Marketing Your Law Firm Without SEO

Look, if you visit our website enough than you know we’re big with attorneys. Over 85% of our pipeline is focused on marketing and managing ad campaigns for lawyers. If you have half a brain, and you follow the SEO world than you ALSO know that this past Summer was a rollercoaster ride regarding the organic SEO rankings. In July and August Google released multiple updates. Then, just a few days ago at the end of September, Google launched a broad core algorithm update. So today we’re going to address the elephant in the room, marketing your law firm without SEO.

Are you shocked, are you confused? If you’re wondering how a search engine optimization firm could come out and list ways to market your law firm without SEO let us explain. We’re NOT an SEO firm, we are a Marketing and Lead Generation Agency. Now, we’re a Google partner firm (which really doesn’t mean anything more than we manage enough AdWords to get a little badge to put on our website) so you know we love Google and we believe in paid search. However, like most marketing agencies out there, we are screaming “we told you so” to our clients and to new potential clients. Google doesn’t make changes to trip up your website, but never the less, changes seem to cause lots of websites to tank in the SERPs. So, what are we trying to say here? Point blank, SEO is a DEAD STICK and you NEED to think BIGGER when it comes to marketing your law firm.

Okay, now that we have your attention, what do you do to get new leads? How do you grow your law firm and generate new cases knowing that SEO is becoming less and less effective? In this article we are going to address the top 10 things you can do to get new law firm leads outside of general organic SEO.

The Top 10 Ways to get Law Firm Leads Without SEO 

If you’re thinking that paid search is number one, it’s not. So instead of jumping to conclusions, we suggest you grab a pen and paper and take some notes. We’re about to unveil to you how we believe you can survive marketing your law firm without SEO. In fact, we use these same tactics for our clients. Now, these our opinions. It’s not like we have a crystal ball and we do not have some magic formula. These tactics come from knowledge and experience, something we’ve earned from being in this space for over 12 years. In addition, we work primarily with law firms, so this article is strictly built for attorneys looking to get new leads.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 ways to get law firm leads without SEO.

Video Marketing 

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is priceless. Why are videos so effective? Simple, people are “goldfish” television junkies. You know it, we know it, don’t try and deny it. The attention span of a potential client is now within comparison to an elementary school student. When you want your kids to focus you show them colorful cartoons that make them laugh. Short, quick, and repetitive images that flash before their eyes. Guess what, your clients need the same spoon-feeding.

Social Media 

Yes, we know you know that social media is important. However, what you may not know are the best ways to use social media. Posting nonsense doesn’t help. However, retargeting does. People who land on your feeds and then go elsewhere can be re-marketed too, and by flashing your info, again and again, you can get them back to your site. In addition, some paid ads actually convert very well on social feeds. That is, if you know what you’re doing. You can get more bang for your buck when it comes to cost per click with social ads than other paid sources

Google AdWords 

What, don’t roll your eyes. We were not about to leave this one off the list. Look, regardless of your past experiences with Google AdWords and paid search marketing, it does kick butt. The biggest problem with paid search is simply not understanding the analytics and mechanics behind the campaigns. Taking your credit card and running it for what you believe to be the “best keywords” is the same as taking a wad of cash and throwing it into a day trading account. The results are going to be disastrous, and you’d be better off going to Vegas and laying it all on red for one spin. However, IF you can find a solid paid search agency (hint-hint wink-wink) you can turn those dollars into clients quickly.

Legal Directories and Attorney Profiles 

AVVO, FindLaw, Justia, and even Martindale Hubbell (which now owns AVVO) are great ways to get leads. While these agencies may not be the best at optimizing your website, were here to tell you once again that SEO is a lost cause. These legal directories tend to rank high in the SERPs so if a potential client clicks on the link they may see lots of potential lawyers they can call. While that may sound silly to you, like why would you want to stand in a crowd of other attorneys, the answer is pretty simple. They may call you. So take it for what it’s worth. These are another good way of generating leads. Especially for business to business attorneys like real state law and estate planning attorneys.

Direct Mailers 

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You cannot deny the fact that mailers work. They are true, tried, and tested. In addition, with today’s technology and “at home design software” the cost of printing amazing flyers has drastically dropped. Don’t forget about the power of old school print marketing. We’ve seen lots of our personal injury attorney clients gobble up leads just from sending out a simple double-sided mailer.

Giving Back to the Community

First, it’s always good to help your community if you can. You’re an attorney, people look at you as rich, successful, full of crap, yes we said it. So, how do you turn that around? Easy, get involved with charities and local community events. Donate some money, shake some hands, kiss some babies, and dress to impress. Remember, you’re like a politician and your image is everything. So let the community know you care. Besides, it’s a tax right off remember?

Reputation Management

In addition to giving back to the community you also can make headway with managing your reputation. You can do this through your social profiles, your website, and by writing blogs about things going on within your field of law. People look to the web for information, the better you look online, the more a potential client will trust in you as their attorney.

Attorney Reviews 

Tied to reputation management are attorney reviews. You want to get a lot of reviews. Your Google My Business Profile, AVVO profile, and other places allow for clients to leave you reviews. Lest we not forget Yelp, which most people turn to now for everything from food to fining our information about a potential lawyer. So keep your nose clean, and if you cannot, hire an agency who knows how to make you shine like a diamond online (again yes that’s us subliminally telling you to whip out your wallet and to hire us)

Public Speaking and Conventions

You are an attorney, a doctor of law, an upstanding and educated individual. Your opinion matters, and what you believe carries weight within the community. Getting out to conventions and events, and actually donating your time to speak, helps put a spotlight on you and your law firm. In addition, these types of events allow you to mingle and meet with other attorneys. This is something called “N-E-T-W-O-R-K-I-N-G”. Okay, sorry, yes we are joking. However, too many attorneys have forgotten how to hunt. Lawyers got lazy over the last decade. Networking is a great way to get new business.

Say you’re a personal injury attorney. You may get referrals from general counsel lawyers. Perhaps you do criminal defense and a powerful business attorney has a client who commits a crime, wouldn’t you like to get a nice big fat white-collar client retainer? The point is this, public speaking and attending conventions allow you great opportunities to network.

Television Commercials 

Regardless of what anyone else has told you, there’s this new thing called “TV” and it’s taking America by storm. People actually sit down on their couch and stare at these large rectangles they hang on their walls. If you’re reading this post and you want to crawl through your computer and strangle me, you should go slap yourself in the face first. Television is STILL KING when it comes to marketing. Think of all the jingles and commercial images that pop into your mind when you want to buy something or need something.

Most attorneys are under the impression that television marketing is simply out of the budget. Guess what, you are wrong. First and foremost, when it comes to marketing, it’s not what you make but what you keep. You can’t sell bread without investing in the cost of farming. So don’t go cheap on your seeds. Second, there are LOTS of different ways to market on television without breaking your bank. We believe we’ve got a great media buying team here, so why not give us a chance to wow you.

Attorney Marketing Without Search Engine Optimization 

It’s time for you to roll the dice on attorney marketing without search engine optimization. Now, you don’t need to fully jump ship on SEO. Having a functioning website and getting it to rank still has value. However, SEO alone isn’t going to grow your law firm. You need to look into additional ways of generating leads, you need to think outside the box and not be afraid to try new forms of marketing. In this article, we touched on marketing your law firm without SEO. We also identified what we believe are the top 10 ways to get law firm leads without SEO. If you have questions about any of our services, give us a call. We’ve helped attorneys coast to coast get more leads and grow their practices.