Law Firm Marketing and Choosing The Right Marketing Agency 

We recently asked one of our Senior Account Analysts, Mr. Brett Weisler, to write an article about Law Firm Marketing and Choosing the Right Marketing Agency. If you’re an avid reader of our blog then you know well that we focus primarily on law firm marketing. Lead generation and Attorney SEO Marketing are two totally different things. Unfortunately, most law firms who sign up with a Search Engine Optimization firm are painted a picture that doesn’t exist. Usually SEO sales reps promise the world, and even owners of SEO firms too often offer nothing more than a bait and switch.

When an attorney first signs up with most Attorney SEO Marketing agencies, the agency tells the lawyer how SEO is the best way to get new leads, and some agency even guarantee things like ranking on page one of Google. These are nothing but set ups for the biggest slap in the face of all time. Lawyers end up ranking for bogus keyword terms that one one has ever used to search before, or they simply get phantom robot calls and no new cases. You know this, we know this, so what can an attorney do? Check out Mr. Weisler’s article. We LOVED it. It’s chalked full of interesting insight and information. Brett, you did great. Kudos to you sir. So, if you’re an attorney, and you want to get NEW case leads on a monthly basis then sit back and buckle your seat belt. Brett’s about to take your brain for a ride.

Why Big Bang Marketing is the Right SEO Company for Your Law Firm

As a Senior Account Analyst, my experience with Big Bang Marketing (BBM) has been profound, eye-opening and down-right exhilarating. I know what you’re thinking… why should we trust the biased recommendation of an SEO marketing company’s employee? Well, the harsh truth is that I am biased, but for good reason. Keep reading; I’ll prove it to you.

I partook in my own research process, where I stayed in the bubble of SEO companies servicing law firms, since BBM’s client base is 85% attorneys. For the sake of time, let me just say that an unconscionable number of those SEO companies possessed one, two or all three of the following undesirable business practice traits: purposeful ignorance, unscrupulousness and shamelessness. When even one of these was present within a company’s working model, I found a common theme in play, Black Hat SEO. This LAZY, DISHONEST and UNETHICAL marketing ploy involves creating temporarily high Google Rankings by circumventing the Google Guidelines, resulting in fraudulently achieved search engine rankings for the sole purpose of deceiving potential and current clients. FYI: this tactic, which is rampant in the industry, NEVER produces long-term quality SEO. Don’t take my word for it; do your own research on Black Hat SEO.

I decided enough was enough of the dark side and the vile lack of business ethics I was discovering, which left me disturbingly discouraged and bordering on regurgitating a vomitous mess just to free myself of the filth that is seemingly 99% of SEO companies. Thankfully, though, I had the remaining research task of scrutinizing the other 1% of the SEO industry that optimizes for law firms. That being a considerably less exhaustive task than the repellent 99%, I was left wondrously encouraged and monumentally grateful that my work home, BBM, is undoubtedly not only part of the 1%, but actually an elite example of it. So says Clutch. I realize that most of this is nothing more than my opinion, so I will embark on the venture of further opening your mind to the concept that BBM is the BEST marketing partner choice.

Please forgive my directness, but the content of this article should be deemed invaluable to you. Your marketing budget is what’s being wasted, not your time being educated by me on the importance of choosing the right SEO and lead generation company for your law firm. Now that we agree on that, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. To keep it simple, I will big bang out (pun intended) four key factors that logically make BBM the right choice for your law firm.

An SEO Company with Knowledge

During my seemingly endless questioning of the SEO companies comprised in my research, I tested THEIR knowledge as extensively as MY knowledge base would allow, which, by the way, should have been significantly less than theirs, considering my limited time in the industry; frighteningly, it was not, which is testament to BBM’s stellar training program. I discovered a surprising lack of motivation for the in depth knowledge required to provide the proper level of service to their clients. You see… their clients almost always know much less about SEO than they do, which enables these lazy, complacent SEO companies, which have them under contract, to provide subpar, ineffective work, while invoicing them month after month. Subsequently, the law firm clients who aren’t paying attention to the undeniable, unbiased data sources, such as Google Analytics, are targeted for an easy contract renewal, just like a con-artist would target a mark. Believe it or not, this is happening to SMART attorneys, so these unsavory SEO companies simply rinse and repeat as directed by their unscrupulous and shameless business model.

It is my direct experience with BBM educating and signing my own clients, as well as our many testimonials from our considerable client base, which allows me to confidently claim as FACT that BBM’s programmers’ knowledge base of SEO and how to effectively maximize it is virtually unmatched. The reason for this is simple; they are NEVER satisfied and possess the relentless drive for more knowledge that will enable them to consistently, month after month, deliver what was originally promised to their clients. Top level results are simply not possible without the knowledge of how to achieve them, especially as it pertains to the Googlebot’s algorithmic analysis of your website’s content and content architecture. Now… the force behind that relentless drive for more knowledge is the genuine care to do right by their clients. That takes me to Factor Two.

An SEO Company with Integrity

When the drive for knowledge for the sole purpose of providing rock star service is clear and present, you may be wondering why that is, especially when the over-promise-under-deliver-but-lock-them-into-a-contract-Black-Hat-SEO business model is so much easier. It’s quite simple; businesses with integrity don’t get satisfaction from being con artists; rather, they are sickened by it. BBM is a prime example of one of those SEO and lead generation companies. Their genuine care to do right by their clients is not something that can be feigned long term. In the case of BBM, it originates directly from the internal integrity of its founder, which was the bedrock of the company’s genesis. Since integrity is of the utmost importance to BBM’s leader, guess what… ONLY people who attach a high value to that core characteristic are welcomed to Team BBM to represent the company in the form of ETHICAL SALES and partnership development, as well as veracious White Hat SEO programming, which takes me to Factor Three.

An SEO Company with Pride

Before I tap into what pride means, let’s be clear that without the drive for purposeful knowledge and the integrity to use that knowledge ethically, pride is merely a mythical mist. Pride can be a tricky concept and trait. Some think of pride as one of the seven deadly sins. However, in the context of providing quality, maximum-level SEO in the form of generating leads that turn into cases for your law firm, pride translates to passion and care. Therefore, adhering to a strict White Hat SEO approach and utilizing the proper techniques to stay true to the Google Guidelines to win the SEO battle against less knowledgeable and much less honorable companies causes BBM to brim with pride, as we know our backs will be patted by our law firm clients and our much desired approval will come in abundance. Now… that takes me to Factor Four, which is the most essential factor in EARNING AND MAINTAINING THE TRUST of our prospective and current clients respectively, as they witness first-hand that our knowledge, integrity and pride are as real as real gets.

An SEO Company with Transparency 

During my brutal and morally vexatious pursuit of the truth behind the vast majority of SEO companies spouting guarantees and boasting about their search engine results to law firms, I heard the phrase “we are transparent” countless times. At this point, I can only say fiddlesticks to that laughable and outright dishonest claim. Transparent (definition 2d, according to  characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices. In layman’s terms, this basically means show us what the heck you’re actually doing, so we can TRUST what you’re saying you’re doing. BBM will show you what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how they’re doing it. Being truly transparent takes time and effort to explain high level tech stuff in a way you can understand it. BBM, as far as my research has concluded, in the ONLY SEO and lead generation company that is committed to this as a matter of standard business practice.

In conclusion, Big Bang Marketing believes that you are intelligent enough to confirm for yourself that they are legitimately KNOWLEDGEABLE, as it relates to dominating in the SEO realm, as well as making it a priority to implement a high character business model based on INTEGRITY, PRIDE and TRANSPARENCY. That being said, you CAN trust BBM to drive clicks and calls to your firm that will result in new cases each month in the areas of practice you desire.