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We Understand the Complexities of Employment Law Advertising

If you’re ready to finally make more money than you spend on your employment law marketing campaigns, read below. We are the geeks that get your employment law firm quality case leads each month. B2B as well as B2C employment law practices.

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Employment Law Attorney Marketing

Finally Attract the Types of Cases You Want

If you’re ready to finally make more money than you spend on your employment law marketing campaigns, read below. We are the geeks that get your law firm quality case leads each month.

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Employment Law Marketing

Big Bang Marketing has been leading the way in both digital and Traditional marketing and Branding for Employment Law firms nationwide for over 12 years. We have been at the forefront of Marketing for Employment Firms as the cases of this type of law have grown exponentially. This exponential growth has also caused tremendous growth of competition within this area of law. We have been instrumental in helping navigate our Employment Law firms through the increasingly crowded waters of the field to continually expand and be the market leaders in their respective Areas of dominant Influence. Employment Law by its nature is a much more segmented category of law and related areas of law and the potential client is more apt to research Firms for what they consider to be their best fit.

Over the years as this area of Law has become more complicated and the areas of expertise have become narrower and deeper, we have taken advantage of this and have increased our client’s potential client pool and business.

Understanding B2B versus B2C Marketing for Employment Law Attorneys

Big Bang helps our Employment Law Clients market directly to consumers that need employment law services and to companies that need the protection and understanding of today’s complex local, state, and federal regulations concerning employment. These markets are totally different and cannot be bundled into one campaign. Each campaign must stand on its own and speak to the prospective clients differently.

Our unique approaches to marketing in these two areas sets us apart as they utilize different marketing platforms and techniques to drive potential clients to call. Each campaign will stand on its own and will have its own set of ROI goals and benchmarks.

Big Bang is a full-service Direct Response Marketing Agency that has the depth and experience in all medias and digital platforms to leave no stone unturned in our singular focus to drive business to pick up the phone and call your firm.

 Employment Law Attorneys
Employment Law Attorney Marketing

Focusing on the Types of Employment Law Cases You Really Want

We are Google Partners and we are certified Google experts.  We have clients nationwide and this allows us to constantly test various campaigns, this gives our clients a head start as our campaigns are tested and market-ready. Because of our marketing clout, we know what the next new advertising and marketing service that google is going to employ. We were one of the first agencies in the country to be alerted to Google Local Service Ads and we helped our clients jump on this platform, this produced amazing results and is still a cornerstone of marketing to Prospective Clients both individuals and Companies.

Our analytics, insights into your markets and tested campaigns will allow you the luxury of being able to fill your calendars with the clients that will bring the Firm the most amount of revenue.

Thinking Outside the Digital Box

The end-user of Employment law firms is a person that has done some homework. The prospective client has done some research and they are more knowledgeable about whom they are choosing when the need arises. This means that we help focus your site to exuding confidence, knowledge, and strength so that the potential client knows they are making the right decision when they pick up the phone. We help direct their research efforts to you through the various directories, social proof, and awards that you may have received over the years. We also help you put together a testimonial reel for your site and social media so that prospective clients can easily put themselves into those people’s shoes and feel more comfortable in their decision.

Employment law is segmented and complex, that is why we will help you focus where you want to be in terms of the cases you want to calendar:

We Target:

Age Discrimination

Breach of Contract

Disability Discrimination

Family and Medical Leave

Gender Discrimination

Hostile Work Environment

LGBTQ Discrimination


Pregnancy Discrimination

Race and Color Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Employer Retaliation

Sexual Harassment

Wage and Overtime Abuse


Wrongful Termination

If You Are Looking to Bring on Companies as Clients we Target:

EEOC Complaints

Local Civil Rights Offices

State Human Rights Regulations and Complaints

State Labor Departments

Handbook analysis

Defense of Labor complaints

Law Firm Marketing Agency Awards
Law Firm Marketing Agency Awards
Google Reviews for Google Screened for Attorneys

Don’t Look at Your Law Firm Marketing Spend as a Cost – You are INVESTING in YOUR Law Firm – Think ROI…

You won’t hear us mention spending on marketing, because it is really investing in yourselves. When you invest you have done some homework and are relatively confident in your decision. Choosing a marketing firm should be no different. Consider this choice an investment. Every marketing dollar should have an ROI attached to it to make sure that it is performing, that is how we look at your investment dollars.

The biggest investment that you ever made was in your education and yourself, marketing is just an extension of that.l Make sure that you trust your marketing firm and that they are responsive to your needs and that you get accurate and real-time data. Our clients get this and much more. If you would like to have us do a competitive analysis for you of your market and hear our insight to your market and your site, give us a call and schedule one today.

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

The Steps to Launching an Effective Law Firm Marketing Campaign

At Big Bang, we never take shortcuts. Our job is to help law firms make money. Any solid campaign must start out with a well-built foundation. Take a look below at our five-step approach to launching an aggressive and profitable personal injury marketing campaign.

Flight School: This is where we take time to get to know you, your firm, and most of all, the types of cases you actually want. We take a look back at your firm’s case intake volume for the past 24 months. We talk about marketing campaigns you’ve tried before, ads that worked, ads that didn’t work, and we build information that will be vital to developing a successful new campaign.

Pre-Launch: This is where our team of marketing gurus go to work. We analyze your competition, from a digital and traditional standpoint, to figure out what your competitors do well as well as look for weaknesses to exploit. Our team looks for ways to drive your firm the types of cases you desire, and how to increase your firm’s ROI.

Boarding: At this point, we’ve completed our analysis and we have a game plan in place that we believe will drive you the cases you want. This is when we discuss ad budgets, how much we believe you need to invest into your campaigns, as well as commissions owed to us.

Take Off: We are now ready to launch your lead generation and attorney marketing campaigns. We have built your campaigns and we are ready to meet your direct competitors on the legal marketing battlefield.

Flight Path: You are assigned a full team at Big Bang. Weekly, your law firm will meet with your representatives from our Paid Ads Team, Traditional Marketing & Media Team, Social Team, Organic SEO & Content Team, as well as with your Account Executive. One cool thing that our law firm clients love is our Weekly Lead Funnel and Case Intake Meeting. We track each call, website conversion, and we compare it to the intakes you schedule. This keeps your ROI transparent and lets you know, penny for penny, what’s working and not working.

Employment Law Attorney Marketing

Employment Law Attorney Advertising the Big Bang Marketing Way

If you’re tired of watching your advertising budget go up in smoke, try something different. Let us show you how shifting your mentality towards an ROI-focused campaign can make all the difference. We know what it takes to win at Business to Consumer, as well as Business to Business, employment law attorney marketing. Come learn more about law firm advertising the Big Bang Marketing way.

Additional Law Firm Marketing Resources

Click on the links below to learn more about ways you can improve your law firm advertising campaigns. Remember, if you ever want to talk shop or brainstorm ideas, give us a call. We are ready, willing, and able to help you grow your legal practice. Big Bang has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Scottsdale, Dallas, and Miami Beach.

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