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We love to help educate our potential clients. Even if you decide not to utilize our firm, or if you want to try this yourself, our SEO Flight School explains everything from organic content architecture to Google AdWords management. This first step helps a potential client determine if we are a right solution for their marketing needs.


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During our analysis, we provide a plethora of information about content architecture, how to utilize blog posts effectively, as well as our insight on Google AdWords as certified professionals. We provide all of this information for free, without any obligation or pressure to use our services. Knowledge should be free. We learned, and so so can you.

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We are always willing to provide free information, tips, and techniques. If you have questions about SEO or SEM, WordPress or any CMS Platform, how to use the Google Search Console, or if you just want to chat about our services please call us for free or email us and we will lend an ear.

We teach you how SEO & Paid search  works

Whether you have questions about how you can increase your organic rankings or improve your ad conversions, we can help. Information should be free, and we offer classes and courses that help answer commonly asked questions. We discuss organic content, cost per click, cost per acquisition, as well as many other elements related to your online marketing campaign. 

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How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Your Legal Practice

How to Find the Best Law Firm Marketing Company for Your Legal Practice At Big Bang, we “eat-breathe-sleep law firm marketing”. Yes, we do provide advertising services to other fields such as medical, dental, and e-commerce. However, over 90% of our client pipeline is...

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Changing the Way You and Your Law Firm View Your Advertising Budget It’s here, the “dog days of summer” are upon us. If you’ve been to Target lately, you’ve already seen the rollout of back-to-school supplies. Stores are displaying fall candles and Halloween...

Google MUM and Creating Content for Lawyers

Google MUM and Creating Content for Lawyers For a long time law firms have played a "tug of war" watch between SEO content and the way they would word information. Attorneys are intelligent, and as such, their vocabulary and level of understanding are going to be much...

Performance Marketing for Attorneys

Performance Marketing for Attorneys  Welcome back to our law firm marketing blog. If you're joining us because you just finished pulling your hair out over your current advertising campaign, we hope to be of some relief. At Big Bang, we're all about results. Our...