Estate Planning Attorney Marketing

Finally Attract the Types of Quality Cases You Want

If you’re ready to finally make more money than you spend on your law firm marketing campaigns, read below. We are the geeks that get your law firm quality case leads each month.

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Estate Planning Attorney Marketing

Finally Attract the Types of Cases You Want

If you’re ready to finally make more money than you spend on your law firm marketing campaigns, read below. We are the geeks that get your law firm quality case leads each month.

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Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer Advertising 

Big Bang Marketing has been successfully helping Estate Planning, Estate Litigation, Trust Administration, Trust Litigation, Probate Administration and Litigation and Elder Abuse firms become the trusted “go to” firms in their respective markets. Estate Planning and Probate Administration firms need specialized attention as you need experts that understand and know how to tap into the different markets that each type of law you practice demands. We have been helping firms such as yours for the past 12 years tap into these markets, bringing valued long-term clients on the Estate side and probate side of your practice. With the emergence of elder Abuse locally and nationally we have also honed our targeted marketing skills to be able to provide marketing the gets to potential clients and makes them pick up the phone and call.

Because we have been helping Estate Planning and Probate firms for so many years we have the necessary experience to attract clients from both sides of the legal spectrum. We can help your firm attract clients that want to set up estate planning and clients that need to litigate Trusts and Estates. We are equally adept at making the phone ring with potential clients for probate administration and litigation.

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Growing Your Practice and Your Client Portfolio 

When we take on a new client, the first thing we do is get to know them, which means we ask questions about who they are, how they want to be known as and what are their aspirations for the firm. These answers help us along with our client determine the best path forward to increasing the firm’s Client portfolio. We realize that firms rely on many different avenues to bring in business and that growth can create problems of its own, that is why we are in constant communication with our partner firms so that growth is managed and firm integrity is never compromised. Your reputation and ability to serve your clients are always our utmost concern.

Identifying Your True Market and Target Audience

Big Bang Marketing has been helping Estate Planning and Probate firms for years increase their client portfolio, we understand where we need to market to attract the type of clients that our firms are looking for. We are at the forefront of innovative targeted marketing techniques that the digital age has provided. We test anything that is new and can immediately roll it out for our clients with confidence because of our internal testing. The granularity of our ability to target market is unsurpassed in the industry. Our geo-targeting and geo-fencing capabilities make our ability to have the type of clients that you want to see your marketing efforts with clarity and consistency. This ability brings in the type of clients that help your firm grow.

Most marketing is “shotgun” and that has its place and can be effective if combined with our targeted marketing approach. Just think of it this way if your current efforts are bringing you potential clients that you can’t help those are investment dollars wasted.

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Video and Testimonials Speak a Thousand Words

Today potential clients have a myriad of ways to decide who they choose to engage. Your most successful way of attracting and gaining new clients is face to face. When the potential client gets to know you and your firm the likelihood of signing them rising exponentially. One of the main reasons is that you establish trust, compassion, and experience when you meet with potential and current clients. This is something that is almost impossible to do with just static pictures and the written word.

We help our clients create videos for both their websites and other video media channels that can and do establish trust, show your compassion and knowledge to potential clients. By incorporating video into your marketing efforts, the potential client calls already feeling that they have made the right decision.

We also urge our clients to have their clients give video testimonials. This is some of the most powerful marketing that a firm has at its disposal. Real people telling of their experiences with your firm say immediately put a prospective client in their shoes and can really speak to them in ways that you cannot.

So, the use of video is one of the keys to helping our clients get the quality and quantity of clients that they need


Why Use Big Bang for Your Estate Planning Advertising Needs?

There are lots of reasons why you may want to consider utilizing our agency to manage your law firm marketing needs. There also may be reasons why you should work with another firm. We don’t believe we are the best law firm marketing company for every attorney, we believe we are the best law firm advertising agency for law firms that fit our model.

We are built based upon one main goal, making our law firm clients money. Whether we focus on digital marketing, traditional advertising, or a blend of both, our campaigns are created to drive our client’s case leads. Check below to see some of the reasons why we believe we stand out from the other law firm marketing companies out there.

Number One: No Contracts – Month to Month Engagement

We know attorneys won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Our goal is to make you money, and if we succeed, you will stay with us for life. That’s why we don’t lock our clients into contracts. Work with us because you WANT to, not because you have to. 

Number Two: We Set up Campaigns Prior to Charing you a Penny

It’s important to do our homework upfront. We need to make sure we can tackle your competition. That’s why we design a strategy we believe in, and build your campaign, prior to signing you or charging you.

Number Three: Non-Compete Clauses

We want to crush your competition, not work with them and help them. We provide our clients with a non-compete clause.

Number Four: Client Owns the Website and Campaigns

Your website and campaigns are your intellectual property. You own everything. As it should be. 

Number Five: Full-Service Ad Agency – We Handle Digital and Traditional Marketing

Big Bang is not an SEO firm. We are a full-service law firm marketing agency. We handle TV, radio, print, as well as digital. Our goal is to make you money and build your brand through blended campaigns that carry continuity across all your marketing media. That’s how you get your law firm’s message across correctly. 

Number Six: ROI Based Campaigns

Money talks and “BS” walks. Our agency doesn’t shove “fluffy” reports down your throat. It’s about making you money, period. 

Number Seven: Weekly Lead Funnel & Case Intake Reviews

We track everything. Each week we work with your law firm to track calls, conversions, and how many new cases were retained. 

Law Firm Marketing Agency Awards
Law Firm Marketing Agency Awards
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Developing a Campaign and Calculating an Ad Spend

You cannot rush a campaign. No marketing agencies, whether traditional or digital, can create more accident cases each month. We don’t work for the MOB, no advertising agency (to the best of our knowledge) is staging auto accidents for law firms. So, if you want to obtain more quality cases each month, you have to TAKE THEM AWAY from your competitors who are currently landing them.

Your direct competitors give us a blueprint, or better, a “cheat sheet” that we can utilize to game plan against them. Our team of SEO publishers, content writers, traditional media buyers, and paid digital ad specialists all work together. We develop a strategic plan, build fool-proof campaigns, and attack your competition. All in an effort to drive YOUR law firm the types of cases you want.

This takes time, and we do not charge you a penny until we know we have the campaign set and ready to win.

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing
Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

Conversion Optimization from a Digital and Traditional Standpoint

At Big Bang, we care about your ROI. Period. We understand that you won’t want to pay us unless you’re making money. The whole foundation of our agency is built upon one principle. If we make you A LOT of money, you don’t mind paying us our fair share.

In order to turn an inquiry into a new case, you need to convert the lead. This is a 2-step process. The first step in on us, we need to develop and design landing pages, TV ads, radio jingles, and social campaigns that are enticing enough to convince a potential client to contact or call you. The second step is on you, your law firm needs to QUICKLY answer that call or contact form and then sell yourself to the client. We help you with both steps.

Our team of trained law firm marketing executives work with you, your firm, and especially your front desk who will be interfacing with the potential clients at the start, to build an effective answering system. We also provide weekly lead funnel conference calls and case intake reviews.

Directories, Referrals, and Community Involvement – Grow Your Firm’s Brand

Estate Planning clients are discerning, they do their research and they come to our clients educated as to what they think they need.  All of this helps us identify and target those types of clients. Estate Planning clients look at choosing a firm the same way that they may look at their investment firm and in some cases that is your competition. There is not a rush to make a decision and careful consideration is given to the choice of your type of practice. We understand this and we have tapped into this thinking and research and steer these types of clients to the firms we help market.

Big Bang as we previously discussed will help focus your “brand” so that in seconds it lets potential clients know that they have come to the right place for their futures and family future.

The Steps to Launching an Effective Law Firm Marketing Campaign

At Big Bang, we never take shortcuts. Our job is to help law firms make money. Any solid campaign must start out with a well-built foundation. Take a look below at our five-step approach to launching an aggressive and profitable law firm marketing campaign.

Flight School: This is where we take time to get to know you, your firm, and most of all, the types of client cases you actually want. We take a look back at your firm’s case intake volume for the past 24 months. We talk about marketing campaigns you’ve tried before, ads that worked, ads that didn’t work, and we build information that will be vital to developing a successful new campaign.

Pre-Launch: This is where our team of marketing gurus go to work. We analyze your competition, from a digital and traditional standpoint, to figure out what your competitors do well as well as look for weaknesses to exploit. Our team looks for ways to drive your firm the types of cases you desire, and how to increase your firm’s ROI.

Boarding: At this point, we’ve completed our analysis and we have a game plan in place that we believe will drive you the cases you want. This is when we discuss ad budgets, how much we believe you need to invest into your campaigns, as well as commissions owed to us.

Take Off: We are now ready to launch your law firm marketing campaign. We have built your campaigns and we are ready to meet your direct competitors on the legal marketing battlefield.

Flight Path: You are assigned a full team at Big Bang. Weekly, your law firm will meet with your representatives from our Paid Ads Team, Traditional Marketing & Media Team, Social Team, Organic SEO & Content Team, as well as with your Account Executive. One cool thing that our law firm clients love is our Weekly Lead Funnel and Case Intake Meeting. We track each call, website conversion, and we compare it to the intakes you schedule. This keeps your ROI transparent and lets you know, penny for penny, what’s working and not working.

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Growing Your Estate Planning & Probate Law Firm with Big Bang Marketing 

Our marketing core is Direct Response Marketing, which means that everything we do for you is solely focused on your success. We view this as creating market-wide brand awareness and getting your phones to ring at an ROI that is scalable and duplicatable as you expand. We take every step of the process as a test and when that test proves out we expand on that test and continue to test against the control to further improve your ROI. Helping you grow and dominate your market.

Additional Law Firm Marketing Resources

Click on the links below to learn more about ways you can improve your law firm advertising campaigns. Remember, if you ever want to talk shop or brainstorm ideas, give us a call. We are ready, willing, and able to help you grow your legal practice. Big Bang has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Scottsdale, Dallas, and Miami Beach.

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