Google AdWords for Attorneys

Lot’s of SEO and marketing agencies have their niches. So do we, and one of them is working with Law Firms, and managing Google AdWords for Attorneys. We could spend all day, and all week, explaining to you why we are amazing at marketing for lawyers. To keep it short, we simply understand what it is that Law Firms want and expect out of their marketing spend. See, with the exception of one or two marketing agencies, every other SEO company we know of wants to charge attorneys for items or services. Meaning, they expect lawyers to pay thousands of dollars a month for social media posts or content or hosting.

Now, when a Law Firm is FIRST approached by one of these SEO firms, the rep on the phone talks about how wonderful their marketing is. Two months later when the phone doesn’t ring, that same SEO firm tells you that they don’t sell leads just work, and worse, that you STILL owe them money even though you haven’t received one client from their so called marketing efforts. This is a bait and switch, a hustle, and it has gone on too long in the SEO industry.

Benefits of Google AdWords for Law Firms

Okay, so if you’re continuing to read this post you are probably stressing about your marketing campaign. SEO is great, but alone it is not enough. See, other marketing agencies are NOT focusing on what matters most to Law Firms. Attorneys care about one thing from their marketing budget, getting NEW clients EVERY month. A lawyer could care less if the leads come from television, radio, print, SEO, or Google AdWords. Law Firms JUST want the clients coming in consistently. The benefits of Google AdWords for Law Firms is that your phone can RING right away and you can get NEW clients from day one.

Setting up an AdWords campaign is something you can do all on your own, or with the help of an AdWords Professional. At Big Bang Marketing we believe we have the industry insight and techniques that can stretch your budget. From understanding Cost Per Click and Cost Per Acquisition to managing your campaigns Quality Score, we have you covered. Best of all, we manage your campaign in-house. You can pick up the phone and speak directly to your AdWords rep.

Attorney Marketing and Getting Client Leads from Google Searches 

We know that Law Firms have a lot of choices when it comes to their SEO and SEM. Attorney marketing and getting client leads from Google searches can help bring new business to a law practice. Yet, a marketing campaign must be managed effectively. We have offices coast to coast, and certified professionals on staff who can assist with developing a strategy for your Law Firm. Whether you’re a Personal Injury Attorney or a Criminal Defense Lawyer, we can help you grow your client base. Call us today to speak with a CSR Account Analyst to schedule a meeting with one of our programmers.