meet Gary Hewitt…

meet Gary Hewitt

Television & Media  Department Manager

Gary Hewitt is a Direct Response Marketing Pioneer that brought those skills to the Health & Legal Marketing Industries with amazing success. Throughout his tenured and storied career, Mr. Hewitt has grown businesses to an excess of $150,000,000.00 per year by going directly to the consumer, via traditional, digital, and telephonic media. His understanding of the entire process and the psychology of the consumer sets him apart from most. Mr. Hewitt has also worked directly with leading medical industry pioneers in the behavioral health arena. Recently he helped a nationally recognized high profile health wellness and rehabilitation facility. Gary quickly decreased the budget and increased census for Cliffside Malibu, launched Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford New Jersey, helped redesign the call center, and provided overall marketing insight to every division.

Gary utilizes a plethora of media outlets and he has decades of experience purchasing air time. Big Bang used YouTube, OTT (Over The Top) and VOD (Video On Demand) to assist law firms, medical professionals, and e-commerce business owners grow their digital footprint. 

Mr. Hewitt brings with him over 30 years of award-winning results within the realm of television, radio, and traditional marketing. Whether you’re looking to expand your practice, improve your brand, or simply make more money Gary knows how to develop media campaigns that deliver results.

Media marketing guru & much more…

Gary is one of our most trusted advisors at Big Bang. For over 30 plus years Mr. Hewitt has rubbed elbows with Hollywood’s elite as he helped business owners grow and improve their brands.

Mr. Hewitt has been married, for what he says, an eternity to the love of his life. He and his wife have two amazing children, his son is a successful attorney and his daughter is a television executive.

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Favorite Food: A ribeye steak from Gwen Steakhouse Hollywood
Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox & New England Patriots (Go BOSTON)
Favorite “Geek” Activity: Math Problems
Favorite Quote: “I made him an offer he could not refuse..”(scary Gary…scary)


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