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Ranking organically can increase your businesses clout and credibility. Both go a long way to improve your conversions. It’s not good enough to rank on page one of Google, you need to rank at the TOP of the first page. See how we do what we do below.

Mobile first indexing

Google now uses a mobile first indexing platform, which you can read about here. Essentially, your mobile pages determine your organic rankings. We handle this for you so that you rank number one.

Local & National search

Our programmers and content publishers create amazing architecture. This allows your website to rank locally or nationally depending upon your businesses needs. This increases clicks and conversions.

Custom Quality Content

You need fresh, new content published on a monthly basis. Writing unique content isn’t easy, and too many SEO firms outsource this vital piece of your marketing. We do it all in-house.

Content Architecture & Pages

If your current SEO firm is charging “extra money” for content than they are NOT performing organic SEO. Content is king for organic results. We do not charge extra for quality content and loads of it.

In-House Programmers

We do not outsource our services. This means your content writers, designers, programmers, and developers are in-house. That allows for quick updates, fast results, and quality work.

Flexible & reliable updates

Organic SEO needs constant tweaking and additions. We follow the “market” and watch for trends. This means we are constantly monitoring your results and your competitors placements.

We KNOW how to rank you NUMBER ONE in the organic search results

Your potential clients “trust” Google, as well as other search engines, which is why the choose to search for goods and services online. We know how to rank your business at the top of the search results. How do we do this? Very simple, with good old fashioned hard work.

In a nut shell, search engines are essentially online catalogs. Or better yet, they are information storage systems. Your organic results have a plethora of variables that determine your rankings. However, above all else, quality content that is informative and relevant has proven year after year to be the king of the jungle when it comes to organic results. We have in-house writers, programmers, and developers who work to out publish and out perform your competitors.


75% of searches are mobile

We not only rank you organically on a traditional searches, but more importantly on mobile. 

structured data 

We program and code your pages for structured data and schema so that they rank on mobile devices. 

mobile calls to action

We not only program content but we also optimize the mobile page with calls to action for conversions.

Click to Call 

We develop mobile pages so that your potential client can click on multiple contact options.

Talk to Search programming 

So many people choose to “talk” to their phone instead of typing. We code so that you rank for these inquires. 


“We get so much organic traffic that we were able to lower our paid ad spend. We honestly rank, number one, in EVERY city from Santa Barbara to Orange County for DUI. It’s insane, after trying every other SEO firm this company has proven their weight in gold for our law practice.” 

DUI Defender Program 

Get Organic Leads on Mobile 

“I never thought I could crack the first page. I am now ranking number one for my main keywords. The rankings are great, but for me, the big difference is that my phone is now ringing. Every day I look at my website and I see something new, a blog post, some content, a video, you can tell that they are constantly touching my site.”

Marc Kohnen – Criminal Defense Attorney


Paid Search Training

Would you like to learn more about how Google AdWords or Paid Search works? We offer free web training courses each month, call us and sign up.

Organic SEO Courses

Our Los Angeles Office offers live and web based SEO courses. If you would like to learn more about content and organic SEO, call to sign up for free.

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