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ClickZ, a national SEO Information Agency, published a great read today about the rise in the cost of content. We loved the post so much that our writers and developers used it in our Friday morning brainstorming session. See, Big Bang Marketing is, well, BIG when it comes to Attorney SEO Marketing. In fact, if you’re an avid reader of our articles you know that we work with a lot of law firms. We focus a lot of our time and efforts into lead generation for lawyers. SEO Content for Attorneys is important, and if you’re a lawyer then you probably already know that. But just how vital is content to the success of your campaign? We wanted to touch on that today.

SEO Content For Attorneys and the Success of your Marketing Campaign

Over the last month, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about keyword selection. Essentially, how to build competitive and calculated paid search campaigns. We’ve identified a plethora of tips and tactics that an attorney can utilize to boost their inbound SEO leads. Today, when we came across the article from ClickZ, a lot of what we’ve been talking about, kind of came full circle. In our opinion, content is not just KING of the SEO jungle. Content IS the JUNGLE.

A lot of us in our development department are football fans, and as such we LOVE to use football analogies. We believe that a lot of SEO firms miss the mark with content. Let’s say that the Green Bay Packers are Playing the Chicago Bears. Here’s a hint about me, I would want the Packers to win here, sorry to all of our attorneys in Chicago, get a better team. With this analogy, the Packers would be links and the Bears could be considered schema or structured data. The football field they are playing on would be CONTENT. This is where other SEO firms fail. They fail to see that it is the CONTENT that lets you play the SEO game. Without it, you don’t stand a chance.

How to Write Quality SEO Content For Attorneys 

If you’re following along with us, and you are beginning to realize the true importance of content for Attorney SEO Marketing, you may be wondering what to do next. We have a lot of posts about how to write quality SEO content for attorneys. In fact, it’s not all that hard, it just takes time and a little bit of creative thinking. Think about a case you currently worked on, or perhaps a high profile decision was handed down and you want to voice your opinion about it. Maybe there’s a change of law, or you recently hired a new associate attorney who is going to tackle a specific area of law for your firm.

You can have fun with your content. Don’t overthink it, and please don’t let us or any attorney digital marketing agency convince you that you need to hire someone. The truth is very black and white, you can do all of this all by yourself. It just takes time and effort. Now, if you would rather focus on law, which is what you went to school for, great. Hiring the right Attorney SEO Marketing agency may be right for you. More so, if you select the right digital marketing agency for your law firm, it could be a beautiful relationship. You just need to make sure you hire the best one for you and your area of law.

Hiring the right Attorney SEO Marketing Agency 

If you’ve determined that your site needs new content, and a lot of it, you may be ready to hire a marketing firm. Hiring the right attorney SEO marketing agency isn’t something that comes easy. We don’t believe in rushing into bed with any marketing agency, even with our firm. Look, there are many reasons why we love working with lawyers. Yes, let’s be real, a BIG reason why Big Bang works with attorneys so well is that we can make law firms a lot of money through the cases we drive them. That, in turn, makes us a lot of money. However, another reason we gel well with lawyers is that we can be blunt, harsh, and tell it like it is.

Attorneys get it, and if an SEO firm can deliver quality leads, no law firm will bite the hand that feeds them. We are very pushy when it comes to the attorney digital marketing interview. Just like a potential client might consult with a few attorneys before selecting a law firm, we encourage you to do the same before you sign up with an SEO firm.

Questions to ask a potential Attorney SEO Marketing agency

Too many firms lock lawyers into airtight contracts that you should know better than to sign. Here’s a list of some questions you may want to ask a potential Attorney SEO Marketing agency.

  1. How much content will you produce?
  2. Will you write and optimize blogs directly on my website?
  3. How many blogs per month will you publish on my website
  4. Is all of the content unique or is it syndicate content?
  5. Do I own all of the content that you produce?
  6. Is the website you create mine, and do I have full admin access the CMS?
  7. Will you write and publish additional content that isn’t on my website and if so where will you publish it?
  8. Are you going to post fresh, new content daily on my social media feeds?
  9. Video is important, will you be making videos for my law firm and writing content about the videos?
  10. What SEO grading system will you use for my content?
  11. Do you follow Yoast or Flesch Reading Score guidelines?
  12. How many real, law firm related directories will you create and will you publish content within the directory?

Attorney SEO Marketing Content Tips

Earlier in this article, we talked about creative thinking, and how it applies to creating badass blogs for attorneys. Let’s use another example to help expand upon this topic. Say for instance that you are a Criminal Defense Attorney, and you really want to get inquires driven to your site. You may want to talk about the fact that you’re a defense attorney, or perhaps you want to help people who are looking to hire a criminal law firm. Hop on your computer, fire up Google, and look for some news in your area.

Say you search “criminal news in San Diego“, you’re going to find some pretty authoritative links, Fox News, The San Diego Tribune, essential trusted news sources. Keeping with this example, say you decide to click on The San Diego Tribune, and there you found an article about 3 indictments handed down in an insurance fraud scheme. You could take this article, and write an opinion about it, and touch on the fact that you happen to be a San Diego White Collar Crime Attorney.

If you follow the basic rules of content architecture, and you write informative and captivating content that is still easy enough to read, you will see your post rank. Check out the phrase “hire a San Diego Defense Lawyer” and you will find one of our clients ranking in the top 3 organic slots, including the map section. Try just searching San Diego Defense Lawyer and again, they rank number one.

SEO Content for Attorneys





Hiring an agency to create quality SEO content for Attorneys 

If you’re considering hiring an agency to create quality SEO content for Attorneys ask to see article samples. Say a potential client is contemplating hiring you for the car accident injury claim, or a DUI charge, that person may ask you about client testimonials and past results. Likewise, before you blindly sign up with some marketing agency you met over the phone, make sure you do your research. Check out sites of other attorneys they currently manage. Read their blog posts, the way they create pages and use site structure. Make sure the way they write fits with the needs of your firm.

Tips on How to Publish Great SEO Content for Attorneys

Throughout this article, we’ve identified multiple tips on how to publish great SEO content for attorneys. From brainstorming with your fellow coworkers to voicing an opinion about a current legal matter in your local news, there are a lot of ways you can come up with amazing things to discuss on your website. That’s really what SEO is all about, creating entertaining content that captivates your readers. The more information you provide and the easier you make it for a reader to learn or answer a question from your piece makes all the difference when it comes to article writing.

Have fun with your content, don’t look at this as homework or from an annoyed standpoint. Whether you’re a Personal Injury Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyer, or if you manage and Employment Law Firm, you have a plethora of perfect topics to write about. Divorce and Family Law lawyers should have NO problem with coming up with funny and informative articles, just think about a top ten list of things to consider when considering divorce.

How much does Big Bang Marketing charge for Attorney SEO content? 

We don’t believe in packages, contracts, or gimmicks. If your law firm is considering using Big Bang for your Attorney SEO Marketing, we suggest calling us and interviewing us. We also suggest calling other SEO agencies as well. Interview them, compare apples to apples. Don’t just take our word or the word of any digital marketing agency. Ask to talk to current clients, ask to read content samples. At Big Bang we don’t lock lawyers into contracts and we don’s shove a “bronze, silver, or gold” package in your face.

Each campaign is unique, and pricing has multiple factors such as geographical area, competitive nature of your field or market place, vertical of law, and lead generation expectations. If you’d like to find out more about our Attorney SEO Marketing offerings please contact us directly. We offer an extensive attorney digital marketing interview where we analyze everything you could possibly think of when it comes to your SEO and lead gen needs.

SEO Content For Attorneys