Marketing Tips For Attorney Lead Generation

Ten years ago, any attorney worth their weight, knew that they had to invest in online marketing. Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search were still in their infancy, and there was money to be made for lawyers who could lock on to clients looking for legal help online. However, times have changed. In this article we’re going to dive into 2019 and 2020 marketing tips for attorney lead generation.

Over the last decade we’ve witnessed an  explosion of new online features. In our opinion, 2009 gave  birth to the new age of digital marketing. However, just like the computer I am typing on or the phone in your pocket, tech becomes outdated before you leave the store. Let’s be real, SEO just isn’t what it used to be. Sadly, if you’re paying an SEO firm currently and you are not getting new clients calls, it’s time to jump ship.

The Future of Digital Marketing for Attorneys 

If you’re hoping we’ve got some SEO secret up our sleeve, sadly we don’t. The future of Digital Marketing for Attorneys might mean dropping a lot of your digital budget. We’re seeing a big increase in new client inquires from good old traditional platforms like television and print. Click the link in the section above, it will take you to a nice article published by Search Engine Journal. It clearly shows a DRASTIC drop in organic growth on Google.

We too have witnessed a lot of fluctuations with organic rankings and traffic. Like any quality legal marketing agency, we watch websites that our competitors manage. To say that there’s been “ups and downs” over the past six months with organic results is an understatement. Even paid search and Google My Business has been funky. It appears that attorneys MUST begin to seek additional marketing avenues.

What can Attorneys do in addition to SEO and Paid Search? 

At Big Bang we believe that any law firm marketing campaign MUST include multiple marketing vehicles. What do we mean by marketing vehicles? Simple, platforms or avenues to advertise your law firm. Since 2009 so much money has moved away from print, radio, and television. Most of that money was shifted to digital platforms like SEO and paid search (pay per click). Well, it worked. That is, until now.

Search Engine Journal is one of our favorite SEO News Agencies, and we love them. However, the buzz about the changes to the digital space are echoing all over the web. Search Engine Land launched a nice piece taking aim at all of the supposed Algorithm Updates thrown out by Google just in the month of July alone. So with this change, where do attorneys turn to for quality leads?

Television Commercial Marketing for Attorneys 

One GREAT way to get new clients is to buy television airtime. Yes, we know it sounds expensive. Yes, it CAN be expensive IF you don’t have a good game plan and a GREAT media buyer. Fortunately for our clients, we have both. We like to use local cable, and even some closed circuit outlets like gyms and bars, to help our clients generate leads from television.

Print and Direct Mail Marketing 

Another great tool, especially for Personal Injury Attorneys and Employment Law Lawyers, is print advertising. Sending out old school mailers, with a nice print design and quick snippets of info about your law firm, can really boost calls. We’ve recently worked on some auto accident and DUI campaigns and were pretty satisfied with the results.

Podcasts & YouTube Marketing 

This is something you can all by yourself, for free, with your phone. Yes, if you want to get fancy you can always hire a film crew. Yet, you don’t need to and podcasts posted on your website can really help with your rankings and client inquires.

First, you can tie them to YouTube to get a quick boost organically. Second, if you keep them short, you can post to Google My Business. Have fun and just tackle common questions you get from potential clients.

Is Attorney SEO Marketing Dead? 

Is Attorney SEO Marketing truly dead, yes and no. Yes, it’s DEAD if you compare it to how it once was in 2009. No, it’s very much alive if you tackle it from a 2020 mindset. The point we are trying to make here isn’t that you need to abandon search engine optimization. We’re not trying to scare you into ditching an Attorney SEO Marketing Campaign. We are however telling you NOT to put all your eggs in one basket.

Signing up with an SEO company and locking yourself into a long term contract, or spending thousands of dollars on “rankings and placements” won’t do your law firm marketing campaign any justice. Instead, focus on the full scope of your marketing needs. Remember, you have much more of an audience than the one found online. You need your website, organic SEO, paid search, radio, television, and print to all work together.

Hiring a full service Attorney Marketing Agency 

If you really want to tackle your law firm marketing the right way, consider hiring a professional company. Hiring a full service Attorney Marketing Agency will take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. If you’re a practicing attorney, trying to manage your own marketing isn’t effective. An attorney who represents themselves has a fool for a client. You know this.

If you want your law firm marketing campaign to hit on all cylinders you need bad ass, high quality content. Amazing website and landing pages designs. Daily social media posts, off-page blogs and articles, managing an AdWords campaign, all of this can be overwhelming. We haven’t even mentioned traditional marketing responsibilities like producing commercials or buying airtime.

Big Bang Marketing and Attorney Lead Generation 

We’re here to help you. Simply give us a call. You can also sign up for one of our organic or paid search courses for free. Times have changed and it’s time for your law firm marketing to evolve. Big Bang Marketing ROCKS when it comes to managing marketing campaigns for law firms. Find out what we can do for you today.