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Ranking SEO Content For Attorneys

If you’re an attorney, and you are currently paying for an Attorney SEO Marketing campaign, you need to read this. Look, we are not attorneys. However, because we work with so many law firms, we spend a lot of time researching what’s going on in your arena. Unfortunately, most attorneys don’t do the same. With court, depositions, and managing your law firms daily needs, you don’t have time to chase down what’s happening in the world of SEO and SEM. We get it, that’s why you pay a marketing company to do it for you. However, ranking SEO content for attorneys got CRUSHED in July 2019.

Sadly, most SEO firms fail to keep up with the times. Even worse, some SEO firms don’t tell their clients what’s changing and they don’t know how to counteract an update that could cause drops in rankings. In July, Google supposedly launched 3 big updates. All effecting organic SEO rankings. The chatter all across the web came from big-name agencies like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and even Google themselves.

So, what the hell happened and what is all of this about? Let’s dive deeper into the July 2019 updates and changes to Google My Business features as well. It just might make a BIG difference for your law firm and your lead generation goals.

Google Updates and Organic SEO Rankings 

In the month of July 2019, the word on the street is that Google released 3 updates. The web went crazy. Some SEO Managers claimed they witnessed a 40% to 50% drop in traffic. Now, sometimes SEO Account Executives use updates as a way to “blame” Google for their own lack of work and site management. Essentially pointing the finger at Google when in all reality, their client’s sites suck because they suck. However, this time the noise on the web was way different. Even major corporations said they got slammed with drops in traffic.

In addition to the 3 supposed updates, Google found themselves in other “angry chatter” over updates to Google My Business. If you sign in to your law firm’s Google My Business account (and if you don’t have this access or your SEO firm never explained what this account is you’re probably getting FUC#$D over big time right now) you will see a little rectangle option that says “add a short name” to your profile. In fact, if you don’t do this your page will show that you’re not 100% complete.

So, like any good SEO rep or business owner, you want to do what Google tells you to do. Unfortunately, many people who DID add their business short name got sideswiped when their accounts got removed, no map listings and no more Google reviews. Google did step up and chalked it up to a faulty bug, and now the word is that it’s fixed. Yet, this still left us with three possible major updated and a problem with Google Maps, and the MAP section kicks major ass for law firm leads. So what does all of this mean for attorneys?

How to Generate Law Firm Leads on Google without Getting Killed by Updates 

Before ANY of you reading this start to think that this post is a bitching contest about Google, it’s not. In fact, we LOVE Google and we believe that Google is ONLY looking to produce the BEST results and the BEST platform to obtain information. Changes and updates are not meant to hurt you or your website. Instead, algorithm updates and new options are meant to make searching for data better. Better results, better experience, better for everyone.

With all of that now out of the way, here is how to generate law firm leads on Google without getting killed by updates. Publish a lot of CONTENT. Quality CONTENT. Lots of CONTENT. Are you catching what we are throwing at you? Search Engine Land even published an article on August 1st with advice directly from GOOGLE about content and how quality content can help sites stay atop of the SERPs even when updates take place. Why is this? Simple, content is the gateway to information. What does a search engine do? It “searches” for information. You guys did graduate law school, right?

Sorry for the harsh joke, but you are attorneys. You can take it. If you “can’t handle the truth” than join Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game, you’ll find out real quick that only Michael Jordan is king, not King James. That’s the TRUTH. Okay, enough jokes. The point is simple. If you want to rank, and get leads, and avoid being hammered every time an update occurs you NEED a shit load of content.

How Can Attorneys Come up with Topics to Write About? 

A lot of attorneys are shocked when they sign up with us. “How did you ever think to write about that” is something we hear all of the time. No, I am not joking with you again. Look, don’t let some SEO company rip you off or convince you that “it’s not possible to write about quality topics multiple times a month”. That’s nothing more than an excuse. Don’t pay some lazy ass sales rep. Finding quality topics to write about is super simple, you just have to be proactive.

If you’re an injury lawyer, and you want car accident injury leads, you can EASILY find something in the news DAILY about a car crash. Write about it, and add in your opinion on auto accident injury representation. If you’re a Criminal Defense Attorney, and you want more DUI calls, go look at the crime report in your city. I’m sure you will find some type of criminal activity being reported. So WRITE about it, then add in that you handle Criminal Defense and DUI’s in your town. Link to these articles, and presto you’re more than halfway toward publishing some badass informative SEO content.

Keeping your Law Firm’s Website Rankings On Page One

Invest in Google AdWords. I know, you thought we were going to hit you with some more organic content tips. We wanted to wake you up. Look, you DO NEED to write a ton of amazing content. You also need to invest a portion of your campaigns funds into Google AdWords. Stop trying to nickel and dime your way into a honeypot full of kickass leads. Just like Winnie-the-Pooh, you’re going to get stuck in a mess.

If you’re an attorney in a major city like Chicago, Los Angeles, or Dallas, and you really want new cases, you need to spend about $10,000.00 a month on digital marketing. This gives you about $6,000.00 for AdWords and $4,000.00 to cover content for your blogs, inner pages, social media posts, off-page press releases, as well as hosting and videos for YouTube. $10k is a small budget, especially if you can get leads. Don’t go cheap, you will end up with a knock-off company.

Go BIG or go HOME when it comes to marketing. If you’re ready to get your phones ringing with new client leads, call Big Bang now.