Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Welcome back to our monthly blog and law firm marketing updates. If you’ve been following us on Social Media, then you already know we’ve rolled out our daily tips for attorneys. We begin each week with “Make Money Monday” and we end with “Focus Friday”. Each day we dedicate a portion of our research to identify ways we can help attorneys acquire more cases. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss improving website conversions and getting better leads for lawyers. As always, these tips can be revised to assist any online-based business. While we at Big Bang focus primarily on law firm marketing and attorney SEO campaigns, that doesn’t mean our tactics can’t be utilized by other business professionals.

We love assisting lawyers with growing their law firms. In fact, members of our technical team were recently interviewed by and asked to provide insight as to how we’ve become a top-rated law firm marketing agency. Over the past decade and a half, we’ve had to adapt to the ever-changing world the digital space. In addition, we have had to find and sometimes create, new marketing vehicles to attract potential prospects and drive those inquires to our law firm clients.

At the end of the day, a website visit means nothing without a conversion. So, without further delay, let’s examine improving website conversions and getting better leads for lawyers.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for LawyersImproving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for LawyersImproving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for LawyersImproving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

The Top 5 Ways Attorneys Can Improve Their Marketing Campaigns and Conversions 

Last month we threw this at our team leads. From our sales managers to our development staff department heads, we wanted to get opinions from both sales and production. Different people, and different divisions, have different thoughts as to what works and what doesn’t. In order for us to help our clients, and to improve the quality of leads we generate, we needed a lot of data. Opinions are great, raw mathematical data is better. However, opinions help point us in the right direction, so we can compile the data we so desperately need.

We knew this article was going to be a long one, and we knew the research required would take up a lot of time. So, we started early. Normally we give our team members a few days to provide us feedback and info when we’re planning a new article or blog. However, for today’s article, we gave everyone close to a month. Improving website conversions and getting better leads for lawyers is one of the toughest things to do in the digital space. Finding the top 5 ways attorneys can improve their marketing campaigns and conversions is vital to the success of a law firm.

Here are our top 5 tips for lawyers who are looking to grab more, and better quality leads.

Number One – Listen to What Google Says

Look, Google is not the end all be all to law firm marketing. Now, don’t get us wrong. We LOVE Google and we believe that running ads and solid SEO campaigns are extremely effective. However, there are other ways to get leads, and we are going to discuss that. Yet today’s article is about CONVERSIONS and improving ways your website can deliver you “better” quality leads. One thing we believe you can do is to actually listen to what Google advises you to do.

Google has a plethora of FREE information. From how to build better ad landing pages to developing a “Google-friendly site” you can get TONS of valuable data from Google Support. If you’re hoping to gobble up law firm leads from Google than you probably want to pay attention to Google’s best practices and all of the free tips you can get from their support pages. Or, if you would rather focus your time and efforts on growing your law firm and being a lawyer, contact us for a free review. We’d love to take over your campaign, save you time and money, and drive you quality leads (yes this is a sales attempt okay, we have to make money too). We’re always ready, willing, and able to help law firms reach their goals.

Google’s Best Practices 

Google is always providing information for those who want to take advantage of it. Yes, we know that most lawyers would rather be in court or dealing with clients rather than fussing around with their marketing campaigns. However, if you’re going to spend money with an agency you may want to brush up on what is actually required to get you the results you want. Otherwise, you may not know what you’re paying for. From choosing the right keywords to retargeting visitors who don’t convert, there’s a lot you can learn by visiting Google’s support pages.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers


Number Two – Build a Better AdWords Campaign 

Okay, so this one kind of piggybacks the first tip. However, we believe you really want to build a better AdWords campaign if you want to improve your conversions. Organic SEO is great. However, if you REALLY want to obtain new client inquires you MUST run an effective paid search campaign. The problem with paid campaigns is that most law firms have been burned too many times. This creates distrust in pay per click campaigns, and it creates a level of anxiety. Here are our top 4 reasons why we believe paid ad campaigns fail. We will then tell you how you can fix these issues and improve your conversions.

Underfunded AdWords Budgets 

In our opinion, this is the number one reason why pay per click campaigns fail. Attorneys, and all clients for that matter, have been fed bogus data for too long about how these campaigns work. Most SEO firms are too scared to tell their clients the truth because they are afraid the client will freak out due to “sticker shock“. Yes, AdWords campaigns can be expensive, sometimes very expensive. However, we believe lawyers need to look at paid campaigns from the perspective of “it’s not what you spend, but what you make”.

WordStream and other forums out there such as SEMrush and SpyFu can help you learn more about how to run an effective pay per click campaign. The bottom line, don’t go “cheap” on your spending. If you’re being quoted 10k per month to potentially achieve “X” amount of leads, don’t assume cutting your spend in half will provide you with half the amount of leads. Pay per click campaigns do not work that way. Think about it this way, you need enough “at-bats” to get on base. No one bats 100, and in fact, the best batting average of all time is held by Ty Cobb at .3662. Think about “them apples“.

Click Fraud

As with everything in life, unscrupulous people (and bots) will try anything to gain an advantage. Click Fraud is real, and it’s a potential problem for pay per click based campaigns. However, there are things you can do to help prevent, or at least, mitigate the risks. One system we like is ClickCease. We’ve used this system and it has helped improve our client’s campaigns.

Unprepared Campaigns 

When you go to court you take time to prepare. Whether that means spending time with your client prepping them for trial, or reviewing case documents, you do your “homework” to make sure you are at your best when it’s “go-time”. Unfortunately, most of the paid ad campaigns we’ve seen are NOT set up this way. Instead, it’s as if someone was throwing you know what at the wall to see if it stick, with the lights out and spinning in circles. Yes, it’s that bad.

If you’re going to invest money into a paid campaign than you should really do your homework upfront. Underprepared campaigns can crush your spending and kill your appetite to reload. There are lots of online tools you can utilize to gather valuable insight into building a quality campaign.

Poor Landing Pages 

The whole point of an effective digital campaign is to get a potential client to your site, or more specifically, a special page of your site. Think about it this way. If you’re a personal injury attorney, and you are running a campaign for auto accident injuries, you want that inquiry driven to a page dedicated to auto accident injury representation. More importantly, you want that page to quickly and EASILY provide ALL of the important info to that potential client. Your contact phone number, a mobile button they can push or tap to call you, an easy to fill out contact form, letting them know your hours of operation.

In addition, you want to provide some BIG firm highlights, such as your perfect 10 AVVO rating, or your new SuperLawyers award, or even the fact that you’ve won over ONE HUNDRED million dollars for injury victims. Are you picking up what we are laying down?

Time and time again we come across campaigns with HORRIBLE landing pages. Think of the landing page as your digital billboard, and each “item” on the landing page is a “mouse-trap” designed to “capture” the potential client and entice them to CONTACT YOU. After all, you’re trying to improve website conversions. Right?

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Law Firm Marketing Companies for Paid Search 

If you’re an attorney, and you’re looking to turn on an AdWords campaign, give us a call at (818) 877-7701. You can also click here to fill out our 24-hour contact support form, or click here to learn more about our paid campaigns. We’ve been helping law firms launch their pay per click campaigns for years, and we’d love to help you as well.

Number Three – Understand Your Target Audience 

We manage law firm marketing campaigns for attorneys coast to coast. Different cities, different verticals of law, and different demographics interact differently with the web. It’s vital to the success of your campaign to understand your target audience. So, what does that actually mean? It’s more simplistic than it sounds. Even the best law firm marketing companies need input from their clients. Look, you are the lawyer, you KNOW your city and geographical area, you KNOW who your potential clients are, and believe it or not you also probably know ways they search for your services.

If you want to connect with your potential clients, if you want to give yourself a real opportunity to land new clients, then you need to invest time into “thinking” the same way your potential clients think. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask yourself if you’re planning on investing money into a digital marketing campaign. Failing to understand your target audience can blow your campaign up before it begins.

What is Important to Your Clients? 

If you want to improve website conversions and get better quality leads then you better know what’s important to your potential clients. Are your clients looking for an affordable DUI defense law firm, or are your potential clients looking to read reviews about how much money your injury firm has won for wrongful death claims? Think about the “bluechip” clients you are trying to attract, the “whale cases” you want to land, then think about what is MOST important to those potential clients. What are they looking for? What is their “hot button”? Make sure you advertise something about those key points.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Specific Calls to Action Based Upon Your Audience 

In addition to identifying your target audience, you need to add calls to action to your site that you believe “mesh” with what your clients want. For example, if you’re a criminal defense attorney you may want to add a “24 hour get or jail” contact icon. Or, if you manage an injury law firm you may want to build a very interactive FREE consultation form with access to a list of your highest dollar settlements and case victories. The point is this, put clickable calls to action that you believe provide vital info that’s important to your potential clients.

Number Four – Connecting With Your Potential Clients

If you want to improve conversions then you need to connect with your website visitors. Think about the type (or types) of law you practice. Does your website portray an effective image, and more importantly a positive or correct feeling, to a visitor? This is extremely important to law firms who practice multiple areas of law. For example, a site visitor who is searching for a federal drug crime lawyer is going to want to find information and is going to be “attracted” to calls to action that are far different than someone looking for a high asset divorce attorney or an injury law firm.

Your website says a lot about who you are, or at least it should. Most of all is should light up like a digital billboard with information and “mouse-traps” that help a potential client learn about WHY they should retain you and MOST OF ALL, provide the visitor multiple was to interact with your site. You need to connect and build a bond with each visitor.

Make Your Website Personal 

Show your potential clients who you are and what you are all about. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images of you, your staff, your OFFICE, all of these things can help potential clients connect with you. People tend to buy from people they trust. Help build that connection. You have to understand that your potential clients may be nervous, stressed out, and they may be looking at multiple law firm websites. Give your visitors a little piece of you. We believe it goes a long way.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Add Trust Building Icons to Your Website

You have a few seconds to obtain a conversion. That means you need to build a connection, and most of all, trust very quickly. We LOVE to add trust-building icons to our law firm websites. Think about all of your awards and accolades. Your Perfect 10 AVVO Badge, your Top-Rated SuperLawyers Award, all of your Five-Star yelp reviews. All of these help a potential client not only learn more about you and your firm but most of all, they show your legitimacy and establish your reputation.

Remember, people who SEARCH online for a law firm DO NOT know who to call. So they are going to judge a book by it’s cover. Make sure you show your potential clients that you’re the law firm for the job.

Number Five – Advertise Your Niche and Build Your Brand 

If you’re wondering what we believe the number one tip is for improving website conversions and getting better leads for lawyers it’s knowing your niche. We believe you need to advertise your niche and build your brand in order to obtain the highest caliber of leads. We said it earlier, we will say it once more at least before the end of this article, and we’re going to touch on it again. Lawyers, PLEASE listen up. This information is SO important for the success of your campaign and for your mental stability.

Any client who you obtain from an online search DID NOT know who to call. They did not know a friend who knew an attorney. They didn’t have a cousin, or a sibling, or a friend who is an attorney. They forgot all the law firm radio jingles and television commercials they’ve had plastered into their minds for decades. Otherwise, why on EARTH would they look online for an attorney? This means there is NO loyalty with the lead and you need to QUICKLY showcase your niche, your brand, and why they should CALL you over any other law firm.

Here are some things to consider with showcasing what you do best.

Put Your Icons and Information Above the Fold

Make sure you give your visitors enough information, enough trust-building icons, and multiple ways to contact you and learn why YOU are the ATTORNEY they deserve RIGHT AWAY. Please, do yourself a favor and pay attention to how your website looks right when it launches, without the visitor having to scroll down. It’s important to make sure you give special attention to everything above the fold.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Answer the Phone ALWAYS 

The potential clients who find you online WANT to talk to you. Think about when you call for customer service, or you need tech support, or you have a fraudulent charge on your credit card. Don’t you feel so much more relaxed, so much more relieved, when you get a LIVE person on the line? Well, your potential clients feel the same way. When they are searching online for a divorce attorney, DUI lawyer, or an injury law firm they are FREAKING out. They WANT to feel safe, secure, taken care of. If you do not answer the phone that potential lead will go to the next website within the SERPs and you will lose the client forever.

Get an answering service. Pay for a 24-hour contact support system. It’s well worth it.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Client Testimonials and Video

Your potential clients want to also know how other people, who have been in their same spot, worked with your firm. Giving website visitors access to your client reviews and video testimonials can make a HUGE difference in conversions. Remember, taking to an attorney can be nerve-racking. It’s possible that you may be the first attorney they have ever had to do business with. Your potential client may also have their own anxieties, especially if they are hurt, going through a divorce, an employment issue, or if they’ve been accused of a crime.

Letting a potential client read reviews and watch videos from your past clients is the icing on the cake to building your reputation and identifying your niche legal offerings. Show them why they should retain your law firm. Help them build trust in you and your firm before they ever speak to you on the phone. It can go a long way to obtaining the types of quality leads you desire.

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Getting Better Law Leads From Your Website 

We hope you enjoyed our newest law firm blog. If we can ingrain anything into your brains, we want to leave you with the concept that those who search online for a law firm are doing so because they simply do not know who to call. They are therefore turning to a search engine, in hopes of locating the law firm, that right wrong or indifferent, is “best” for them. Simply put, you only have a few seconds to land this potential client. That means you need to really sit down and consider what your top areas of practice are, what your niche offerings are, how you want to portray your firm and brand, you need to be prepared to pick up the phone or have a system in place, and you REALLY need to fund a campaign.