Mobile First Indexing for Attorneys

To gloat, by definition, is to dwell on one’s own success. Essentially, it means to shout out from the mountain tops that one was right and the rest of the world should shower them with cookies, cakes, balloons, and praise. While we are not “gloating”, we are however jumping up and down like children screaming “we told you so”. So, I guess in essence, we are somewhat gloating. For nearly a year now we’ve told potential clients to prepare for Google’s big switch up. Mobile First Indexing for Attorneys isn’t an easy change, yet for our clients, we’ve prepared well in advance. Why is this such a dramatic directional move by the search engine giant? Well, it’s very simple. Your rankings, and subsequently your leads, are now dictated 100% by your mobile pages and the back end program of those pages.

See, for a very long time now (like 5 years which is an eternity in the technology realm) everyone has known that your website required a mobile-friendly presence. Here is a very simplistic analogy. An algorithm is just a mathematical equation. Say for example, and no one knows the true nature of this, Google’s algorithm has one hundred variables. One might be does “the site have an SSL”, another may be “do the pages have tag structure with a focus keyword”. Well, for a while now, one of those variables was “does the website have a mobile viewport tag” or is the site “mobile friendly”. If your site “checked off” these variables, you ranked better.

Now, with Google’s Mobile First Indexing, that analogy above has been THROWN out of the window. See, it is no longer about getting a “gold star” for checking off your sites mobile presence. Your rankings are now dictated by your sites mobile pages, and the backend programming behind said pages.

Why Mobile First Indexing for Attorneys is Different

If you are continuing to read through this post, chances are you’re wanting more information. Great, we have a lot more to discuss. If at any time, while reading above, you said to yourself “duh I know how important mobile is, none of this is new news” than you missed the mark on what Mobile First Indexing actually means. See, before it was like getting “brownie points” IF your site was mobile friendly. Now, however, your site is being crawled and indexed based ONLY upon the data behind your mobile pages. This is why this is such a drastic change.

See, on a desktop, you have a lot more design freedom. You can add video, photos and images, and cool fonts that move and slide. A quality SEO Developer will use alt-tags, they will add SEO description content behind images, they will add links, okay you know this. However, what you DON’T KNOW is that too often this data, or these elements, get removed on your sites mobile pages. Now, because of Mobile First Indexing, that can tank your rankings.

How to get Attorney Leads from SEO 

At the end of the day, what separates Big Bang Marketing from the rest of our competitors is that we deliver leads. If you want to know how to get attorney leads from SEO, pick up the phone and call one of our offices. That, in our opinion, is the ONLY reason why a law firm should pay for marketing. See, other marketing firms TELL you that SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Social Media, and Video are the BEST ways to get new business. Unfortunately, when you do NOT get new cases, these SAME firms DEMAND that you PAY THEM for SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Social Media, and Video.

We do NOT do that. It’s wrong. It is a “bait and switch” in our opinion. We utilize those marketing tactics are a way to generate NEW leads, calls and inquiries that CONVERT to new clients. It is TIME to turn the tables of SEO companies. We urge all potential clients to STOP paying for SEO and to START paying for lead generation. If you make money, you will always reinvest with your marketing agency. If you don’t, you won’t throw good money after bad money. Call Big Bang Marketing today. Launch Something. That’s our motto. Make today the day you finally force your marketing to actually yield a financial return.