Personal Injury Attorney Marketing and Generating New Leads

You asked for it and now we’ve delivered it. In the months of December and January, we put on two law firm marketing workshops. If you’re an avid visitor of our website then you know we love to talk shop about lead generation tips for attorneys. Our award-winning law firm marketing agency manages multiple large size campaigns for personal injury lawyers. While we manage campaigns for all types of law firms, including B2B practices, we believe we may be the best at personal injury attorney marketing and generating new leads. See, if you look at the average cost per click for injury-related keywords it becomes apparent quickly that personal injury is a very competitive market. In fact, injury law just might be the toughest and most expensive vertical of law to advertise in.

Every now and then we receive enough requests about a certain market topic. Octobers’ big BERT algorithm update, recent changes to how organic results and ad spaces show, and the big push for AMP articles have made lots of injury law firms rushing to find a way to keep leads coming in while stopping the bleeding from underperforming campaigns. So, is SEO the answer? Is it time to focus 100% on paid search? Or perhaps, is the digital space dead? In today’s article, we’re going to discuss these topics plus more as we identify the top 10 marketing tips for personal injury attorneys.

The Top 10 Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys 

Before we dive into the top 10 marketing tips for personal injury attorneys we wanted to take a minute for you to grab a pen and a piece of paper. While yes, of course, we would love to earn your business and charge you lots of money to handle your marketing, the truth is that there is nothing stopping you from doing what we do all on your own. Our articles are meant to boost our brand, by optimizing for search topics that lawyers may look for. In fact, that’s probably how you found us and this post. This is great for us, because you may decide to utilize our services one day. However, the second purpose of our posts is to provide real free, valuable information to attorneys. If you take the time to read, comprehend and apply the tips we provide here today we believe you can increase the number of real leads you receive each month.

Remember, the tips provided come from our 12 plus years of managing attorney SEO marketing campaigns. We utilize these same tactics for our clients, and even though this article is focused on injury leads, you can apply these tips to any area of law. Yes, personal injury attorney marketing and generating new leads can be expensive. However, it’s not what you spend but what you make that matters. With that said, here are our top 10 marketing tips for personal injury attorneys.

AMP First Websites 

Don’t roll your eyes if you know what is AMP is. Yes, we know AMP is been around since 2016. However, what you may not know is that AMP is now a feature within the Google Search Console. Even though AMP’s been around for 4 years now it wasn’t a real ranking factor. In fact, up until September of 2019, we could not find a single one of our client’s websites that benefited from AMP. So, how can you use AMP as a personal injury attorney to generate new leads? Simple, be the first out of the gate.

If your competitors have transitioned to AMP first websites you may be able to catch them slipping. A surprise attack, and for injury attorneys who can spend 10 grand a week on Adwords, climbing those organic slots can save you money and bring in more quality cases. We’re going to talk about content in this article, obviously, you know that. However, we’re going to talk about how using AMP pages for your posts can really help you land in the news & stories section of the organic results.

Rich Site Snippets 

Again, just like AMP, rich site snippets are not new. However, the way you can utilize RSS and the way Google displays them has changed. Not only can you now add much more content, but you can also add additional data. If you apply schema markups you can also get your articles to rise to the top of the SERPs. Snippets that are attention-grabbing can really entice a searcher to click on your site or a call now button. Think about all of your awards, or perhaps you’ve won over one hundred million dollars for accident victims. Those highlights may steer a searcher to your firm over a competitor. Oh yeah, providing a free consultation doesn’t hurt either.

Remember, you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the injury attorneys in your area. Rich site snippets provide you a stage to brag about yourself and your firm. Now, what attorney isn’t in love with themselves? Have fun with your RSS and grab those new client calls.

Schema Markups and Structured Data

If you’re really looking to pick up new client calls than dominating your local market is paramount. You need to rank well in the map section. In fact, Google’s visible map section is such a powerful lead generating tool that you can now buy the top slot when running AdWords. We look at it like this, if Google is now selling the top map slot they must have known it was a coveted position that had high conversion rates. So, why are we talking about this in reference to schema markups and structured data? Simple, next to directories and citations schema and structured data are the best ways to increase your local authority and presence.

Google even has a new structured data testing tool. In fact, if you’re using a CMS platform like WordPress there are a plethora of easy to use plugins that will help you manage your schema and structured data. You can also link your social profiles and verify your local address down to the latitude and longitude.

Use an Open Source CMS Platform 

Now, before you read this section we need to inform you that we hate the term “proprietary”. As developers, we believe that every law firm should use an open-source CMS platform. Now, if you’re wondering which law firm marketing companies use proprietary back ends, we’re not going to sit here and name them. However, we will tell you that it’s our opinion that using a proprietary system is designed to keep a law firm stuck. If you’ve dealt with these types of back ends then you know very well that some law firm marketing companies love to hold their clients hostage.

An open-source CMS makes adding content easier for lawyers. In addition, most CMS platforms offer troubleshooting videos as well as access to online tutorials. Content is king, has been, and for the foreseeable future always will be. So migrating to a CMS and taking the time to understand the in’s and out’s of what you can and cannot do is vital. Content sits in the top slot of important SEO tactics but you need to get it out there. A quality CMS will help you significantly. Especially if you’re tackling your organic SEO all on your own.

News Articles 

We love to talk about content. In our opinion, nothing comes close to quality content. However, with your website, there are only two places to really post content. Your inner pages are broken down into two sections, standard pages, and cornerstone pages. Now, it’s well known that we love Yoast, we will bring up Yoast in detail in the next section. We will also explain some key differences between cornerstone pages and standard pages. The second area you can utilize to post content is your blog section. Since this article is focused on personal injury attorney marketing and getting new leads, were going to explain news articles and how to use them with injury keyword examples.

If you haven’t noticed yet, take out your cell phone and do a simple google search for any type of law firm. You will notice a new section that pops up in a majority of the search results titled “news”. If you write quality blog articles answering questions that potential clients may be looking for, like “schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney” or “how long does it take to get paid after a car accident injury” you will start to see your articles rank within the news section. If you add on additional technical SEO features like AMP and structured data you will only better your chances of getting your content published in this section.


We love Yoast. And, if you’re planning on managing your own organic SEO, you should learn to love it too. Yoast gives you guidelines and checkpoints to follow as you lay out your content, links, keywords, and tags. In addition, Yoast works with a plethora of other tools such as the Google Search Console, structured data plugins, and even with sharing social media posts. Content is king. Yoast helps you understand the content you create, the intent of the content, and how to get your articles picked up within the SERPs. In addition, Yoast helps identify which pages should be standard and which ones would benefit from cornerstone content.

Cornerstone pages are like anchors, and for an injury lawyer, these can be big-time for getting your main areas of practiced ranked. Some injury lawyers want to focus on med-mal or wrongful death, Others simply desire vehicle accident-related cases. Take the top 5 types of cases you want to acquire leads for and build a cornerstone page for each of those areas. The rest of your pages will be supporting pages. Yoast and WordPress will help you understand the differences in what elements must be present in a cornerstone page.

Child-Parent Pages 

Along with Yoast and news articles, we strongly urge you to build strong child-parent pages. In WordPress and most open-source CMS platforms, you can easily make a slew of child pages underneath a cornerstone page. We believe this delivers content depth and helps show the search engines that you not only answer the specific question being asked by the searcher but that you also tackle a plethora of related issues pertaining to the main search. For example, if you’ve built a cornerstone page talking about your ability to represent a client whos been injured in a car accident, you may want to publish 10-20 pages about supporting topics. See the example below.

  • Car Accident Attorney (cornerstone page)
  • How to file an auto accident claim (child page) 
  • Getting rental car coverage after a crash (child page) 
  • How long does it take to settle a vehicle accident case? (child page) 
  • How much is my auto accident injury claim worth? (child page) 

Video Blogs 

The power of video blogs is growing. Don’t lose sleep over stressing about the quality. You don’t need to hire a professional camera crew. Remember, your clients are interested in finding the best personal injury attorney they can. They are not looking to be sold. Instead, they are looking for information. Very similar to how you found your way to this article, they will search for info related to getting paid after an injury. You can use an android phone or iphone, make the videos personal, and publish them to YouTube. You can even add a text description of the video then link them to your site.

Google Search Console 

Yes, content is king. It is true, performing some level of technical SEO and schema can help with rankings. However, nothing you do to your website will ever have a chance to bring you new leads if you fail to link to the search console. In addition, the search console gives you access to a load of additional tactics you choose to implement, all of which when properly utilized should help you rank better. In fact, Google Academy provides tons of online courses you can for free to learn more about how you can grow your law firm’s online presence.

Don’t Rely Upon SEO for Leads

Our number one tip for personal injury lawyers is simple. Don’t rely upon SEO for leads. What, sounds shocking? We just went through nine steps for you to take that all involved some element of improving SEO. Now we just told you to forget about relying upon SEO for new cases. Yes, that’s right. SEO is dead if you’re planning on using it alone. You need to think bigger and grow beyond digital marketing campaigns. Google AdWords are a great addition to attorney SEO marketing campaigns but even organic marketing and paid online ads still leave you in a digital world. Think television commercials, direct mailers, old school advertising tactics still produce results. The point is simple, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Growing Your Personal Injury Practice and Making More Money 

Big Bang wants to be a part of growing your personal injury practice and making more money. We know that if we can make you money, that you will have no problem paying us. Our business model is built upon generating you quality leads that convert to paying clients. In this article, we talked about personal injury attorney marketing and generating new leads. We unveiled our top 10 marketing tips for personal injury attorneys. In addition, we went into detailed discussions about ways you can handle your marketing in house.

However, just like an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client, so too may be one who tackles their own SEO and marketing. You went to school to be a doctor of law. Not a programmer, content publisher, video editor, or marketing guru. Call our award-winning law firm marketing agency today and find out why so many personal injury attorneys have turned to us to manage their campaigns. In the most competitive markets, areas like Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, and Philadelphia we’ve taken our clients to the top. Click here to schedule a free brainstorming session with our analysts today.