agency. Yes, we do utilize organic SEO to help our law firm client’s grow their digital footprint. But for us, SEO is more about building a brand and helping bring legitimacy to a law firm. It’s not the “fishing lure” that hooks a potential client for an attorney. SEO acts like icing on the cake, after a potential client finds you and is considering retaining you, SEO helps “prove” you’re the law firm they should turn to and trust to handle their legal issue.

Paid ads on the other hand IS a “fishing lure” that captures potential clients. Today, we’re going to go over all of the things we do to build and manage a proper paid ads campaign. In fact, we are going to try to convince you that we are the best law firm marketing company for Google AdWords. Google has introduced a plethora of new paid ad platforms over the past 6 months. So, from now until the end of the year, we’re going to publish blogs and video tutorials that will provide law firms with tips they can utilize to understand and harness the lead generation power of these new marketing vehicles.

So without further ado, let’s discuss why Big Bang is the best law firm marketing company for Google AdWords.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Company For Google AdWords

Why Chose Big Bang to Build and Manage Your Law Firm’s Google AdWords Campaigns?

Art Big Bang, we partner with our law firm clients. Our job is to deliver each law firm the best possible options for them to capture viable, quality case leads. We bring multiple marketing vehicle to the table such as, but not limited to, television, radio, billboards, direct mail, as well as digital. We even go as far as helping to develop relationships within their local communities such as booster programs with schools and youth sports sponsorships.

There are lots of digital marketing agencies out there who claim to be the best at helping lawyers obtain new leads. And, we can’t forget about traditional advertising. TV and Radio media buyers, even local cable networks such as Spectrum try to target attorneys when it comes to landing new clients. It makes sense, according to attorneys in the United States spend over a billion dollars per year on ads. If an ad agency can develop a marketing campaign that delivers an ROI, attorneys will eat it up.

However, very few marketing agencies can deliver. That’s because they fail to execute a proper plan from the beginning. While we utilize traditional marketing campaigns and digital marketing campaigns, today’s blog is all about the execution of paid ads. Primarily AdWords. So, why chose Big Bang to build and manage your law firm’s Google AdWords campaigns? Here is why…

The Best Law Firm Marketing Company For Google AdWords

The Top 3 Reasons to Hire Big Bang as Your Law Firm Marketing Company

We actually believe there’s dozens of reasons why you would want to turn to Big Bang for your law firm marketing needs. However, today we’re going to focus on why you should hire us to manage your law firm’s Google AdWords campaigns. At Big Bang, we “eat-breathe-sleep” law firm marketing. We develop lead generation campaigns that actually deliver quality cases. Furthermore, we are vested in your success. We have no contracts, no commitments, and no hidden fees. We preform a weekly lead funnel call as well to confirm leads. So, here are our top 3 reasons to make us your law firm marketing company.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Company For Google AdWords

Reason One: Trust and Transparency 

The first reason to hire Big Bang as your law firm marketing agency deals with trust and transparency. To start, Big Bang Marketing is a certified Google Partner Firm. Does that mean that we have some secret information? Do we get a cheat sheet at Big Bang? Is a Google Partner Firm an actual Google business entity? No, no, and NO WAY. Let’s be 100% transparent (hence why we listed transparency as part of our first reason to hire use) being a Google Partner Firm SIMPLY means that you met Google requirements with managing ad campaigns. That’s it, period. We have no inside track or secret sauce.

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However, being a Google Partner Firm does having a lot to do with TRUST and TRANSPARENCY. First, we’ve kept our law firm client’s ad campaign optimized and preforming at a very high rate, some of our campaigns even hit the 100% score. The better your campaign scores the lower your cost per click can be, you can impress more during peak times, and thus achieve much better results (aka MORE quality leads for LESS money). In addition, our clients don’t have complaints about our work or their results. Lastly, we’ve been TRUSTED by LAW FIRM’s to manage a significant amount of MONEY.

Think of a Google Partner Firm like this… There are lots of investment brokers out there. And, there are probably some very good investment brokers who run 1 or 2 people operations. However, if you were going to invest a ton of money, you probably want to go with a major banking institution such as JP Morgan, BlackRock, or Morgan Stanley. These firms have documented success and a proven track record.

Going with Big Bang means going with a law firm marketing agency with documented success, a proven track record, and one even Google is proud to partner with. Simple point, avoid the 1 to 2 person “fly by night” ad agencies.

Reason Two: A Track Record of Documented Success Helping Law Firm’s Obtain Leads 

The second reason to hire us for your law firm marketing needs is based upon our track record of documented success helping law firm’s obtain leads. Lot’s of marketing agencies… okay let’s be real… ALL marketing agencies SAY their clients are happy. They have to, how could they not? As an educated professional of the legal community, would you hire an ad agency in which their current clients were pissed off and unsatisfied? While you’re sitting their shaking your head saying “no way in HELL I wouldn’t, what kind of MORON would do that”, let us put the dunce cap right on your noggin.

You HAVE hired law firm marketing companies with pissed off and unsatisfied clients. Worse, YOU yourself have been one of those pissed off, unsatisfied, and overall frustrated clients. If you weren’t, you would NOT be wasting your extremely VALUABLE time reading this article. Okay, sorry, we don’t mean to be rude. We just want to be transparent, honest, and call it like it is. Our job is to make you MONEY, not caudle you and lie to you.

Big Bang however has REAL, verifiable testimonials from REAL attorneys. Law firms LOVE our work. That’s because we do what we say, and what other law firm marketing companies promise yet fail to deliver on, which is to drive you quality case leads each month. We have PERFECT five-star reviews on Google,, and tons of video testimonials from REAL lawyers who LOVE their results from Big Bang.

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Reason Three: No Contracts and ZERO Proprietary Platforms 

And, the third and final reason to hire Big Bang marketing as your law firm marketing company of choice is because we have NO contracts or proprietary platforms. To all your attorneys out there, read this again SLOWLY. Big Bang has NO CONTRACT and NO proprietary platforms. Yes, we know this sounds like a shock. At Big Bang we KNOW that law firms will NEVER “bite the hand that feeds them” so we do not have to lock you into a contract.

Other law firm marketing companies are NOT confident in their work or their ability to make you money. They do not know if they can actually get you quality case leads from the ad campaigns they build. So, while their sales reps PITCH you that they are the best law firm marketing company, they FAIL to back it up. Thus, they pressure you into signing some 30 page contract that rivals an SEC regulated buy-sale agreement or worse, an airtight divorce agreement where YOU’RE the one getting financially shafted.

Furthermore, everything we build, design, and create is the intellectual property of the law firm. That means your website, content, ads, everything we do is YOUR property. We also build in “open source” environments. That means its built in universal code and you can take your products with you wherever you go.

At Big Bang, we PUT our MONEY where our MOUTH is. We stand beside our law firm clients, and we are VESTED in your firm’s success. Period. Help you, help me. Go Jerry Maguire go.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Company – Go With Big Bang Marketing and Start Getting Better Case Leads Today 

If you’re sick and tired of wasting time and money on ad campaigns that don’t work, call us today. At Big Bang we’re vested in your law firm’s success. We truly care about our clients. Stop wasting time with ad agencies who don’t meet you half way, stop pretending like you haven’t already decided to give us a try. Call us now at (818) 877-7701 and SIGN UP FOR FREE. No money upfront, no commitment, try us and test us. We will PROVE to you that we truly are the best law firm marketing company.

Let our skilled law firm marketing professional provide you with a free campaign review today. We have helped law firm’s coast to coast obtain better case leads and obtain an ROI on their ad spends. Click the links below to learn more about the specific types of law firms we help, or click here to schedule a free demo today. Go BIG or GO HOME. Call Big Bang today and make the move to the best law firm marketing agency around.