Growing Your Law Firm With Blended Marketing Campaigns

Once again, it’s time for our monthly law firm marketing blog and newsletter. And, once again, we were asked by some of our Account Executives to provide detailed information as to why we at Big Bang always recommended multiple ad avenues. Yes, it is correct, we do provide very effective digital marketing campaigns. And yes, we do advertise as a direct provider for attorney SEO advertising. However, we do not consider ourselves just a digital agency. In fact, we at Big Bang have made a point of providing multiple marketing vehicles. We pride ourselves on being a full-service marketing agency. So, today, we decided to talk about growing your law firm with blended marketing campaigns. Digital alone won’t cut it. Traditional without digital leaves a void in your pocketbook. But together, digital and traditional become your law firm’s secret weapon.

In today’s article, about growing your law firm with blended marketing campaigns, we’re going to discuss the following items:

  1. What is a blended marketing/media campaign?
  2. Why do law firms need to invest in blended campaigns?
  3. Why do digital campaigns need television and radio to really succeed?
  4. Are traditional campaigns affordable?
  5. How can Big Bang Marketing effectively build digital and traditional campaigns?

So, grab yourself a pen and paper, take notes, and get ready to gain inside information about how the law firm marketing gurus at Big Bang help attorneys acquire the case leads they so desperately need.

Growing Your Law Firm With Blended Marketing Campaigns

What is a Blended Media Marketing Campaign? 

A blended media marketing campaign is exactly what it sounds like. Just like a blender or food processor, a blended campaign takes all your advertising mediums and mixes them together. And, just like any good blender or food processor, the higher the quality of the machine, the better job it does. In addition, the better the types of foods or ingredients you use, the better your concoction tastes. Our law firm marketing company truly understands the needs and wants of attorneys. In order to obtain the best results, we rely heavily on blended marketing campaigns. A blended campaign lets us take your digital marketing, so your organic search engine optimization, your social media, your paid ads, as well as your OTT and COMBINE them with your traditional marketing campaigns such as television, radio, billboards, and print. By combining your ads, and allowing ONE agency to work them, you eliminate “too many cooks in the kitchen” and most importantly, you deliver continuity throughout your campaigns.

A blended marketing campaign is hands down, the most powerful marketing tool for law firms. Period. When you merge or blend, your digital ads and traditional marketing, you deliver a POWERFUL message to potential clients. If you’re an injury firm, and your desire is to acquire more MVA leads or Med-Mal cases, you can embed your tagline and message into the minds of new clients by driving home your brand. Say you are looking to pick up more DUI leads, running radio ads during the drive to work or home helps create an earworm. Or if you’re a family law or divorce attorney, placing your billboards in geographical areas with higher income earning families can significantly help.

How does adding traditional marketing to your digital ads help? Simple, your digital ads get you to the top of the first page of the SERP’s, but there are also multiple other law firms. The traditional ads help searchers remember who are when they ready your firm’s name, and thus you get the click.

Why Do Law Firms Need to Invest in Blended Campaigns? 

So, we’ve explained what a blended ad strategy is. But, why do law firms need to invest in blended media campaign? Simple, in order to hit your advertising goals. Every solid marketing campaign is loaded with KPI’s. For our law firm clients (and we bet for all law firms investing money in marketing) the number one goal or KPI is ROI. Obtaining a return on your investment requires leads, quality leads, and a solid amount of new cases each month. But why does an attorney need to invest capital into digital as well as traditional marketing vehicles, why not one or the other?

Let’s start with how digital advertising really works. Forget what your current attorney SEO company or law firm marketing agency has told you. Simply put, digital ads put your law firm (if done so correctly) on the first page of the search engines (primarily Google) and with paid ads right at the TOP. This is important, because if a potential client is “google searching” for a car accident, divorce, criminal, or employment law attorney YOU and YOUR law firm want to pop up on top of the first page.

In addition, someone “google searching” for a keyword is IN THE MARKET to retain an attorney. They are ready, willing, and (should be) able to hire you. So, so far sounds like digital marketing is the BEST things since sliced bread, a no-brainer, who needs traditional marketing right? Not so fast…

While digital media, online advertising, SEO, and paid are important, they do NOT work well all on their own. See, this is where MOST (if not all) law firm marketing companies fail, most attorney SEO agencies screw up, they are just not bluntly honest. Yes, digital gets (again if done correctly) your law firm to the first page. But there are ALSO nine to twelve OTHER law firms there as well. You are NOT ALONE on the first page nor even the top of the first page.

Furthermore, would you as an attorney ever “google search” for a lawyer should you need one? No, absolutely not. More importantly, would your spouse, children, family members, friends, or even the annoying gym member who you ONLY see at the gym and who doesn’t even know your full and just knows you as “the lawyer guy”? NO, they would not. Why? Because they know YOU. So they are going to ask YOU for help or at least a referral.

Digital searchers either DON’T know an attorney, don’t know a family friend who knows one, and most of all did not remember a TV commercial, radio jingle, or billboard for an attorney. You’re probably reading this going, “hey I thought you said traditional ads work and I should not rely solely on digital”, keep reading. It will come full circle. HOWEVER, here is the catch… ONCE the searcher “google finds” law firms located on the first page of Google, they READ the NAMES of the firms. They then REMEMBER those catchy radio jingles, the over the top and funny TV commercials, or the flashy billboards they pass on the way to work.

Traditional media drastically increases your conversions. Digital gets the ball the goal line. Traditional punches the ball into the end zone. One without the other is like digging a hole and kicking the sand back in.

Types of Additional Media Lawyers Can Invest in to Blend Their Campaigns 

At Big Bang, we are a full service law firm marketing company. We believe law firms need to spread their investment over a broad spectrum of media. Below are a few of the top traditional media buys we highly recommend to all of our clients, and to an attorney who is dead serious about growing their practice and obtaining more and higher quality cases.

  • Television Commercials
  • Radio Ads
  • Billboards – Traditional and Digital
  • Gas Station Pump Ads – Digital
  • Bus Benches 
  • Bus Ads – Digital 
  • Direct Mail & Print
  • Investing in Local High School Sports Banners
  • OTT
  • Closed Caption TV – Gyms & Bars 

Why do Digital Campaigns Need Television and Radio to Really Succeed and Produce Case Leads? 

As we mentioned earlier, digital allows you to tap into potential clients who are actively searching for your legal service. However, since they had no clue who to call, and they are turning to Google for help finding an attorney, the searcher has ZERO loyalty. Think about it this way, if a past client you kicked butt for raved about you and your stunning service and referred a family or friend to you, that person is going to WANT to TALK to you and HIRE you. Even if they call your firm and you’re busy, they will WAIT for a CALL BACK.

That will NEVER happen with digital alone. The searcher has NO loyalty, doesn’t know you from Adam, and if you don’t pick up or knock their socks off right away, they are going to call the NEXT lawyer on the list. And, even if you DO knock their socks off, they STILL may call other lawyers they found next to your ad, just to get a better price or second opinion.

Traditional marketing however HELPS solve this problem. It puts your FACE, your VOICE, your IMAGE out there. It creates an earworm, or memory, that is triggered ONCE the searcher sees your ad. Traditional gets that searcher to not only click on YOUR ad out of the other 10 – 12 ads there, but it ALSO builds INSTANT clout, credibility, and trust.

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Most important of all, TV does something that digital can NEVER do. It creates MORE potential clients. Here is how…

When someone goes to Google or any search engine or social feed, they’ve made a choice to look for an attorney. Just like if you go to Grubhub or Postmates, you’ve made a decision to look for food to eat. Essentially, that potential client has already chosen to look for a lawyer. Whereas with traditional media, you can create MORE searchers or MORE potential clients.

“John or Jane Smith” just got out of County Jail, or served divorce paperwork, or got injured in a car crash. They are home, watching TV, and all of the sudden YOUR commercial comes on. They hadn’t thought about hiring an attorney just yet, but now YOU and YOUR commercial (traditional ad) sparked the thought to retain an attorney. Digital can never and will never do that.

Building Your Law Firm’s Brand 

Traditional builds your law firm’s brand. The goal of your marketing campaign is to get more and better leads. But, wouldn’t it be nice if your potential new clients STOPPED “searching for keywords” and STARTED searching for your NAME when they needed the assistance of an attorney? TV, radio, billboards, traditional marketing can make YOUR NAME and your firm’s name synonymous with your area of law. Be the GO TO car crash lawyer, the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE criminal defense firm, or the GET EVEN divorce law firm. Traditional can take you to the promised land.

Are Traditional Campaigns Affordable?

Yes, 100% affordable. More importantly, asking yourself if traditional marketing is affordable is the WRONG question. The question is, can you afford NOT to invest in it. The answer is, NO. No you cannot. If you want to grow your law firm, gobble up quality leads, increase your firm’s control over a geographical territory that feeds you new clients, and build your brand then you MUST invest in traditional marketing.

Don’t be afraid of high priced media buyers. In addition, don’t assume TV or radio is to costly. Instead, think about your ad campaigns as investments. It’s NOT what you SPEND it’s what you MAKE. Would you rather pay $9,500.00 a month for SEO and earn $11,000.00 a month from leads you obtained, or worse, LOSE money? Or would you rather invest $100,000.00 into blended campaigns but EARN $350,000.00 in revenue from leads you acquired?

It’s the old saying, if you handed me a One Hundred Dollar Bill, and I handed you back two One Hundred Dollar Bills, how many Benjamin Franklin’s would you keep handing over? Traditional media can do this for your law firm. Don’t go cheap, don’t be afraid, and like American Express, don’t leave home without it… IF you’re going to take on an advertising campaign for your firm.

How Can Big Bang Marketing Effectively Build Digital and Traditional Campaigns?

Simple, the law firm marketing gurus at Big Bang have over 100 plus years of combined experience. For nearly a decade and a half, we’ve been helping law firms navigate the muddy waters of advertising. Our law firm marketing agency is built of fancy reports, or bogus KPI’s. We care about one thing and one thing only, getting you new quality cases each month. It’s a simple goal, but the only true goal that matters. You, and your law firm, must obtain leads to grow. We can help. Here is how.

At Big Bang we have digital marketing teams as well as traditional marketing teams. We work hand in hand, together, to deliver continuity throughout all of your ad campaigns. Furthermore, we are direct media buyers and paid ad specialists. we have the experience, the knowledge, and the moxie to push your law firm to the next level. We’ve helped law firms coast to coast obtain more case leads, better case leads, and grow their ROI. Call us today at (818) 877-7701 to schedule a free, no-pressure marketing analysis.

Let’s grow your firm in 2022.