Law Firm Marketing Companies and Getting New Case Leads

If you’ve visited our website, or if you’ve spoken to one of our account analysts before, than you know we’re heavy into Attorney SEO Marketing. When I, or any of our writers for that matter, publish new information our website I CRINGE when I type out the acronym “SEO“. It’s painful, like nails on a chalkboard painful. I clinch my teeth and cuss out my keyboard as each finger presses down on each stupid ass individual letter. Why is that? Simple, law firm marketing companies and getting new case leads SHOULD go hand in hand. They don’t though, and here is why.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” which yes, I know you already know that. What you probably don’t know, unless you’re one of our clients, is that unless you have a DeLorean and a Doctor friend with some plutonium, you’re Attorney SEO Marketing campaign isn’t worth shit. Sorry for the profanity, but then again, if you’re reading this you’re probably an attorney so you can handle it. SEO hasn’t worked in YEARS. So, without a time machine you’re screwed. Worse, you may know your current campaign is worth less than wad of used toilet paper, but you don’t know what to do.

Before you flush your hopes and dreams of getting new case leads down the proverbial marketing toilet, take a minute to read this article. It just might help you turn your law firm marketing campaign around.

Why Does SEO Alone Not Work For Attorney Lead Generation? 

This is such an easy question to answer. SEO doesn’t have anything to do with lead generation. Optimizing a page of content of a blog post to rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages) doesn’t really have any relationship to getting your law firm new case leads. HOWEVER, that’s NOT how your current SEO Company made it sound when they sold your ass a monthly marketing campaign contract.

Just close your eyes, and think back, to the very first “date” you had with your current marketing rep. It sounded amazing, fireworks exploded in your mental sky, dreams of rainbows leading to endless pots of gold, there was marketing love in the air. You were pitched that SEO is the BEST way to get new cases, the BEST way to get new clients, the BEST way to invest your marketing money. Then, months later, when your phone didn’t ring and your monthly marketing bill was 24 hours past due, the threats came in.

“You need to pay your bill” or “This email is to inform you that your account is past due and we will turn off your website” and even “Our legal department is sending you to collections you must pay us now” messages start to come through your voicemail box and email folders. PAY PAY PAY, NOW NOW NOW. What the F#CK happened to “this is the best way to get new clients” and “this is the best way to invest your marketing money”? That “fake niceness” was just a way to set you up for a bait and switch. You’re now locked into a contract that you should have read and understood because YOU ARE AN ATTORNEY. That’s what your SEO rep is going to respond with when you want to stop paying them. Sucks doesn’t it.

SEO doesn’t work for attorney lead generation because optimizing content of posts alone wont drive you inquiries. And, at the end of the day, the true definition of SEO is just that, optimizing content to rank on search engine results pages. Now that you know how F#CK3D you are, what options do you have? Keep reading and let’s see if we turn this ship around.

What Can Lawyers do in Addition to Attorney SEO Marketing? 

If you’re asking yourself this question than you’re on the right track. One of the biggest problems lawyers have is trying to REPLACE attorney seo marketing INSTEAD of ADDING onto an SEO campaign. To be blunt, STOP being a cheap ass and stop trying to cut financial corners with your marketing. Look, if you’re an attorney reading this than you are a doctor of law. You’re a highly educated professional. We’re being blunt to smack you in the face as a WAY TO SAVE you MONEY and TIME.

Nothing is for free and if is something sounds too good to be true it is. Period. Unless you’re dealing with you Mom, EVERYONE (including us) is out to make a buck (or two…or three) off of you. Here is the deal. Some of the CPC’s (cost per clicks) for top attorney lead generation keywords can cost between $185 to $900 a click. No, not a case inquiry, not a lead, not a real client, just a CLICK. If you’re in a medium to large sized city (because if you’re in a Green Bay, WI sized city you do not need SEO) you’re AdWords campaign alone should run you $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 per month. And that’s on the LOW END. See the math below.

For elementary terms, and to keep this simple as I want to catch the USC Football Game, say your law firm is located in Los Angeles, CA. My Google Search Results (which will differ a little bit from you’re depending upon where you’re at) show about 23 million results in less than a second.  Using tools like SEMrush, SpyFu, and WordStream we’ve come the estimation of $120.00 per click (using car crashes, personal injury, wrongful death, and med-mal types of terms). Let’s say you and your firm want to try and acquire 10 new quality cases per month. 100 clicks is going to run you $12,000.00. You need way more than 100 click. So 1000 clicks would break your bank at $120,000.00 a month right? Not so fast.

A very old friend of mine (this is kind of bad example because this guy is a broke restaurant owner) once said “it’s not what you make it’s what you keep” and I LOVED it. Marketing is kind of the same way. It’s not what you spend it’s what you make. Period. If you spend only $1,999.00 a month on your marketing but you make NOTHING, not a PENNY from it than it’s a waste of money. However if you spend $25,000.00 a month but you get 10 kick-ass cases and 3 of em settle for six figures or more, and you make $500,000.00 from the settlement fee payouts, than that $25,000.00 wasn’t a cost at all.

Back to the math problem above, just like Google uses an algorithm to produce search results you can make a MUCH more simplistic formula for your own campaign needs. Take the amount of cases you want as X, the cost of the clicks and content as Y, and work the numbers backwards. Lest we not forget that SEO alone won’t do it, so here are some other items we suggest you send money on in addition to SEO and AdWords.

Social Media 

Social Media is a great way to brand your law firm. We don’t believe it helps get you quality leads, but we do love it for CRO (conversion rate optimization). Let’s just say that you’re a car accident attorney. A potential client finds your website, likes what they see, but they also found 3 other car accident law firms near you. Who do they choose? You ALL claim to be so amazing and have your AVVO, and FindLaw, and AV badges plastered on your website.

This is where social media can be effective, calculated, cunning. Kill them with kindness, or in this case, overwhelm them with positive affirmations. Your social profiles can show NEW potential clients how HAPPY your old and current clients are. What you’ve done in and our of the courtroom, your philanthropy within the community, all the BS you love to talk about but know you would sound like a horses ass if you said it yourself. Let you social profiles do the talking. Use it a Jedi uses the force. These ARE the attorneys you’re looking for (if you don’t understand the Obi-Wan Kenobi Storm Trooper mind trick there you have no love from me).

Videos & YouTube

If a picture says a thousand words than a video says “THIS IS THE LAW FIRM I WANT REPRESENTING ME”. Video and YouTube also helps with conversions. They build trust, and trust is truly what pushes a client toward one law firm versus another. Look, if someone wants to get paid a boat load of money after an accident, of if they’re facing criminal charges, or their getting divorced and their spouse is going for everything including the kitchen sink (and their kidneys) they WANT a LAWYER they TRUST. Give em something to watch.

Media Airtime Buys and Television Commercials 

If you don’t believe television commercial work than look at your feet, your wrist, your car keys. Don’t be stupid, TV is KING of the marketing jungle. Just like content rules the Attorney SEO Marketing world, Television Commercials flat out RULES the MARKETING UNIVERSE. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it works better than ANYTHING ELSE. We can help you with media buys, and if you’re smart with your budget, you can crush a local market.

Direct Mail and Old School Marketing Tactics 

I’m a child of the 80’s. Well, the late 80’s, and I became a young adult in the late early 2000’s. I remember my parents getting the Yellow Pages delivered, getting cool looking tri-fold pamphlets in the mail, and I remember catchy radio jiggles. If you’re an attorney than you’re older then me (most likely and if not then I hate you, I hate your success, just kidding). You too remember good old marketing tactics. Guess what, they STILL WORK. In fact, because some attorneys have abandoned these types of campaigns they work REALLY well.

Finding a Law Firm Marketing Company that Works 

If you were hoping that we had a fool proof way to finding a law firm marketing company that works, we don’t. Look, like we said before, if something sounds too good to be true it is. We are an amazing law firm marketing company. We’ve accomplished some pretty cool accolades like the 2019 Clutch and the Top 10 SEO award. But, that doesn’t mean we’re the best marketing company for you.

Just like a potential client needs to find a lawyer they “gel” with you too have to hire a marketing agency you “believe in and trust”. If you take away anything from this article we hope it’s that you open up your wallet. I know, you’re probably thinking how much of an ass hat I am writing this. I’m not, I am being blunt with you so that you don’t keep sticking your finger in the toaster and wondering why it keeps getting burned.

You cannot “bat 100” with your law firm marketing. In order to score you need to get on base, then hope that one of your clean up hitters can belt a homer out of the park. This means you need to hire some expensive baseball players. No, it means you need to hire some expensive marketing reps. And, like the Yankees (well the OLD Yankees) money talks and bullshit walks. The more you spend the better “players” you can buy. So with marketing the more you spend the more “quality ads you can buy”. Don’t try and fund a Beverly Hills Campaign on a Buffet Dinner budget. It’s not going to work.

Here are my top ten marketing vehicles I always try and push our law firms to invest in. If you have any questions about our Attorney SEO Marketing or Law Firm Marketing campaigns please feel free to contact us directly.

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Quality Content (like daily or every other day posts)
  3. Media Airtime Buys
  4. Television Commercials
  5. Local Cable & Radio Slots
  6. Social Media & Paid Ads on Social
  7. Digital and Traditional Press Releases & Direct Mailers
  8. Technical SEO and SERP’s Optimization & Traditional SEO (directories, links, profiles, NAP score)
  9. CRO and Design
  10. Videos