Getting Higher Quality Client Leads for Your Law Firm

If you’re taking the time to read this article, or if you’ve stumbled across it because you were “google” searching late at night, hoping to find an answer to your marketing problem, keep reading. Today, we’re going to talk about getting higher quality client leads for your law firm. In addition, we’re going to identify our top 10 law firm marketing tips for attorneys in 2021. Better yet, we’re going to discuss ways you can lower your costs and increase your profits, simply by streamlining your campaigns.

How do we know all of this? Do we have a secret cheat sheet to the ever-annoying and changing world of digital marketing? Did we have an inside track with radio and television networks, so we can offer you the craziest low-price deals? No, we have no special tricks or connections. We know how to fix your law firm’s marketing problems because we believe (because our clients tell us so) that we are the best law firm marketing agency in the nation. We’ve been in biz for over 12 years and our marketing team has over 150 years of combined legal and advertising experience. Bluntly put, we’ve tried everything possible, fallen on our face lots of times, but got back up and learned. We know how to take you from ZERO to HERO in few clicks.

So, if you’re sitting up late at night pissed off because you’ve just blown hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that brought in diddly squat, you’re not alone. 2021 is the year for you to stop being a sucker to shady SEO and marketing companies and to TAKE CONTROL of your OWN law firm’s advertising campaigns. We can help, and we’ve helped firms coast to coast CRUSH their competitors.

Sit back, breathe, and read. Let’s talk about getting higher quality client leads for your law firm and growing your legal practice.

Our Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Tips for 2021

If you’re looking to turn your law firm’s marketing strategy around, you need to start being honest with yourself. Before we go any further, let us pause and be totally upfront with you. We never, ever want to come off disrespectful or rude. Quite the opposite, we want to be totally transparent and blunt because we CARE about your success.

You’re not going to want to pay us a penny if we cannot make you money. So it’s a “lose-lose” for us to paint you pretty pictures that don’t exist, or over-promise you nonsense just to get you to sign a contract. We don’t have contracts. We don’t lock our clients into utilizing our services. So, when we tell you it has to be a certain way, that’s because we’re looking out for YOUR best interests. If we can make you a “fat-amount” of money you will NEVER have a qualm about paying us.

So, as you read our top 10 law firm marketing tips for 2021, please do not get offended. It’s for your own good. Laugh a little too, we try to throw in humor, it may help lessen how bad your wallet hurts after blowing all that money in 2020. (laugh now)

Don’t be Cheap

Okay, usually we build up to harsh news. Kind of like breaking up with someone who was REALLY nice to you. It wasn’t their fault, they were super cool and carrying, you just weren’t into them. You didn’t want to smash their feelings the same way you did with a partner who treated you like dirt. No, with this break up you wanted to caudle their feelings. We normally do that when we have to deliver bad news. So, normally we’d have slid this tip down toward the bottom. It’s 2021, we still have COVID to deal with and madness in our world. The time for pampering is over, it’s time to make MONEY. So, here is a big tip for 2021. Don’t be CHEAP.

Look, as you read through this list you’re going to like a lot of what you read. Guess what, these campaigns and tactics cost MONEY. Lot’s of it. However, you need to look at your marketing spend differently in 2021. Our first tip, don’t be cheap. Open up your wallet and get ready to spend money, Our next tip will help soften this first tip up.

Treat Your Marketing Spend as an Investment Instead of a Recurring Bill

Okay, we know our first tip came off harsh. Wasn’t meant to be rude, we just need you to wake up. If you want to get higher quality leads, we need to take them away from your competitors. No marketing company can go out and make more auto accident claims happen (if you get approached with this it’s probably from a group who is going to give you an offer you can’t refuse “que the Godfather music”). So, with a limited amount of “solid injury claim cases” and a hornet’s nest of competitors, you NEED to give yourself a fighting chance.

Our advice is to STOP looking at your marketing spend as this annoying monthly recurring bill and INSTEAD, treat it as an investment. Or better yet, an investment engine. The more gas you put into the engine (and high-quality gas) the longer the engine runs and the better it performs. Try to look at your marketing budget as an investment, meaning it’s not what you SPEND but how much money you MAKE from the campaigns. As long as you turn a profit, the campaign is working. You can always fine-tune and adjust to increase the profits.

Focus on making money, not stressing over what it costs. If you could spend $5,000.00 a month to not make anything or $50,000.00 a month to make $5,000.00 in profits, what would you choose? Could you imagine a campaign at $150,000.00 a month that brought you $75,000.00 in profits? Yes? That’s our point.

Google Screened

If you’re an attorney, and you want to get lots of leads from your digital campaign, you NEED to learn all you can about the Google Screened process. Google has retained the services of a third-party company known as Pinkerton. The process is a bit of a pain, but we’re at the forefront of helping law firms through the signup. The Google Screened real estate is on top of the traditional paid ads, so it’s the prime spot from a SERPs standpoint. If you want to get higher quality case leads, you need to get on this bandwagon ASAP. Period.

Geotargeting and Geofencing

Paid search had become more advanced, and with that said, there are now ways you can “paint” a fence around your potential clients. Geotargeting and Geofencing are great ways to get in front of new potential clients. These types of campaigns are not easy to run, and if not managed correctly, could cost you a pretty penny. We know how to capitalize on these types of campaigns, so hurry up and call us.


How much money do you think you’ve wasted on ads, where potential clients click or land on your ad (costing you money) but then leave without making a contact? You’d be surprised (actually you wouldn’t cause you’ve lost thousands of dollars on your current campaigns) at how high the percentage is when you look at bounced/lost clicks and visits. Retargeting allows you to “drip” on potential clients who clicked on an ad, left your site, and went somewhere else. You NEED to take this into account in 2021. This can be done with multiple paid search platforms, and it works super well for law firms (especially family law and personal injury).

Bot and Click Fraud Protection

Forbes published a shocking report about Big Brands turning their ads off but witnessing NO drop in results. However, when small businesses turned off their ads, they got clobbered. While that aspect of the report was interesting, it wasn’t the BIGGEST thing revealed. According to Forbes, they estimated that the majority of the clicks (we’re talking 60 to 80 percent of the clicks) were bot clicks, or fraudulent clicks. In 2021, you want to invest in a click protector such as ClickGuard. Or, utilize a Google Partner agency that has its own system in place to track and mitigate fraudulent clicks.

YouTube Videos and Ads

YouTube is a great place to pick up clients. Due to the COVID pandemic, and more people than ever stuck at home streaming, YouTube has been better than ever. Here is the caveat, you have to KNOW what you’re doing to succeed on this platform. Everyone knows the power of video and TV commercials. Attorneys love themselves, and they deserve to. TV networks love your wallets. YouTube allows you to tap into video commercial marketing without dipping into your kid’s college fund (or your Vegas trip fund).

Client Reviews and Reputation Building

Growing your brand has never been more important. With more people glued to their computers, tablets, and phones potential clients have ample time on their hands. That means they are going to do research, and a lot of it, before they pull the trigger on who to hire. If you want to be the “go-to” attorney for accident injury victims in your area, focus on your client reviews and build your local brand. Here are a few inexpensive ways you can do that.

Film Happy Clients at Your Office

A quality camera and tripod is NOT expensive. I bet the pajamas you wear cost more than that. Buy one. And in addition, set up a nice area in your office to film happy clients. Think about it, you settle a large injury claim and hand over a nice 6 figure check to a client. FILM them and have them provide a video testimonial. These can go on your website and on your YouTube account.

Buy Banners at Your Local High School

Be the “hometown hero” law firm. Invest in local high school sports teams. Buy banners at football stadiums, or any sporting event. Plaster your law firm all over the school, show your support for your local sports heroes. Guess what, they will remember you and your firm. So will their parents. It’s super inexpensive and goes a long way.

Participate in Online Legal Directories

Do you have 10 minutes a day you can spare? Of course you do, so hop on to AVVO or FindLaw and participate in their directories. You simply answer questions that people post about certain aspects of law and you get “brownie points” for doing so. Also, leave some “five-star reviews” for your “peers” and they will do the same for you. I know, sounds bogus and hokey. It is. But guess what, a potential client wants to see your law firm holding a perfect FIVE STAR AVVO badge. So, go make it happen. Or hire someone who will (hint hint call us now).

Radio Ads

Radio works. Period. You can easily afford to invest in radio ads, especially on local stations. People remember catchy radio jingles, and they become the ultimate earworm. Don’t think you cannot jump into this market, you just need to link up with a quality radio ad agency (hint to call us).

Television Marketing for Law Firms

Video killed the radio star. It’s also killing social media, SEO, and paid ads. That is, IF DONE correctly. And that is the catch, the killer catch. This only works IF it’s managed correctly. Look, if a picture is worth a thousand words that a classy (and catchy) television commercial is priceless. Not only is TV the Grandaddy of them all when it comes to branding your firm and building your status, it’s also the glue that binds all of your marketing avenues together.

TV ads increase direct traffic. They boost your digital performance as well, because once you land on the first page (even in the paid sections) there are OTHER law firms there as well. However, when they SEE YOUR NAME they REMEMBER your TV commercial and they click on you. TV also helps build trust and credibility, meaning half of (or all of) your selling job is OVER. The client WANTS to retain you, they cannot wait to work with you.

TV is bigger than ever, and now so many new streaming platforms it’s affordable. We rock at building and managing TV ad campaigns for attorneys. Call us now at (818) 877-7708 to find out more about television marketing for law firms.

Why Retain Big Bang Marketing as Your Law Firm Marketing Agency?

There are lots of law firm marketing agencies out there. Some are okay, most are bad, and very few are good. If you’re still reading this article, it’s because you’re stuck with a non-performing campaign and you’re pissed off. Every one of our clients who’s chosen to work with us has done so because they were not getting enough new business from their marketing spends. There is a reason why we’re successful. We don’t make money if you don’t make money.

At Big Bang, we don’t lock our clients into contracts. More importantly, we don’t throw fluff at you. No one cares about ranking reports and bogus click reports. Attorneys don’t want to hear nonsense about placements or how many social media posts were published. Law firms care about the BOTTOM line. How much money did you MAKE? Period. We know this.

Big Bang Marketing is an award-winning law firm marketing agency because we focus on the NUMBER ONE thing. Making our clients money. If you’re ready to make money in 2021, and grow your law firm, call us. We would love to talk shop.