Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

Okay, so, before you throw your arms in the air and push everything off your desk in a fit of rage over your current marketing campaign, take a breath and read through this page. We’re going to discuss everything you need to know, and more than you want to know, about personal injury attorney marketing. At Big Bang, we love working with lawyers. Helping you grow your firm is our privilege, and it’s how we make a living. We help all types of attorneys attract new cases. However, when it comes to tackling a target market, nothing may be more competitive than personal injury law.

Now, if you’re currently wasting money on an advertising campaign that isn’t yielding you a return, we know how frustrated you are. We deal with this situation a lot. It’s how we end up landing new clients. Lawyers reach out to us, whether from a referral or because they’ve found us online, because they want answers. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a digital campaign or if you are spending money on traditional ads such as television and radio, you need results, period.

So, why do so many personal injury attorney marketing companies fail? Simple, because they are focused on hitting a “measured target”. In simple terms, personal injury attorney marketing companies LOVE to paint you a picture that doesn’t exist. Sales reps call you, nag you, and pressure you by telling you that the “special services” and “secret tactics” their agency utilizes will bring you TONS of new business. They sell their services as a lead funnel, the pathway to better clients and more money.

Months later, when your credit card is maxed out, your wallet is dry, and you haven’t received one new quality case, you call your current agency and you let them have it. “Not so fast” they say, “we’re not a LEAD GENERATION agency, we are a MARKETING company” is what they tell you. They even through the contract you signed in your face. And of course being an attorney, you must understand what you signed right? At least, that’s what your current personal injury attorney marketing company asks you.

See, most marketing companies fail because they want to get PAID for “checking off items on a list”. They DON’T want to stand side by side with you and HELP you grow your practice. That’s why Big Bang is different. In fact, we are so very different. We not only care about growing your firm, we put our money where our mouth is. Keep reading, learn more about how we’ve helped personal injury attorneys coast to coast kill it in the lead generation game.

Marketing Your Personal Injury Law Firm and Getting New Cases

If you’re reading through our website, chances are you want to learn more about marketing your personal injury law firm and getting new cases. Makes sense, most of our website visitors are in the same boat, fishing for the same information. There are tons of companies out there, whether traditional or digital, who tout themselves are “marketing agencies”. However, most fail to truly ever “market” your law practice. Instead, they miss the mark completely because they don’t understand what you actually want. Or worse, they simply don’t care, and they just want your money.

We need to first erase the drawing board, get super blunt, and identify what marketing means to you as an attorney. Lawyers believe the definition of marketing is paying for getting new cases. Technically, that’s not marketing, that’s lead generation. According to Websters, the definition of marketing is the process or technique of promoting. For personal injury attorneys, that sounds more like branding.

See, there is a BIG difference between marketing and branding. The problem that most injury attorneys run into, especially when being pitched by SEO companies, is the way the marketing agency explains their services. The rep on the other end of the phone (or pre-COVID standing in your office if it was a solid agency) paints you a picture that their company has a “magic key” that opens the door to a room full of the most amazing leads. They “pitch” you that their firm has the tools you need to grow your law firm and obtain new cases.

You just got Jedi mind tricked worse than those idiot Strom Troopers on Tatooine. That’s because you fell for the pitch, and when the “you know what hits the fan” and you don’t get any new cases, that same marketing agency will tell you that they just “promote” your firm. That’s right, their “fall back” is that they tell you (once you’ve paid them an ass load of money) that they are NOT a lead generation agency, but a MARKETING agency. You just purchased branding, BUT you thought you were paying for marketing. Or, as injury lawyers believe, lead generation.

Step one of getting a kick-ass personal injury attorney marketing company to help you, is to find the right one. And, to find the right one, you must STOP trying to focus on marketing and START using the phrase LEAD GENERATION. Because, after all, that’s what you truly want. You want more cases, better quality injury cases.

Change the Way You Think About Your Injury Firm

If you want to get a different result, you have to take a different path. After all, it is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  So, for all of you injury attorneys out there, please to change the way you think about your injury firm. Let us explain.

We get calls lots of times from injury lawyers who, just like you, want to obtain more quality cases. Now, when we first meet (whether in person or digitally) we give our prospective client the floor. We want to learn as much about you as possible, after all, we’re trying to sell you. Letting you talk helps us sell you, we’re not going to lie.

However, there is something MUCH more valuable we learn (or better yet are able to use to help show you a new path) that we gain from listening to you intently explain your practice and what that it is you want. We learn, like 90% of the injury lawyers we talk to, you respectfully don’t know what you want. At least, not when we first start talking.

See, we really need to work with you to help change the way you envision your law practice. Too often we talk to personal injury attorneys who want to advertise Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Injury, Brain Injuries, and Scaffolding Injuries. We listen, take notes, then something funny happens. Two hours later, when we’re going through data and analytics of their competitors’ websites, digital ads, television commercials, and radio ads it comes out from the SAME lawyer that they “really want car accident injury claims”.

Step two of improving your personal injury attorney marketing campaign is getting you to change the way you view your practice. We need to focus on WHAT types of injury cases are prevalent in your area. What YOU offer or provide or have about yourself that separates you from your competitors. And most of all, find out how potential clients are finding injury attorneys in your area, then attack the market.

It’s not about what you WANT necessarily but more important about WHAT TYPES of injury cases are available in your market. Money talks and “you know what walks”. We want to show you the money. So, please, start trying to rethink how you look at your injury law practice.

Fishing in Different Injury Ponds

If you want to learn more about personal injury attorney marketing, and you’re ready to think outside the box, let’s talk about fishing. Grab a pen and paper, draw four circular “ponds” on your paper. Now, inside each pond, draw a couple of fish. This simple illustration represents your target market, or better yet, the “fish” you can catch each month. Now, each fish represents a new case. So, what does each pond represent? Simple, different marketing verticals and different geographical territories.

See, no marketing agency can “make” more cases. Unless you’ve signed up with MOB Marketing, your advertising agency isn’t going to go out and stage accidents for you. So, if you want to obtain more accident cases each month, you must “catch the fish” that are available. Meaning, you must land the injury victims who need/want a lawyer. Let’s take a minute to discuss how and why you must place fishing poles into different ponds in order to obtain more cases.

Marketing Vertical Ponds

Okay, so go back to the diagram you just drew. Next to the first pond, write down “digital marketing”. Next to the second pond, write down “billboards and print advertising”. Write down “radio ads” next to the third pond, and finally, write down “television commercials” next to the fourth pond. Now, this is just for illustration, there are lots of different marketing vehicles.

Okay, with that said, each pond represents a different potential marketing vehicle. Now, take a minute to think about how you analyze information. Okay, now think about how you believe your spouse, or your children, or your coworkers analyze information. The point is that different people and different brains think and work differently.

Each pond represents a different marketing vehicle because people THINK differently and therefore, they SEARCH or REACH for help differently. People have different “triggers”. Meaning, their brain triggers a memory or action differently. In this case, when it comes to personal injury attorney marketing, we’re talking about what makes them reach for or select a particular law firm.

Some injury victims will remember a catchy radio jingle, others will remember a stylish and sharp television commercial. Billboards are great, they are big and bold and flashy, and some injury victims will remember a billboard ad. And, some accident victims panic and don’t recall any injury law firm ad they’ve seen, and so they rush to Google and search for a personal injury attorney online.

The point is this, if you want to obtain more cases, and we already know we cannot manufacture more cases, then we must land the ones that are available. And, if we admit that you will NEVER get 100% of the fish in one pond, then you MUST put poles in other ponds IF you want to get more cases. Period. It’s simple math, and numbers don’t lie.

If you want to get more cases from your personal injury attorney marketing budget, invest in multiple types of campaigns. Catch more fish.

Geographical Territory Ponds 

Back to the diagram. Underneath the first pond, write down “my own city”, next to pond two write down “nearest second city”. By pond three, write down “nearest third city” and by pond four write down “nearest fourth city”. Now, you don’t have to use the nearest city or town. Maybe you have offices in different areas. The point is this, there are only so many accidents in one area. Meaning, there are only so many accident victims in one area. We already know we cannot catch all the fish in one pond, so you have to move poles into different ponds to catch more fish.

You need to grow beyond your general geographical area if you want to obtain more cases. The majority of personal injury attorney SEO companies focus on local SEO. Which is like pooping in one hand and wishing in the other. Don’t fall for the old “just dominate around your office” and you will get more cases. No, you won’t. You MUST move into different geographical territories (ponds) if you want to obtain more cases per month. Period.

Look at Injury Lawyer Marketing as an Investment Instead of an Expense

This one is probably the toughest for injury lawyers. We understand why. So many law firms have wasted tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars of fault personal injury attorney marketing campaigns. Whether it was on a bad AdWords campaign, an underthought television commercial, or an ill-placed billboard, unsuccessful campaigns happen too often. So, we do understand how hard it is to look at marketing as an investment instead of an expense.

Okay, now that we were nice, it’s time to be real. Look, you’re a lawyer, you can take the truth. Suck it up and stop being a child. You cannot grow your practice; you cannot obtain new cases each month if you do not properly fund your marketing campaigns. There is no economies of scale equation when it comes to your marketing campaign. Instead, think of your marketing campaigns like a baseball batting average. Ty Cobb comes in at number one with a .3662. Yeah.

Look, underfunding your campaigns is like going into a gunfight with a water pistol. You’re screwed before you show up to the O.K. Corral. You must invest money into each of your marketing campaigns. Yes, you MUST be safe. Of course, you must go off of analytics, data, and facts. Don’t go off of some marketing reps’ gut instincts or promises about how amazing their company is. That’s how you get bent over a barrel. Go off of raw numbers and give yourself enough ammunition to take down your competitors.

Building a Campaign and Determining a Budget

If you’re continuing to read through our personal injury attorney marketing article, kudos to you. It’s not easy to admit that what you are currently doing is wrong. You probably have your current advertising rep or SEO company in your ear, drowning you with fancy reports about how “amazing” their analytics are. However, you don’t care about analytics, you don’t care about charts and graphs and cute pictures that show how many visitors your site got. No, you care about the bottom line. How much money you paid versus how many new cases you obtained. Or better yet, how much money you spent on marketing versus how much money you made off of the marketing campaign itself.

Now that you’ve come to the realization that what you’re currently doing isn’t working, and hopefully you’ve accepted the fact that you have to invest in multiple marketing vehicles, it’s time to strategize. The next step toward achieving more cases is building a campaign and gauging a budget. We need to determine which marketing vehicles are the most productive and how much money we must spend to be competitive. So, where do we begin?

Analyze Your Direct Competitors

If you want to get more cases for your injury law firm, you have to “out fish” your competitors. I know, we sound like a broken record, but it’s for your own good. We cannot manufacture more accident injury cases for you. All we can do is attract the fish (the cases that are available each month) and get them to bite onto our baits instead of your competitors.

The first step to building a campaign and gauging a budget is to analyze what your competitors are doing to grab cases, and most importantly, what it’s costing them to fish in those ponds.  Yes, there will be sometimes when the truth is hard. We may tell you point-blank that you simply need to outbid a competitor. However, more often than not, we can work off of a better pull through ratio. That means we can analyze what a competitor is doing right, what they are doing wrong, and how to exploit their campaign’s weaknesses to benefit ours/yours. Here is how we start to breakdown your competitor’s spends and conversions.

AdWords and Paid Ads Analysis

There are lots of third-party tools such as SpyFu and SEMRUSH that we can utilize to get a rough overview of what other personal injury lawyers are doing when it comes to their Google AdWords campaigns. We can also use ahrefs to see how their organic holds up. When it comes to obtaining more cases from your digital marketing campaign, you need to be ready to invest in AdWords. All the organic SEO in the world isn’t going to do squat for you compared to an effective paid ads campaign.

Google Screened for Lawyers

There is a “new kid on the block” when it comes to paid ads on Google. It’s called Google Screened/Google Guaranteed. Now, this product has been around for other service industry related businesses for a minute. However, it’s brand new for attorneys. You need to get yourself onto this platform. We can help. Part of your personal injury attorney marketing budget for paid ads needs to go into Google Screened. Period.

Radio Marketing Spends

We have ways to compare radio spends across the board for all of your competitors who participate in this form of advertising. By reviewing their spends, stations, and the time of day they run their ads we can help form an identity around your target audience. Winning the radio war not only helps bring in leads, but it also helps build your brand. The more your BRAND is built, the more you can reduce your marketing costs.

Television Advertising for Personal Injury Attorneys

TV ads cost money. They cost a lot of money. Guess what? Not running television ads for your injury law firm will cost you more money in the long run. Getting new cases per month, obtaining quality new injury cases per month, isn’t cheap. We’ve explained this time and time again. You need to really consider how effective television advertising for personal injury attorneys is.

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. You know this, right? Well, in the same fashion, it’s not what you spend but how much profit you make. A properly funded television ads campaign will not only make you more than you spend NOW on the leads you get, but in the LONG RUN it can help reduce your monthly marketing costs.

Think about this, I am a SoCal kid myself. I LOVE “In and Out” double-doubles. Do you know the last time I remember seeing an ad for In and Out? Probably when I was a kid. That’s because they spent the money, got their name out there, had an amazing product, and the BRAND sold itself there out. You can do the SAME with your injury firm.

Invest in TV, build your brand, get lots of cases. Help those injury victims, win money for them, and then build your word-of-mouth business.

Building Your Injury Law Firm’s Brand

Okay, so as mentioned earlier in this article, there is a BIG difference between BRANDING and MARKETING. In addition, we at Big Bang believe that there is a MAJOR disconnect between what an SEO or law firm advertising agency considers “marketing” and what an attorney considers “marketing”. Lawyers care about getting new cases and making more money. So, in a nutshell, attorneys look at and judge a marketing campaign based upon its lead generation capabilities.

Now, we’ve touched on lots of marketing tips. We know how to drive you more case leads, and better case leads, through the utilization of multiple marketing vehicles. Now we’re going to talk about building your injury law firm’s brand. If you want to circle back to our fishing analogy, marketing is fishing and using different baits to catch fish. Branding is about longevity and about sustainability, so giving back to that pond so new fish can grow and become ripe for the catch.

If you properly invest in branding it can and will help lower your monthly marketing spend over time. Here are some very vital branding avenues you must explore in you want your personal injury attorney marketing campaign to thrive.

Video Testimonials

Your clients, whether they admit it or not (or whether you admit it or not) are out to get a check. They want financial justice, and they want YOU (or one of your competitors) to fight to achieve that for them. What better way to show and prove to your new potential client that you are the rainmaker personal injury lawyer than to watch and hear from your past clients. You need to invest in quality video testimonials.

Getting Involved in Your Community

Getting involved in your community is a great way to build your brand. It’s also an amazing way to grow your reputation and to show the community that you’re a human who cares, not an ambulance chaser. You can purchase banner ads at your local high school and brand your name all over the football field and basketball arena. What about offering your time to speak at local events or fundraisers? Heck, you can even get involved with local charities, first responders, and donate funds from each case to help needy families in your local area. Get involved. It will not only help you build your law firm’s brand, most importantly it will build your soul and make you feel good about yourself.

Traditional Marketing Builds Your Reputation

In the end, traditional marketing builds your reputation. The stronger your reputation, the more direct traffic, and direct leads you will receive. In the long run, this will significantly help lower your monthly marketing spend and thus increase your profits. Don’t be afraid to go back to the well, if it’s worked before, it will work again. Digital marketing is great, but it’s not everything. Remember the POWER of television, radio, print, and old school advertising. Make them a part of your personal injury attorney marketing budget.

Lead Generation Marketing for Injury Lawyers

Okay, so this article really is about personal injury attorney marketing. And, as we’ve now said multiple times, what an attorney considers marketing to be is usually far different than what an advertising agency considers marketing to be. Our personal injury attorney marketing campaigns, while they utilize multiple strategies and campaigns, are designed to increase your revenue.

Here are some of the key factors we take into consideration when we build a marketing campaign for an injury law firm, or for any law firm for that matter. We understand that you have to make a profit in order to justify a marketing spend, and most of all (for our sake) to pay us to manage it.

Attacking Your Competitors

We have to attack the competition. Once again, we cannot make more accidents happen each month. So, we want to grow your business and gobble up more cases we must attract more of the cases available each month. That means we need to TAKE THEM AWAY from your competitors.

Growing Your Target Audience

Yes, back to the old fishing pond analogy. We need to fish in different pods. Each geographical area will only be able to produce so many quality injury cases. So, we need to put fishing poles (with lots of different types of bait i.e. marketing campaigns) into different city ponds. We must GROW the audience by either expanding the types of accident injuries we take or going into new cities.

Think about it this way, if your law firm is located in say Los Angeles, there are only so many car crash cases we can target per month. We may have to go into the San Fernando Valley or Ventura County or even Orange County if you really want to get a ton of new auto accident injury claims per month.

Answering the Phone

Finally, we need to talk about answering the phone. I know, it sounds asinine to bring up. Trust us, it’s not. Too often injury law firms blow quality leads because they don’t answer the phone or they don’t invest in a quality after-hours call answering service. Your potential clients want to TALK to someone. Don’t blow all the money and hard work spent on attracting a new quality injury case because you simply didn’t answer the phone.

Look, we understand that you are an attorney. You’re a Doctor of Law. And, you deserve respect and to be able to relax after hours and on weekends. That’s why Big Bang provides call answering services for all of our clients. Talk to one of our call center reps today about how we can help improve your lead conversions by answering all lead generation inquires for you. We screen each call, then hand-deliver the call to you.

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing Agency

There are lots of law firm marketing companies out there. Some focus on digital, some on local SEO, others tackle traditional advertising. Our personal injury attorney marketing agency handles every aspect of your advertising needs. That’s because we know the power of synergy. See, each marketing vehicle can complement, or collapse, your overall campaign. At the end of the day, it’s about making money.

Everyone knows the saying “there are too many cooks in the kitchen”. When your injury law firm works with too many marketing companies, you create this same problem. Your SEO company won’t work well with your TV media buyers. And, your paid search team doesn’t want to hear why they can’t spend more money on campaigns because you’re investing in organic SEO or billboards. Your personal injury attorney marketing campaigns need continuity. You need to work with one quality law firm marketing company that handles all aspects of your advertising needs.

Our personal injury attorney marketing agency is focused on making you money. Period. We consider ourselves a partner, and we are a lead generation platform first and foremost. We understand that you cannot afford to pay us if we cannot deliver what you need to make money. That’s life, everyone has to eat. If you’re a personal injury lawyer who is tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t deliver you new cases, give us a call. Let our law firm marketing reps sit down with you for free to analyze your situation. Most of all, we will come up with an airtight plan to take down your competitors.