Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads

Look, if you’ve found your way to our website it means one of two things. Either you’re currently paying for marketing and it’s not working. Or, second, you’re considering utilizing digital advertising as a way to grow your practice. Why do we believe this? Simple, we’ve been managing attorney SEO marketing campaigns for over 12 years. We’ve helped law firms coast to coast get new leads and our lawyers are to busy to waste time online reading blogs on marketing firm websites. If you want to learn about law firm marketing and using search engine optimization to get leads, keep reading. You’re obviously not getting anywhere with your marketing right now. We can fix that.

Sorry, we don’t mean to sound disrespectful, rude, or uncompassionate. We just believe in being blunt and honest. It saves you time, saves us time, and if you’re reading this you are most likely a lawyer. So you know time is money. There are tons of marketing companies, and a plethora of them claim to focus on attorneys. No, they don’t do this because they care deeply for lawyers. They do it for the same reason we do, there’s a lot of money in the field on law firm marketing. That is, if it’s done correctly.

When we speak to an attorney the first time they usually have a very wrong impression about SEO, SEM, and PPC. This isn’t their fault, and if you’re a lawyer who also has the understanding of digital marketing all upside down it’s not your fault either. See, too many “SEO gurus” have used misguided information to trick lawyers into contracts, marketing campaigns, and SEO packages that do nothing but suck you dry. Today, we’re going to discuss law firm marketing and using search engine optimization to get leads. Here is what Brett Weisler has to say about lawyer lead generation.

There Are ONLY Two Ways to Advertise on Google Organic and AdWords

Let me tell all you attorneys a secret that really isn’t a secret. But first, let me say this; if you tell me something important about an area of law that is your expertise, guess what, I’m going to be all ears. I’m asking you to afford me the same respect. Big Bang Marketing is a Google expert (assuming one will allow for that type of claim under the context of the ever-so-intricate Google Algorithm that runs the show). Nevertheless, our ability to keep site rankings where promised, our ability to run consistently successful AdWords campaigns, as well as our unwavering commitment to Google’s continual updating of its goal to bring the most valuable, relevant and trustworthy information to all searchers, is what deems us worthy to have your undivided attention. Okay then… here’s the secret; there are only two ways to advertise on Google… Organic and AdWords. What does this really mean? Let’s jump into the specifics of each, and then I’ll tell you.

The Organic Machine

A machine it is. Why is organic advertising essential in the world of traffic driving and lead generating? It’s simple… first of all, it’s one of only two ways to market your site on Google. I know… I already told you that, so the real question isn’t why is organic marketing essential, but how do you turn your site into an organic marketing machine? Even though no individual or SEO firm knows exactly what the perfect secret sauce is when it comes to satisfying all of the Google algorithm’s factors, we do collectively know one thing for sure… content and the architecture of that content reigns supreme.

Content is King?

The simplest way to convey this is to say that the Googlebot is programmed to search for the MOST valuable, relevant and trustworthy content to provide to any given searcher at any given time. Therefore, logic tells us that it’s monumentally important. Guess what… if it’s monumentally important to the Googlebot, then it sure as heck is monumentally important to a site owner and developer. That’s the easy part, knowing and acknowledging that content is king. What’s the hard part you ask? Hmm… let me think. Oh… I know; it’s creating and writing all the original content necessary to satisfy our good buddy, the Googlebot. By the way, and I say this just a mere side note, creating a wonderfully content-rich site isn’t nearly good enough. The Google Algorithm has become so sophisticated, and it wants you to regularly provide more and more quality content to its searchers. To put it mildly, you absolutely have to continue to feed the machine money, which in this context is content. You MUST continually post fresh, original content on your site for our Googlebot buddy to maintain your site’s status over months and years as being highly valuable, relevant and trustworthy. Then and only then will it continue to show searchers, who are your potential clients, by the way, your site as one of its special chosen ones. When that is happening month after month and year and year, you know you’re winning the organic marketing game.

There’s just one small hitch to creating, writing and posting all that wonderfully valuable, relevant and trustworthy content… it takes an inordinate amount of time… forever… and ever… as long as you want the organic machine to work for you. So if you’re thinking of developing your own site and then managing it forever with continued original content postings, not to mention your constant Google My Business postings and your never-ending need for Google Reviews, then have at it. We will tip our caps to the magical one who can run a law firm, juggle a bunch of cases, spend many hours per week in court and also be a top-level SEO and content master. Hmm… or you can just surrender to the fact that, just like your clients are best served by hiring an expert attorney to manage their legal matters, YOU will be best served by partnering with an expert lead generation agency, whom simply uses organic marketing as one tool to bring you the specific types of new cases that you’re seeking each and every month.

The AdWords Machine

Talk about a machine. Wow. This is a machine of new bounds. Like organic marketing, AdWords marketing is easy to define; it’s Google’s online advertising program. Awesome. Let’s put some money in the machine and, wamo blamo, here come the customers and clients calling us off the hook. Um… not so fast. Similar to, and just as important as organic marketing, making AdWords work for you is incredibly difficult and complex. Also like organic marketing and SEO companies, countless schnooks are running AdWords campaigns and charging you 10-20% for it. So how do you win the game of AdWords?

Money is King

Similar to content being king within the organic marketing bubble, money is king within the AdWords Marketing bubble. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s time to surrender again. You MUST feed the machine money, money and more money if you want to win the AdWords game. Now some of you might think that means mindlessly dumping money into the AdWords piggy bank. It does not. The point is that without a legitimate AdWords budget, there is no point in playing the AdWords game. Why is that? Well, excellent question, if I may say so myself. It’s simple; there’s too much competition if you’re not playing with a good amount of AdWords bullets. What are bullets? Money equals bullets in that brilliant analogy, but I digress. Here’s the deal… if you’re not willing to spend at least 5k on an AdWords campaign, then don’t bother. Now, even though money is king within the AdWords bubble, money alone doesn’t win the game. You MUST have a partner on your side who’s managing all that money you’ve finally surrendered to deposit in the AdWords piggy bank. And guess what, it’s not enough for that partner to be just anyone; they must be experienced, smart and knowledgeable with your preferred keyword terms and location. Plus, it’s a big bonus if they manage countless AdWords accounts to bring your CPC down, which will get you way more bang for your AdWords bucks.

So… in summation, yes, there are only two ways to advertise on Google, Organic and AdWords. Let’s also remind ourselves, just in case we forgot, that Google runs the digital advertising jungle. It is king. Content is king. Money is king. Are you getting the theme now? Big Bang Marketing has one goal in mind with all of its law firm clients; make them money month after month after month by generating leads that turn into the types of cases the firm is specifically seeking. Here’s a news flash; our business is generating leads that grow your business. Why would you ever be eliminating Google advertising options when the goal is to grow your firm and get more cases. I guess I have to remind you; you can only advertise on Google two ways, Organic and AdWords. Why the heck would you not be all-in on both? The hybrid Google marketing plan is what we recommend to all of our law firm clients and prospects. Why? Because you’re missing quality case opportunities when you don’t maximize both forms of advertising on Google. It’s not like there are 12 ways to advertise on Google. Two exist. Tap into both of them to win the Google marketing game. Big Bang Marketing has been doing Organic and AdWords campaigns for our law firm clients for twelve years. I know that a lot of this article may be deemed my opinion, so here’s a fact for you… the ROI for ALL of our law firm clients is off the charts and is evidence that we are winning the game of marketing on Google. Let us win the game for you!!!

The Best Law Firm Marketing Companies 

Did you enjoy that? We did. The opinions above come from none other than Brett Weisler, our Woodland Hills Sales Manager. Yes, a Sales Manager. Even our sales reps understand SEO better than 90% of the “developers” at other SEO agencies. If you’re looking for the best law firm marketing companies, stop wasting your time (and your money). Just like there is no such thing as the best attorney (and don’t sit there in your chair and believe you are the best) there is no such thing as the best marketing agency. For some law firms, we are a great fit. For others, they are better using FindLaw, AVVO, or another major law firm marketing agency. The point is this, you need to ask a lot of questions.

Just like a potential client interviewing you and your firm, you need to do the same. Don’t just listen to the words of a sales rep over the phone. Try to not get “mesmerized” by BIG words and fancy talk. And, above ALL ELSE, please don’t fall for some “first page rankings guaranteed” scam. Anyone can rank any law firm website for random “legally relevant” keywords on the first page of Google. That’s NOT what marketing is. Marketing is helping your law firm grow by getting new cases. Period. Look, click this link and read warning sign number two, this is from Search Engine Journal so it’s credible.

If you want to work with the best law firm marketing companies, find the agency that is best for you. Do you trust your rep? Can you talk to a developer? Can you see the daily or weekly work being put into your site and ad campaigns? We hope you enjoyed our article about law firm marketing and using search engine optimization to get leads. If you have questions drop us a line on our contact page.