meet brett weisler…

meet brett weisler

Operations & Content Department Manager

As the President of Operations & Content at Big Bang Marketing, I wear two hats. Well, at least two. First and foremost I oversee the operations for every branch, coast to coast. That, in itself, is a mouth full. Second, I oversee our content teams, which I can say with HUGE smile, I absolutely love. I am asked to create quality website content and intelligent, informative, and SEO-driven articles/blogs for a vast array of clients. Keeping our clients’ websites ranked at the top of Page 1 for major keyword terms via regularly posting fresh articles/blogs filled with relevant, valuable and trustworthy content is where I play my biggest role. Whether it’s writing website page content or writing specific, in-depth articles/blogs, I truly enjoy all aspects of my job.

Big Bang Marketing is a premier lead generation agency. While most online marketing agencies tend to categorize themselves as either an SEO firm, a digital marketing agency or a traditional marketing and branding outlet, Big Bang knows that business owners spend considerable money for marketing for the sole purpose of GROWING THEIR BUSINESS. How does a business grow and generate more revenue? It makes MORE SALES AND SIGNS MORE CLIENTS. How does a business make more sales and sign more clients? It NEEDS MORE LEADS!!! That’s what Big Bang Marketing specializes in and focuses on… generating more leads that turn into sales and/or clients. Hence, the phrase “lead generation agency.”

Big Bang actually goes above and beyond for our clients. I know that it’s cliché to offer such an unoriginal claim about my work family; it’s a matter of fact when it comes to Big Bang. We firmly believe that if our clients don’t financially benefit from our work, then we have not earned our monthly marketing fee… PERIOD.

If you’re interested in learning how you can ethically and effectively obtain more clients, increase sales and expand your company’s footprint within your community, please contact us. Our sales team will learn the specifics of your business’s goals and share with you our plan to be the best lead generation partner you can have.

Content marketing guru & much more…

Brett is loud, energetic, opinionated, INTELLIGENT, and a lot of fun to be around. Brett is an anomaly, as he has both sides of his brain in overdrive 24/7. He is always willing to go the extra mile for a client and for anyone within the Big Bang family,

Brett loves movies, sports, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and writing screenplays. 

Favorite Movie: Intense Thrillers

Favorite Food: Chinese Food is my kryptonite -love it
Favorite Sports Team: Lakers & Yankees
Favorite “Geek” Activity: Studying Psychology and Writing Screenplays
Favorite Quote:Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin


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Would you like to learn more about how Google AdWords or Paid Search works? We offer free web training courses each month, call us and sign up.

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Our Los Angeles Office offers live and web based SEO courses. If you would like to learn more about content and organic SEO, call to sign up for free.

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