Performance Marketing for Attorneys 

Welcome back to our law firm marketing blog. If you’re joining us because you just finished pulling your hair out over your current advertising campaign, we hope to be of some relief. At Big Bang, we’re all about results. Our Account Executives are constantly reminded by upper management to stress to new potential clients the benefits of utilizing an ad agency built on results-driven campaigns. Our President of Media, Mr. Gary Hewitt, loves to talk about “performance marketing” and the reasons why law firms need to shift their focus this way. So, what is performance marketing for attorneys? What are results-driven marketing campaigns? And best of all, why have you NOT been paying for these types of advertising programs from day one?

Today, we’re going to answer those questions, as well as some others that deal with results-based advertising. As always, we’d love to earn your business. We know you have lots of options when it comes to who you hire to handle your law firm marketing. There are tons of attorney marketing agencies out there, and while we believe we are the best, it doesn’t mean we are the best for you and your firm. At any time, should you wish to speak to a marketing analyst or one of our digital developers, dial (818) 877-7701. We’re here to help answer any questions you have about law firm marketing.

With that said, let’s dive into the world of Performace Marketing from Mr. Gary Hewitt’s perspective. He’s super old, and he’s been selling advertising since the birth of Rome, so he knows a thing or two.

What is Performance Marketing?

In the old days, pre-2018 this was more commonly called Direct Response Marketing, you’ll remember this type of marketing as “late-night” infomercials or TV spots selling kitchen gadgets. This really goes back before the television to the days when people used to stand on street corners, demonstrate products and sell them directly to you. Perhaps it’s the oldest form of marketing there is.

What set Direct Response Marketing apart was that it is totally measurable, up until the early 2000’s no reputable advertising agency would go near Direct Response because the last thing they wanted to do was to be measured. Companies were more geared to branding and driving customers to their “brick and mortar” locations. This is difficult to measure and can be a billing machine for ad agencies.

Direct Response Marketing on the other hand is totally measurable. When I started in 1985 there was TV, Print and Direct Mail, that was about it. The metrics were quite simple and they remain so today. How much you invest in advertising brings back how many orders or profit per order, let me say that again slightly differently. If you invest $1000 in ads and those ads bring you back $10,000 in revenue of which $5000 is profit, is that good? I hope that you answered yes because it’s very good! In fact, if that scenario was your scenario I think you would invest every dollar that you could beg, borrow or steal to get that type of return on your investment.

Direct Response Marketing did not change when the internet arrived it was just a different medium to use the same principles of ROI that we had been using all along. In fact, google brought in direct response marketers to figure out how to build their PPC platform, I guess you can blame us. While marketing on the internet started catching on fire and new generations of people started coming into it, as with anything, new terms, definitions, confusing rules, and different types of analytics were invented to make what is really quite simple appear to be difficult and magic.

I am sure that your current agency or even your in-house marketer speaks in these tongues. It is the way they were taught and it’s done to hide the only facts that anyone wants to know in business. “How much money am I making from my advertising investments” and what investments are paying off the best?” Do you really care about what goes into the sausage or do you want to see how the sausage is made? Of course, you don’t. What you want is business brought through your door as cheaply as possible. That is Direct Response Marketing and since the newer generations have taken over it has been renamed Performance Marketing.

How Performance Marketing Works for Law Firms

 They didn’t teach marketing in Law School even though they should have. We know from all of our clients and how we got to you that besides running your firm, litigating cases and prospecting for new clients your hands are full, having to constantly monitor your advertising and understanding what the marketers are even talking about can kill a whole day. We dont speak that way to you. We fully concentrate our efforts on providing our clients with prospective clients at the cheapest ROI possible.

Lets me give you an example of how we look at ROI:

Let’s say that your advertising budget for a month is $50,000.00. We will take that budget and spread it across a few advertising platforms such Google Local Service Ads, PPC, Social Media, and traditional media such as TV, Radio, and Outdoor.

Once the budget for each media is assigned we would then set these campaigns up with tracking so that we know where the leads are coming from, the new term is “attribution”. There is cross-over and some noise but since we have been doing this for so long we can usually with relative confidence put the leads to the platform.

Monthly Example:

Platform                             Budget         Leads        Clients        CPA

GLSA                                      12,500          200             20                625

PPC                                          5,000            50               5              1,000

Social Media                             2,500            15               2              1,250

TV                                           12,000           120             12             1,000

Radio                                        5,000             50               3              1,667

Outdoor                                    5,000             25               3               1,667

SEO/Internet                            3,000             50               5                  600

Total                                       $50,000           490             50

The numbers above are for illustration purposes only! We watch the results daily and adjust to where we are getting the biggest bang for the investment. As you can see by the example above going into the next month we might consider either reducing or eliminating the radio and outdoor and increase the GLSA and TV.

The bottom line to the example above is that clients were acquired in this example for $1,000 each, but that is really not true. Why isn’t that 100% accurate? It’s because clients become ambassadors for your firm, they refer in business and they at times need your services again. Our experience is that this happens to 30-50% of all clients. If we take the conservative end of the percentage at 30% that would reduce your original Cost to acquire a client by 30% so in the example above the true cost is only $700. If this example was your actual the next question you would ask would be, “Can I invest double or triple to get results like this?”. This is how we look at your marketing and what performance marketing can mean to your firm.

Benefits of Results Driven Advertising Campaigns 

Do you remember when you first signed up for your current marketing campaign? You had hopes and dreams that you finally found the advertising agency that was going to deliver real quality cases. The sales executive painted a beautiful picture, about SEO and ranking high and getting to the first page of Google. You were “wowed” by reports and graphics and charts. The management team said every right word, and everything you wanted and needed to hear. You gladly signed a giant stack of papers, rushing through the terms and conditions as if you could only hope to reach the end sooner than later so that your phones could start ringing off the hook, just as this new ad agency has promised they would.

You drank the kool-aid. Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us. For too long lawyers have been locked into contracts with SEO companies, digital marketing firms, and advertising agencies based on PROMISES, not results. Think about your own law firm, especially personal injury lawyers. You only get paid IF you get the results your client wants. Period. Shouldn’t your law firm marketing company take that same approach?

We do, and that is why they are so many benefits from results-driven advertising campaigns. It holds everyone accountable to actually produce, rather than just send out fluff reports with phantom organic website rankings. You care about NEW CASES. Even simpler, you care about MAKING MONEY.  You don’t care about the mechanism (so long as it’s legal and moral), you just want the results. You know the old saying “I don’t want the labor pains, I just want the baby”? We understand this, and we do a damn good job of making our clients happy. We’re a “put your money where your mouth is” kind of marketing agency.

Law Firm Marketing Companies   

Mr. Hewitt loves to “talk shop” about performance marketing. If you’re an attorney, and you are tired of flushing your advertising spend down the drain, call us to schedule a free consultation. We understand the true needs of a law firm when it comes to your advertising. You need new cases, quality cases, and you want to be able to track what you spend and most of all, how much money you make. At Big Bang, we make law firm marketing easy. Call us at (818) 877-7701 or click here to fill out one of our contact forms. You can also join us on Fridays for our free lunch and learn sessions. Below are links to some of our courses.