Content Marketing for Attorneys

Content Marketing for Attorneys It seems like an easy concept to understand and explain, right? Content marketing. Hmm… what is content marketing? Content Marketing is a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and...

Marketing Your Personal Injury Law Firm and Building Your Brand

Marketing Your Personal Injury Law Firm and Building Your Brand At Big Bang, we LOVE working with lawyers. For over 12 years we've been providing lead generation and marketing services to law firms coast to coast. When it comes to selecting an advertising agency for...

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers Welcome back to our monthly blog and law firm marketing updates. If you've been following us on Social Media, then you already know we've rolled out our daily tips for attorneys. We begin each week...

Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips

Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips It's June. To say that 2020 has been a rough year is a major understatement. Nearly halfway through the calendar year, we've witnessed tragedies, injustice, a global pandemic, and now rioting in our streets. As business owners...

Using Search Engine Optimization to Generate Leads During the COVID Crisis

Using Search Engine Optimization to Generate Leads During the COVID Crisis Thank you for stopping by our website. First and foremost, we hope that you, your families, and your staff are doing as well as can be. These are trying times, and everyone at Big Bang...

Growing Your Law Firm During the Coronavirus and Surviving the COVID Crisis

Growing Your Law Firm During the Coronavirus and Surviving the COVID Crisis As you're well aware of, Big Bang is a BIG provider of law firm marketing services. In addition, like the rest of the working world, your mind is stuck bouncing back and forth between two BIG...

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies When it comes to growing any business you need to focus on leads. It doesn't matter if you're running a storefront retail shop or if you are managing an online website, new customers are the lifeblood of a profitable venture. Yes,...

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing and Generating New Leads

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing and Generating New Leads You asked for it and now we've delivered it. In the months of December and January, we put on two law firm marketing workshops. If you're an avid visitor of our website then you know we love to talk shop...

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms It's here. We've made it through taking our kids trick or treating, we stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving, and we survived the shopping, office parties, and the inlaws over the winter holidays. The most...

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads Look, if you've found your way to our website it means one of two things. Either you're currently paying for marketing and it's not working. Or, second, you're considering utilizing digital...


If you’re a practicing attorney you’ve probably tried some form of internet marketing. We are the best because we deliver the best type of result. Real client phone calls, every week, month after month.


Get Your Phone to Ring NOW

You don’t have time to chase some SEO sales rep who promises the world than hides behind some bogus contract. STOP paying your monthly marketing bill if your campaign isn’t yielding you more than you spend. That’s our promise to you, and every lawyer who uses our services. We deliver you real client phone calls, inquires that convert to paying cases. Period. See how we do that for attorneys and law firms coast to coast. Keep reading below, it will be well worth your time.


Marketing that Pays for Itself

Our Law Firms make MORE money than they pay us for their marketing. We believe that you deserve to get PAID from your SEO. Why doesn’t every other agency have this philosophy? 

Verifiable Results & Analytics

We do not throw phantom placements at you. The result that matters is obtaining paying clients. We provide real time analytics, access to phone call tracking, and a client dashboard. 


Quality Law Firm Content

Lawyers don’t have time to write content. Worse, any SEO firm who charges you money BUT makes YOU produce content is NOT performing SEO. We develop your content.

Attorney marketing

We Deliver Real Results

White & Champagne

” I’ve used more SEO firms than I can count. I met one of their programmers at the AVVO convention a few years back. My partner and I were impressed by his knowledge, as well as with the fact that he was willing to explain everything to us without charging us money, something that was new for us. Anyway, I cannot say enough about this company. Our law firm phone rings, we get tons of new business directly for their efforts. Their system is easy to use, and I am always able to reach a live tech or customer rep.”

Tess White – Personal Injury Lawyer –  Indianapolis, IN

Rubin & Zyndorf

“As a personal injury lawyer I need a marketing plan that is going to work. I’ve practiced law for over 30 years. We have tried radio, television, and probably every internet marketing company you could name. This company though, well, they do everything and they do it the right way. We get new client calls weekly, almost daily. We make far more money than we spend with them, and that is what they promised would happen.”

Daryl Rubin – Car Accident Law Firm – Toledo, OH

The Law Offices of Marc Kohnen

” I have tried every SEO firm. I truly mean that. None have worked. This company helped me rebuild my practice after anothe firm nearly destroyed it. I was so tight on money, and they made it happen for me, and stuck with me even though I had to ramp up. My now rings off the hook, and I am getting more cases than I can handle. I recently hired a new attorney. If you want to work with the best, you’ve found the right company.”

Marc Kohnen – Criminal Defense Lawyer – San Diego, CA

DUI Defender Program 

” We set out to build a nation wide DUI Defense network, connecting attorneys coast to coast, to offer affordable DUI Defense and Traffic Ticket assistance. We interviewed a small, selective handful of reputable providers. This company knocked our socks off, and they’ve continued to provide amazing results year after year.”

DUI Defender Program

The Law Offices of Alejandro D. De Varona

” I have offices in Florida and New York. My phone used to ring daily with SEO firms pitching me they could get my new biz. I tried a lot of them. I had to sue a lot of them. If you’re an attorney you know the drill. I met this group at the NACD Conference a couple years ago. No joke, this company actually delivers what they promise. My Coral Gables and Miami Offices are flooded with business and I just launched a second campaign with them out of New York. They are the best in my book.”

Alejandro D. De Varona – Criminal Defense & Injury Lawyer – New York and Florida Offices 

What You Get From Big Bang

Organic & Paid Search Marketing

Each campaign is carefully crafted to yield you phone calls from real paying clients. We do this by attacking your competitors and dominating your market. 

Video Marketing

No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on video marketing, we handle that for you as part of our law firm marketing campaigns.

Social Media & Reputation Management

Too many “SEO Firms” charge you extra for no other reason than to rip you off. Your social presence and reputation help yield calls, so these are included in our campaigns at no additional charge.

“I cannot say enough good things about this company. I have even been able to get a hold of a rep on a Saturday because I wanted to add more to my Google AdWords. My phone rings, my site looks amazing, and I make a great return on my marketing spend.” 

David Rudoi – Criminal Defense Attorney Detroit, MI

“If you want quality cases, every month, call this company. I’ve used the SAME programmer for over 5 years now. EVERY time I need something it is a phone call away.”

Jerald Novak – Criminal Defense Attorney Chicago, IL


A lot of law firms have a very bad taste in their mouth when it comes to digital marketing. Rightfully so, as too many attorneys have been ripped off by so called SEO gurus and agencies that promise the world but deliver nothing at all.

We know how scary it can be when you’re trying to grow your law practice but you don’t have the financial depth to roll the dice on another marketing campaign that may or may not yield new business.

This is why Big Bang developed our Local Spark Package, strictly for law firms. Click the icon to the right to check out specific information and highlights about our Local Spark Package and what it can do to help turn your law firm marketing campaign around.


Paid Search Training

Would you like to learn more about how Google AdWords or Paid Search works? We offer free web training courses each month, call us and sign up.

Organic SEO Courses

Our Los Angeles Office offers live and web based SEO courses. If you would like to learn more about content and organic SEO, call to sign up for free.

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