Generate Personal Injury Leads

Out of all of the areas of law that attorneys can practice, personal injury is one of the toughest to make work. It just might be the hardest vertical of law to tackle when it comes to marketing. SEO and AdWords are supposed to generate personal injury leads. However, the majority of law firms who turn to us for their marketing do so because they simply haven’t had any traction with their current campaigns. We wanted to take a minute and discuss why this happens, especially when personal injury attorneys are spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on their marketing.

Most companies who claim to be SEO gurus or SEO programmers are simply just sales reps. They use service like Fiverr to outsource their services to. Meaning that your so-called SEO firm has NO idea who is really doing the work. This is insane, especially for attorneys. Do you really want someone who doesn’t understand the United States legal system, or even more specific, the area of personal injury, writing content and publishing on your website? The list of issues goes on and on with outsourcing. Why are we harping on this so much? Well, nearly every SEO firm is doing this. From content to design to AdWords and Social Media, the people working on your website aren’t employees of the company you’re paying money to.

How much do Google AdWords cost for Car Accident leads?

You might be spending thousands of dollars a month and not getting any calls. If you sit around asking yourself how much do Google AdWords cost for car accident leads then you are like a lot of lawyers. Yes, it is true, click costs for personal injury related terms can be high. In fact, WordStream recently published an article that the cost per click for mesothelioma attorney can go as high a $927.00. For one click. However, SEO firms are notorious for using this data to make you believe that you need to spend $50,000.00 a month on marketing. This is not true.

If your credit card is not being billed for organic and AdWords, and you don’t truly know how much of your money is being allocated for AdWords, then STOP paying your money marketing company asap.

Attorney Marketing in Woodland HillsĀ 

Our Woodland Hills Branch focuses a lot of their attention on Attorney Marketing in Woodland Hills. If you are a personal injury lawyer, and you really want your phone to ring, give us a call. Not only do we offer free SEO and paid search training courses, but we also have a guarantee for law firms. Our CSR Account Analysts are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am till 5:00 pm. They can assist you with scheduling a virtual meeting demonstration with our development department.

If you’re tired of spending thousands of dollars and NOT getting actual paying clients in return than call our office now. We have office locations and affiliates coast to coast. Our Southern California offices are located in Woodland Hills and Century City. We look forward to assisting your law firm today.