Does SEO Actually Help Attorneys Get Clients

If you’re a frequent visitor to our website then you probably know that we love lawyers. In fact, we allocate a large portion of our efforts towards assisting law firms with their lead generation needs. Needless to say, there’s a lot of competition for attorneys. If you happen to practice in a medium to major sized city, your competition can seem overwhelming. This leads lawyers to look for lead sources. From SEO and Social to paid search, you’ve got options. Does SEO actually help attorneys get clients? It depends upon the campaign management team.

Search Engine Optimization started in 1997. Now, if you’re reading this article and you are an attorney, you know what SEO is. Our post today isn’t about the history of SEO, we’re not going to bore you with tons of technical jargon. This isn’t a sales pitch, and in fact, a lot of what we do you can do all by yourself for free. Many law firms reach out to us because they are referred by a friend or colleague. Every client, we’ve ever talked to, wants to know if SEO and Paid Search can increase client cases.

Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation 

Today we decided to tackle this topic head-on. It’s one thing for an SEO firm to explain how search works and to identify ranking tips. It’s another thing for an SEO firm to talk about the taboo subject of lead generation. Most Search Engine Optimization companies who focus on Digital Marketing for Attorneys RUN and HIDE from the two-headed monster. Lead Generation might as well be a four-letter word when it comes to lawyers and SEO developers talk to each other. Why is this, what makes lead gen so scary for SEO firms?

See, most SEO agencies want to take your money and do no work, or as little work as possible. There, you’re hearing this from an SEO developer and someone who’s been in the biz for over a decade. 90% of the SEO companies out there are bogus, scams, and really just a room of sales reps using big words to get you to buy. Locking you up in long term contracts, showing you phantom keyword rankings that have no search traffic, all of this probably sounds too familiar to you. None of this helps with lead generation.

Why am I not Getting Leads from my SEO Campaign? 

Like we mentioned above, SEO and Lead Generation are two very different things. SEO consists of publishing content, playing for programming and site structure, and link building to prove to a search engine that you deserve to rank on top. Let’s be real, we don’t need to say “search engines”, let’s just call a spade a spade and all bow down to Google. Lead Generation, is well, getting new leads. Super simple to tell the difference. However, SEO firms have been RIPPING attorneys off for YEARS by selling SEO as the BEST way to “market” their firm and “attract new clients” monthly.

This is where a line in the sand needs to get drawn. If your current SEO campaign isn’t getting you new clients per month then it’s a WASTE of your money and you should STOP paying you bill. Don’t fall victim to being bulled by some scam of an SEO firm. They can’t delete your information, there’s nothing they can do to hurt your presence. If they turn off your hosting, WHO cares, it’s not yielding you new clients anyway. You’re not getting leads because they are NOT using SEO as a tool to attract new client inquires.

How can I get clients for my law firm using SEO? 

If you want to obtain new clients using SEO, you need to start with content and a lot of it. Content is king of the SEO jungle. Think about how a potential client may search for legal services. Maybe they look for information online about how to file a lawsuit after a car crash. Perhaps they ask Google for a DUI Attorney near them. Try to imagine yourself as a potential client of your firm, what information would you want to know. Then, ask yourself what niche or info do you want a searcher to know about your firm?

Create unique articles, simply using Word, don’t even stress about using a CMS or website right away. Write down articles about topics you believe a potential client may find informative and helpful. See, it’s all about user experience and what a client can learn and take away from your article. Content is 90% of the SEO game. The other 10% is optimizing the content so that it “fits” with how Google reads data. The higher quality content you write, and the more of it you publish, the more you will grow organically.

Tips for writing Attorney SEO Marketing content to get leads 

Pretending to be a potential client is best. If you’re an injury attorney, pretend you need an auto accident lawyer or wrongful death attorney. Remember to keep your content informative, helpful, and enticing to read. Also, keep in mind your audience. If you’re attempting to attract car crash injury victims, you may want to mention how much money you’ve won or tag big case settlement data to your post. If the article is about wrongful death, you might want to take a more subtle approach and appear more caring and compassionate.

Here are some more tips for publishing Attorney SEO Marketing content:

  1. Check your local news for stories to talk about
  2. Always keep your content unique, don’t copy someone else’s work
  3. Ask your friends or collegues to rate your posts and articles
  4. Use high domain authority trusted links
  5. Publish a post at least once per week
  6. Don’t forget about off-page content like Google My Business or your Social Feeds
  7. Have fun and enjoy what you write, it’s about you and your firm