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Attorney Marketing Woodland Hills

If you’re dying on a vine because your law firm cannot seem to attract new clients, you are not alone. This is something we hear all the time. Woodland Hills is now a major city. Gone are the days where moving up and down Ventura Boulevard is considered a leisure activity. From Warner Center, and from Calabasas to Encino, Woodland Hills has become a metropolitan area. This is good for some businesses and bad for others. Attorney Marketing Woodland Hills agencies might be able to help though. We can drive your law firm quality phone calls.

How do we do this? Well, for starters, we understand how to use organic and paid search campaigns to generate real client calls. When someone gets a DUI or is injured in a car crash, they may turn to Google for assistance locating a lawyer. Someone seeking legal help may see an add on television, or hear a radio broadcast mentioning a certain attorney nearby. Even social media platforms can help, if properly utilized, to attract new clients to your law firm. The point is that Big Bang Marketing handles everything for law firms. Attorney marketing in Woodland Hills is one of our primary focus areas.

How to get generate new law firm leads in Woodland Hills, CA

We believe that the more information you provide, the better your organic results. In turn, the higher you rank organically, the more opportunity you have for your law firms website to get clicked on. If the website is designed nicely and has easy to access contact info, it can help with client conversions. Running paid ads and making sure all of your local citations are done correctly can add two more positions for you on the first page of Google. Making sure you still hit traditional marketing outlets, like television and radio, will act like cake icing.

We understand that everything above seems super expensive. It is, and any marketing agency who comes out you with a budget under $3,000.00 a month for real quality law firm marketing should be laughed at. See, SEO firms want to charge you money for performing services. Big Bang Marketing knows that you are investing your marketing capital into a vehicle, a delivery system if you allow, to drive new paying clients to your law firm. We tackle every element of your marketing and ask you to spend enough money so we can get the job done correctly.



Getting DUI law firm leads in competitive markets

Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and even Divorce inquires can be expensive. There’s a lot of highly competitive, top dollar keywords that can help bring real phone calls to your practice. One of the hardest client inquiries to target are those related to driving under the influence. Getting DUI law firms leads in competitive markets is tough. Big Bang, however, has a solution. Our attorney marketing platforms are designed to dominate, even in the most competitive markets. Our content campaigns are aggressive and extensive. Our paid search campaigns are built to turn out quality calls and to effectively manage your spend. So your not just funding bogus clicks and calls. It’s about actually benefiting from your marketing campaign.

This is what makes Big Bang Marketing so different. We understand that you need to financially benefit from your marketing, in order to have any “real” benefit at all. If you’re ready to take on Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and The San Fernando Valley than pick up the phone and call our Woodland Hills Law Firm Marketing Branch today.

Attorney Marketing Woodland Hills


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