Our Second Step is to gather all of the required data for your campaign. This includes information such as your CMS, Domain, and FTP Access as well as your Social Profiles. Your personal  Account Analyst will also bring on a programmer, so that the three of you can select focus keywords, points of interest to focus on, as well as highlight certain goods or services you want to put an emphasis on. 


Select Your search terms & Adwords

We want you to succeed more than you do. That’s because when you hit your mark, and your phone rings with new client inquires, we can give ourselves a pat on the back. Most SEO Firms tell you that it takes 90 days in order for you to see any type of results. This is a flat out lie.

We work with before you pay us a penny, so that the day you sign up is the same day we turn on your campaign. This means you can get phone calls and client inquires right away.