How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Your Legal Practice

At Big Bang, we “eat-breathe-sleep law firm marketing”. Yes, we do provide advertising services to other fields such as medical, dental, and e-commerce. However, over 90% of our client pipeline is made up of law firms. Why is that, why have we decided to dedicate so much our advertising efforts on assisting law firms grow their practices? Simple, we believe attorneys have the biggest opportunity cost when it comes to marketing. And, like any smart business, we know to follow the money. See, we aren’t shy about why we focus so much of our time, energy, and skill set on law firm marketing. We can make lawyers a ton of money, and if we hit our mark, those same lawyers have no problem paying our agency the fees we desire to make.
Simply put, law firm marketing is a “win-win” when done correctly. At Big Bang, we spend a lot of time talking about, blogging about, and producing “how to videos” about tactics and tips attorneys can implement to improve their law firm marketing campaigns. Working with lawyers is a “give to get” relationship (in our opinion) and we firmly believe that if we give free information and tips (tips and tactics we actually utilize ourselves for paying law firm clients) that some of those lawyers will decide to hire our agency instead of doing the work themselves.

Now, while we invest a significant amount of time discussing ways we help attorneys with their law firm marketing, we don’t touch enough on certain things lawyers may wan to consider before collaborating with an advertising agency. Just like lawyers, there really is no such thing as the best law firm marketing company. But instead, we believe attorneys should focus on hiring the law firm marketing agency they believe is a best fit for them.

Today, we’re going to discuss some very important things we believe every law firm should consider and question while they attempt to partner with the best law firm marketing company for their practice. Are we a good fit for you and your firm? Maybe, but maybe not. We will also discuss things we do well, and things we believe set us apart from other law firm marketing agencies. In addition, we will provide information that may be helpful for a law firm if they are considering a partnership/marketing campaign with our agency. Finally, we will touch on other agencies we believe are a good fit for law firms that don’t fit our ideal client.

That’s the Big Bang motto. Help law firms make money. Even if it doesn’t mean we’re getting paid. Period.

How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Your Legal Practice

The Top 10 Tips for Finding the Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Now, the information and opinions below are simply that, our opinions. Just as lawyers cannot guarantee legal outcomes, we are not here trying to pass off our insights as “gospel”. We’ve been doing this over a decade, and if you combine the years of experience our team of executives have, it’s about 150 years of marketing and advertising knowledge.

With that said, the info contained within this article is “food for thought”. You can agree with some of it, none of it, or all of it. Doesn’t matter to us, all we want to do is throw out information that may be helpful for law firms who are looking to retain an advertising agency, but don’t who to turn to or don’t know what to ask/look for when considering different law firm marketing companies.

Our top 10 tips for finding the best law firm marketing companies comes from input from our digital SEM team, paid ads team, traditional media team and ad buyers, as well as info from some of our law firm clients. And, if you have other opinions, tips, or things you believe are important when attempting to find an advertising agency, please leave your comments below. We love feedback and knowledge is power. Okay, without further delay, here are the tips we believe you and your firm can utilize when trying to find the best law firm marketing company for your legal practice.

How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company

Understand Your Personality

How many law firm marketing companies have you worked with over the years? More than you can remember most likely. And, if you were to sit down and think about all of the reps at those agencies that you interfaced with, how many of them did you actually enjoy working with? Problem one, or none. See, one of the things we do with each of our prospective law firm clients is interview them. We also ask them to interview us. We are serious.

See, this “joint-venture” should be enjoyable. You need to understand your personality, what makes you tick, what quirks you have, what your “pet-peeves” are, and what personality type you want to find in your law firm marketing rep. There are lots of different types of personalities, and some people work better with certain personality types.

Learning to understand, and most of all honestly accept, your personality may help you when hiring an advertising agency. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with the marketing executive assigned to you. And, if you’re serious about your marketing campaign working, you are going to be investing a large amount of money as well. Try to find a rep who “fits” your personality type, and most of all, try to make your advertising journey “fun”. Click here to take a quick personality test.

Be Bluntly Honest About Your Expectations

Think back to when you signed up with your first law firm marketing company. The sales rep probably controlled the bulk of the conversation. In fact, when you signed up and paid your initial money, you probably had no idea what expect from your new advertising campaign, agency, or team lead. Now that you’re “all grow’d up” and you’ve been burned too many times, you think you know a thing or two. But have you ever talked to your account manager and laid out your true expectations?

If your expectation is that you’re going to have daily access to your marketing rep, say so and express that in writing. Some of our clients want to talk directly to their lead developer and paid ads manager. Other lawyers HATE “talking tech” and they prefer to work with their account rep, and some law firms only want to communicate via email and dislike the phone. If you’re expecting the phone to ring and new clients to retain your services within the first 30 days, say so. If you do not know what to expect, and you are truly in the dark, express that as well and ask your marketing team for a real opinion on what’s to come.

Ask for Timelines and Set Deadlines  

Law firm marketing companies like to paint very pretty pictures to perspective attorney clients. We do it too, all agencies do, and it’s part of the business. And, if the agency is honest about the picture they paint, then it’s ethical. However, too often, the picture painted doesn’t pan out. Not because it’s smoke and mirrors, not because the agency (at least real ones) set out to blow up a campaign, but because timelines were not transparently laid out from day one.

During your calls with perspective law firm marketing companies, most of (if not all) agencies will talk about how much new business your law firm will get IF you choose to sign with them. Unfortunately, there seems to always be this floating timeframe as to when the campaign will begin to work. You need to break through this minutia, and make the potential agency give you a deadline as to “when to hold em’ and when the fold em”.

Yes, it does take “some time” for an ads campaign to “take off” and produce new clients. However, if the campaign was built the right way from day one, we are taking weeks, not months. Set timelines and most of all, deadlines, and get your agency to agree. This way, if they miss the mark, you can bail and find another agency. This will save you time, money, and most of all eliminate massive headaches.

Disclose the Good, Bad, and the Ugly About Your Law Firm

Look, every person has things they are proud of and not proud of. We all have “skeletons in our closet” in one way or another. And, for those of you lawyers out there who don’t believe you fall into this category, just remember your college days. Enough said.

The point we are trying to make here is simple, if you want your marketing agency to have the best chance of succeeding in managing an effective advertising campaign, let them know everything there is to know about your law firm. Information is a two-way street, you will also be successful in getting your ad agency to open up as well. Knowing you are working with, and their strengths and weakness, can go a long way toward building a long-lasting relationship. More importantly, it will help you and your ad agency develop the right type of campaign.

Talk Openly About Marketing Victories and Failures

This is kind of an extension of above, but along with full disclosure, let your agency know about campaigns that worked and campaigns that failed. If something worked well in the past, perhaps it can work well again. Or, maybe there are changes that need to be made to update a past success.

In the same fashion, if you know something failed before, let your ad agency know. You are “in the trenches” and your marketing firm may not be. That means you have “boots on the ground” and you know your geographical market, you know your clients, how they think, what makes them convert. Don’t hold back. You are a wealth of knowledge, share that with your marketing firm.

Here is a big tip. If your advertising agency HASN’T taken time to interview you, or pick your brain about your market, it’s probably time to dump them and shelf your current nonproducing campaign.

Determine Which Marketing Medias You’re Willing to Invest In

If you’re of the mindset that you only need to advertise in one media, you’re screwed. Would you put all of your “eggs in one basket”? No, you would not. So why would you do that with your advertising campaigns? Your marketing plan is a LEAD funnel, or at least it should be if done correctly. Better yet, your advertising campaign is an investment that is supposed to lead to an ROI for your law firm. It is how you GET PAID.

You need to take time to analyze your market and what your competition is doing. If your competitors are killing it on TV, you should crush them on TV. If billboards or digital ads are bringing in the cases, go tap into those medias and gobble up your piece of the pie. Or, if you utilize our firm, eat the WHOLE pie and save none for the rest.

Identify Your Key Performance Indicators and Your Law Firm Marketing Agencies KPI’s

A KPI is a “key performance indicator”. And, before you SPEND a PENNY with a law firm marketing agency, you better make sure you’re all on the SAME PAGE. See, for too long now, law firm marketing companies and attorney SEO marketing agencies have SOLD “bs” to law firms.

They “paint” a picture that their agency is the best law firm marketing company around, and they have some “magic” medicine to cure the law firm’s “illness” of not getting new clients. However, monthly later when the law firm is pissed off because there are no new clients, the marketing firm says “well we hit our KPIs”.

See, most attorney SEO firms and law firm marketing companies’ idea of the top KPI’s are NOT the same as the attorneys they represent. Do you really care about impressions, first page rankings, keywords that come up, and how many social media posts were made? NO, you don’t care AT ALL about that nonsense. All those items are supposed to be TOOLS that your law firm marketing agency utilized to deliver the ONLY KPI you care about… HOW MANY NEW PAYING CLIENTS did your law firm land from the MONEY you invested. PERIOD.

Make SURE you and your law firm marketing agency are on the same page when it comes to key performance indicators.

Ask for Positive Case Studies from Law Firms in Your Same Vertical

This one should be super self-explanatory. If you are being pitched by a law firm marketing agency that they are the best at generating leads and new business for your area of law, they MUST have helped OTHER attorneys in your field in the past. Right?

Call them on their BS or find out that they are telling the truth and they really are the law firm marketing agency you should partner with. Ask them for case studies of law firms in your same vertical, law firms they have helped, and ask for documentation.

Ask for Honest Reviews from Clients Who Did Not Have Success with the Marketing Agency

It’s easier than you think to get bogus reviews. While it’s always a good idea to talk to happy clients, it’s an even BETTER idea to talk to clients who DID NOT have the best results with a potential law firm marketing company. See, just because a campaign didn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean the law firm is left with a bad taste in their mouth.

We are NOT always 100% effective. Sometimes, campaigns just don’t work. Yes, it’s very rare. We do our homework upfront. But, yes, it has happened. However, even the VERY FEW (4) law firms who didn’t get the “best’ results from our campaigns were NOT left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Sometimes law firms “WANT” to advertise but they are just not “SET UP” for it the right way. We had one law firm that wanted to dive into family law, but they were 30 years vested into criminal defense, they just couldn’t break through the mold that they could ALSO represent divorce clients. They were also in a well-established market.

Point being, ASK a new potential law firm marketing agency is you can talk with a client or two who may have not had the best results. That way you get a chance to hear both sides of the “coin” and also, you get a feel for the honesty level of a potential ad agency.

Find Out What Work and Role You Will Need to Play with Your Marketing

Don’t be so quick to sign with a law firm marketing agency until you KNOW in WRITING what they will want your role to be. Do you need to make videos? Are you writing content? You want to fully understand what your advertising company expects your role to be. If a potential agency wants you be involved with producing content, and you don’t want to produce content, you want to know that upfront.

Too often law firms sign up with marketing agencies, only to find out after the fact, that they now have “monthly homework” to do. Don’t get pulled into a situation that adds work to your pile, if that’s NOT what you had intended.

When to Hire Us and When to Look for a Better Fit for Your Law Firm

We are NOT a law firm SEO agency. If you’re looking to simply rank online, or if you’re not willing to invest in a lead generation campaign, we’re not going to work well together. Our law firm marketing company is a full-service ad agency. We build campaigns focused on ROI and increasing revenue to the law firm.

If you’re really looking to GROW and obtain MORE cases each month, we are a good fit. If you’re looking for a simple affordable solution to improve your SEO in a small market, we are a bad fit.

 Things Big Bang Does Well

Lead generation. Period. We look at SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, social media, TV, Radio, and Print as TOOLS to drive you new cases per month. Our job is to MAKE YOU MONEY. We do a lot of research upfront to identify not only your competitors, but most of all, to figure out ways to BEAT your competitors. If you are truly serious about obtaining new cases, we just might be the best law firm marketing company for you.

Things Big Bang Does Not Do Well

We do not work well with small law firms or under funded law firms. Our business model is built on increasing your ROI. If you don’t have enough money to invest in your campaigns, we cannot hit the mark. Also, if you are in a small geo market, and are just looking for basic SEO, we are a bad fit.

 Putting all Your Eggs in a Digital Marketing Basket

One big PROBLEM we have is law firms that want to put all their eggs in one basket. It doesn’t work. Look, in our opinion, the point of marketing is to bring in new business. You cannot survive just focusing on SEO or online marketing. You need to invest in a full spectrum advertising campaign. TV, radio, print, these all HELP improve your digital leads. Simply put, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

What the Best Law Firm Marketing Companies Focus On

In our opinion, the best law firm marketing companies focus on making you money. The whole point of investing money in an advertising campaign is to make a return on your investment. In order to make money, you need new clients “ready-willing-and able” to retain your law firm. Here is a quick list of some of the things we focus on at Big Bang. Remember, there are lots of law firm marketing agencies out there. What we believe is important is to partner with ad agency that is the best law firm marketing company for you and your firm.

How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company


Our number one goal is to produce an ROI. We believe that law firms should make more money than they spend on advertising. If we are able to provide a return on your investment, we believe we hit our mark and at a bare minimum, are on the right path toward an effective advertising campaign.

Branding and Reputation

Building your law firm’s brand and reputation is also important. You want to invest effectively, so that your firm becomes synonymous with a certain type of legal representation. A very well build ad campaign, over time, will increase your direct traffic. Potential clients will ALREADY KNOW to call your firm when they are faced with a specific legal matter, think Larry H. Parker in Los Angeles for injury law.

Monthly Cases

Too often law firms get reports about impressions, clicks, and traffic. However, the whole point of getting a high number of impressions, and clicks, and traffic is to drive you LEADS that convert to NEW CASES. That’s why our law firm marketing agency preforms weekly lead funnel calls with our clients. You have “boots on the ground” and the information you have access to in regards to calls and new cases is vital. We can make adjustments to campaigns, increase or decrease spends, as we work together to hit the ONLY goal that matters, increasing new monthly cases.

 Staying Ahead of the Marketing Curve and Watching Your Competition

It’s important to know what your competitors are doing, where the are investing their marketing dollars, and how they are obtaining new cases. Likewise, you will want to know about new forms of marketing, what’s going on in the digital realm with SEO and paid search and social. Knowledge is king, and a good law firm marketing company will do their homework monthly and report back to you with their findings.

Hiring the Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Your Law Firm

Today, we talked about ways you can help make sure you land with the advertising agency best suited for your legal practice. Hiring the best law firm marketing company for your law firm isn’t easy. If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this article, you’d be flush with new cases and signing the praises of your current ad agency.

We talked about things we believe attorneys should consider before retaining a law firm marketing company. In addition, we talked about things we believe we at Big Bang excel at as well as things we may be not be a good fit for. Lastly, we touched on topics, tactics, and steps taken by productive law firm advertising agencies.

Look, at the end of the day, attorneys have a lot of options when it comes to hiring an advertising agency for their firm. Some are good, some are bad, few are great. Here are some of the highlights of Big Bang and what attorneys get when they utilize our agency.

How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company

Number One: No Contracts – Month to Month Engagement

We know attorneys won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Our goal is to make you money, and if we succeed, you will stay with us for life. That’s why we don’t lock our clients into contracts. Work with us because you WANT to, not because you have to. 

Number Two: We Set up Campaigns Prior to Charing you a Penny

It’s important to do our homework upfront. We need to make sure we can tackle your competition. That’s why we design a strategy we believe in, and build your campaign, prior to signing you or charging you.

Number Three: Non-Compete Clauses

We want to crush your competition, not work with them and help them. We provide our clients with a non-compete clause.

Number Four: Client Owns the Website

Your website and content elements are your intellectual property. You own everything. As it should be. 

Number Five: Full-Service Ad Agency – We Handle Digital and Traditional Marketing

Big Bang is not an SEO firm. We are a full-service law firm marketing agency. We handle TV, radio, print, as well as digital. Our goal is to make you money and build your brand through blended campaigns that carry continuity across all your marketing media. That’s how you get your law firm’s message across correctly. 

Number Six: ROI Based Campaigns

Money talks and “BS” walks. Our agency doesn’t shove “fluffy” reports down your throat. It’s about making you money, period. 

Number Seven: Weekly Lead Funnel & Case Intake Reviews

We track everything. Each week we work with your law firm to track calls, conversions, and how many new cases were retained. 

If you and your law firm are tired of the “same old same old” give us a call. We’d love to talk shop and see if there is a way we can help you grow your practice. The call is free, the consultation and campaign reviews are free, and you have nothing to lose. Call Big Bang Marketing today if you want to work with an agency that many have told us is the best law firm marketing company they have ever utilized.

Call Big Bang Marketing Today if You’re Ready to Grow Your Law Firm – Get Better Case Leads Within Weeks Not Months

If you’re tired of watching your marketing budget go up in flames, give Big Bang Marketing a call today. We know how to build law firm marketing campaigns that work. Stop being lied to by Attorney SEO Marketing agencies, organic SEO does not work without paid ads, period. You MUST invest in your law firm, invest in your advertising campaign, and if built and managed correctly you can get your law firm phones ringing in a matter of WEEKS, not months.

Drop us a line and let’s launch something today. Come find out what lawyers look to us to manage their case lead generation needs. At Big Bang, we put our client’s needs first. Call us today and finally obtain the marketing results you’ve been looking for. Check out of some the types of law firms we help below, or call us now to schedule a free ad campaign analysis.