Google’s Mobile First Indexing

It has, BEGUN. Okay, now that we got our 1995 Mortal Kombat throw back out of the way, YES it truly has begun. Everyone with a website has known for the last half decade that you had to have a mobile precense. Whether you achieved that through a mobile site or responsive design, the choice was yours, or your web developers.

Essentially, you got “brownie points” in the eyes of the search engines IF your site was “mobile friendly” BUT your rankings were still determined from a “crawl” standpoint based upon your desktop site. We know that is a lot to take in, so let’s break it down even simpler. 

In March of 2019 Google changed their search console interface, and for good reason. Google now uses a Mobile First Indexing Platform. This means, more than ever, that structured data, schema, and other mobile elements need extreme care because your MOBILE pages are NOW being crawled and indexed, thus determining your organic rankings. 

We program, code, and develop content based upon these new updates. Talk about keeping up with the times. 


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The search console change was a big thing i the world of organic SEO programming. We were prepared, and so were our clients. If you want to rank above your competitors, get quality traffic and phone calls, you need to adapt to the times. Call us today and speak directly with one of our in-house certified professionals. 

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Essentially, your content and images sit on a cloud, and are delivered to a page upon a visitor accessing it. This helps speed up your site and subsequently, boosts your organic rankings. 

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We can act as a network IT department for your business. From hosting your site and emails to data back ups and VOIP phones, we have you covered.

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If your rankings drop, so does your business visibility. Mobile First Indexing is just one of tons of changes that happen yearly. We stay ahead of the curve to your business thrives online. 

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