Google SEO Tips for Attorneys

If you’re a frequent visitor to our website, then you know we talk a lot about content. Technically, if you’re reading our website, we write a lot about content, but hey, let’s just move forward. That’s our little joke for the day. Anyway, the point is this, we are a BIG proponent for quality SEO content. It’s one of the big items we usually see issues with when potential new clients ask us to analyze their current campaign. In fact, content is such an important key factor to organic rankings that Search Engine Journal published an amazing article today about what Google states are the TOP 3 SEO tactics. You may have guessed it, content is number ONE.

So, we wanted to dive deeper into this topic. Google SEO tips for Attorneys are the same as they are for everyone else. Content, Meta Data, and Site Performance. However, writing content for lawyers isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you need quality content that is informative yet captivating. Trying to type a zillion words about auto accidents or how to defend a DUI takes time. Next, you need to account for the fact that the content needs to be unique. Lest we not forget, you also have to write so it’s fun to read yet readable by a broad audience, not just those who understand legal jargon. Finally, you need to optimize the content and then figure out how to link it to the best sources.

Did you take a breath while reading? Okay, so it’s obvious that content is difficult to produce. The best part about Big Bang Marketing is that we write all of the content for you. From your blogs to your inner pages, even our off page content and social postings are published by our in-house writers. Content is king, has been, and will for the foreseeable future. Yet, content alone won’t cut it, there is more to solving this equation.

How to get Quality SEO Rankings 

Before we go deeper into this topic, let’s first take a minute to identify what we believe is a quality ranking versus a non-quality ranking. For this example, to keep it short and to the point, we will pretend that you the reader are a Criminal Defense Attorney looking to get DUI cases in Los Angeles. A quality ranking would be if your website came up in the top of the search results, on page one, for keywords like the following:

  1. DUI Attorney (found you locally based upon the geographical location of the search device knowing you’re in Los Angeles)
  2. DUI Lawyer
  3. DUI Attorney in Los Angeles
  4. Los Angeles DUI Lawyer
  5. DUI Attorney Consultation
  6. DUI Lawyer near me
  7. Affordable DUI Attorney

All of these terms above show massive search traffic, and subsequently, cost a solid amount of money for paid search campaigns. That means the cost per click is higher than other similar terms. Economics 101 tells us supply and demand dictate price. The supply of ranking on the top page of Google comes down to three slots, which can drive the price per click over a hundred bucks in Los Angeles. Thus, these are very “quality” rankings.

Unfortunately, a lot of SEO Firms do not put enough effort into their organic tactics. Most so-called SEO companies are using Fivver or another outsourcing tool to “pawn” off your content. This means that the most important aspect of your organic rankings is sent to the lowest bidder.¬† Thus, you rank for “garbage” long-tailed search terms that NO ONE has EVER “Google searched” before. A non-quality ranking would something like these terms, again, pretending you’re in Los Angeles.

  1. Driving Intoxicated Defense 90220
  2. Cheapest Defender for DUI 90023
  3. DUI Intoxication Defense Law Firm in Torrance
  4. Los Angeles DUI Law Firm near Santa Monica
  5. Lawyers for DUI in or near Glendale, CA

While on the surface it may look “cool” to rank high, when you dive deeper into the analytics you quickly realize it’s smoke and mirrors. You can rank yourself, all on your own, without paying any SEO firm a penny for garbage words like these above. No one is searching these terms, so to come up on the top of page one takes minutes, not weeks or months. Sadly, the majority of campaigns we see from so-called “guaranteed SEO companies” delivery these types of placements.

Using SEO for Law Firm Marketing

Aside from content, there are other elements that should be considered when considering using SEO for Law Firm marketing. Image optimization, site speed and user experience, calls to action and ease of website functions, as well as social media can all be instrumental in making your SEO campaign successful. However, even the best organic SEO campaigns are not complete without Google AdWords. I know, it sounds cliche, but AdWords are like steroids for your campaign.

Lawyers need new cases monthly. We know this. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has found an amazing partner to manage your marketing. Realistically, if you’re still reading this post, your campaign is dying on a vine. If your law firm is ready for the phones to ring, reach out to us today. We offer a true site analysis, not some marketing ploy, and we do this for free. You can take all the notes you like, and then determine if you want to try and tackle the work yourself, or hire us. You pick. Our certified programmers, content publishers, SEO gurus, and AdWords Professionals are standing by to help turn your law firm marketing campaign around.