Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms

It’s here. We’ve made it through taking our kids trick or treating, we stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving, and we survived the shopping, office parties, and the inlaws over the winter holidays. The most wonderful time of the year for our kids and families is truly magical. However, for us, we’re ready to make a paycheck. All the money we spent during the holidays needs to be recouped. It’s the beginning of a new year. It’s time to push our people to grow our businesses, set new goals, and put in the hours to attain those goals. Big Bang is here, as we always are, to help your law firm start off 2020 on the right foot. Today, we’re going to discuss digital marketing versus traditional marketing for law firms.

Look, if you’re taking the time to browse our website or sit and read through our lengthy blog posts, chances are you’re an attorney looking to grow your business. While we help all professionals with lead generation needs, we do focus primarily on attorney marketing. In fact, our largest product and service offerings are geared toward assisting lawyers with their marketing as well as case and office management needs. Yes, we offer paralegal assistance services, 24-hour calls answering, as well as case management software services. However, the best thing we do for attorneys deals with generating new cases.

Now, most digital marketing agencies focus on either search engine optimization, pay per click, or a combination of both. While that’s fine and dandy, and some companies do very well at managing either one or both of those aspects of marketing, 9 times out of 10 they still fail to deliver what the law firm is truly looking for. What the lawyers are spending the money on, to begin with. New leads. Point blank, lawyers invest money into marketing to generate new business. Today, we’re going to help jump-start your 2020 law firm marketing campaigns with tips about how to use multiple forms of media to tackle your lead gen needs. So, with all of that said, let’s look at digital marketing versus traditional marketing for law firms, and in addition, see if there is a way to blend medias to boost the amount of client inquires your firm acquires.

What Type of Marketing Campaigns are Best for Attorneys? 

We wanted to sit down and tear apart the types of different marketing campaigns available to lawyers. We tasked two of our Sales Managers, Mr. Brett Weisler and Mr. Tanner Hix, to push their teams to identify what they believe to be the pros and cons of the different types of marketing tactics that attorneys can utilize. Next, we asked our Google AdWords team leads, organic SEO developers, and our content writers to work with our social media department to brainstorm what they believe are the strengths and weaknesses of digital marketing for law firms. We gave our staff two full weeks to perform their due diligence. While our digital teams did their “thing” we also asked the head of our Media Buying division, Gary Hewitt, to dive headfirst into gathering analytics on television and radio ads. We reconvened today, sat down, and as a team went through our findings. So, what did we find when we looked at digital marketing versus traditional marketing for law firms? Pretty interesting information.

We love numbers. Remember, we’re nerds. Data is everything. Who wants to shoot from the hip? Look in our opinion the majority of marketing agencies out there do not prepare for a client’s campaign correctly. Instead, they load a gun with a bunch of “bullets” and try to shoot at moving targets. Making matters worse, a lot of SEO firms don’t even do basic research. That’s like spinning in a circle, putting on a blindfold, and trying to hit moving targets in the dark. The analytics and data we obtained show a symbiont relationship. No, we’re not talking about midichlorians and Anakin Skywalker (hey we love the Phantom Menace). Never the less, it’s no Jedi mind trick, traditional marketing and digital marketing actually work much better together than they do on their own.

So, why is this? Why, after all these years and all the billizion-trillion phone calls you’ve received from SEO reps (yes including us, hey we gotta eat too) pitching you to go digital and to dump traditional marketing, why NOW are we telling you to STOP. Well, things change. The BERT algorithm was launched in October. No, this isn’t some shotty sales attempt, this update was more than big. It was game-changing. Now, this article isn’t about BERT or updates that shaped 2019, if you want to read about that click here. This article is about digging deep into the question of digital marketing versus traditional marketing for law firms going into 2020. Our research, and we like to believe that we did a very thorough and accurate job, shows us unequivocally that  SEO, PPC, Social, and all forms of digital marketing benefits greatly from traditional advertising. Here are our findings.

Television Marketing for Lawyers

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. By that math, a video must be worth a billion. Not so fast, advertising on television is about as volatile Kylo Ren. Cranky but powerful. So, if you’re looking for new leads should you invest in airtime? Television marketing for lawyers is age-old. It didn’t take long for attorneys to realize that podcasting their voice and airing their faces on the “boob tube” paid dividends. Legal marketing in the United States is a billion-dollar a year industry. We believe a solid portion of that should be directed back toward television. Here’s why.

Television Increases Direct Traffic to Your Website 

SEO and PPC help build organic and paid search traffic. The biggest “pitch” that all SEO sales reps (yes including ours) use to convince an attorney to buy digital marketing is the old “go where your clients go” line. If “John Smith” gets into an auto accident, if “Jane Smith” gets a DUI, if they don’t have an attorney or they don’t know a lawyer they will go to Google and, well, “google search” for a law firm. If you don’t come up on “page one” or on the “top of the ads” you’re screwed. Yes, this is the pitch you’ve heard over and over. Even from us, and it’s true. However, digital marketing alone isn’t enough. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising focus on referral traffic. Television helps increase direct traffic. Digital marketing cannot hold a candle to T.V. when it comes to boosting direct traffic.

Television Helps Brand Your Law Firm 

Digital Marketing is great for lead generation. There is no question about it. If you are able to strategically manage a campaign you can increase your law firm’s client acquisitions almost overnight. So, why not dump ALL of your marketing money into SEO and PPC? Here’s why, digital marketing only allows you to tap into clients who are searching online. Word of mouth and earworm clients won’t look for your services on Google. T.V. helps brand your law firm. It helps “stuff” your law firms name, jingle, and image into the minds of your potential clients. You see a “swoosh” you think Nike. We hear “we’ll fight for you” we think Larry H. Parker. Branding is big for law firms, and you need to set aside a portion of your marketing budget for it. Remember, digital is about lead generation. T.V. is about lead generation and branding. Here are two big things television branding can help with.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is always going to be king swinging you know what for your law firm. If your potential client “John Smith” hears from a trusted friend that you and your law firm are the Jedi knights of law than chances are John Smith is not only going to retain you, but he will also WAIT for you to call him back. There is NO loyalty with digital searches. Remember, if someone is searching online for an attorney it probably means they do not know an attorney. More so, they probably do not have a friend who knows a lawyer. Hence, why they are relying upon a search engine to find a law firm.

By airing your commercial on television, right wrong or indifferent, you build your clout within your community. You’re on T.V., you MUST be really good at what you do. While we know this is not the case, your potential clients don’t know this. So we can capitalize on it. T.V. helps significantly increase your word of mouth traffic. A friend has a friend who’s hurt, and says “oh you should call John Doe he wins millions”. NOT because that friend used your firm BUT because that friend SAW your ad on television.

Earworm Marketing 

An earworm is a piece of information that you store subliminally within your mind. You don’t think about it, it’s not a valuable piece of data your brain uses on a daily basis. However, something happens and that act or incident triggers your brain to access that earworm. Think about catchy jingles or tag lines. 15 minutes can save you how much? Oh yeah, 15%. Visa, it’s everywhere you want to be. Don’t leave home without what? Yes, American Express, that’s right. Television commercials help create a phenomenal earworm opportunity. When someone needs an attorney, they remember your jingle or catchy tag line. Digital marketing cannot do this. Television and radio can, and they do it very well.

Radio Marketing for Attorneys 

Just like television, radio helps with branding, word of mouth, and earworms. The other cool thing radio helps with is your local market. Geo-targeting is big, and digital marketing uses geo tactics when it comes to organic and paid search. In fact, a big part of a successful AdWords campaign is how you manage your geographical markets and audiences. Radio does this very well. In addition, local radio is very inexpensive and we believe our data shows great potential for branding.

Search Engine Optimization 

Yes, we are not advising you to dump organic SEO. Our big push for our clients to invest in television and radio in 2020 is to expand their marketing. Not cut back on it. The data we’ve collected again shows an undeniable symbiotic relationship between digital marketing and traditional advertising. Search engine optimization is still a “boss” when it comes to generating leads. Our research indicates that television and radio trump SEO and PPC when it comes to branding, word of mouth, and earworms. Likewise, digital marketing tramples all over traditional advertising when it comes to lead generation and capturing clients who are actively searching for legal representation online. You cannot forget to keep up with SEO. Here is why.

BERT and Neural Language Searching 

Again, as we mentioned earlier, this article is not about the BERT updates from 2019. We went into GREAT detail about neural matching in multiple articles throughout October, November, and December of 2019. However, SEO is going to see a BIG boost from BERT and the way it helps improve searches. You will want to pay attention to the way BERT affects how potential clients can locate information. Simply put, organic SEO is going to become much more conversational and less robotic. This means you need to work with an ad agency that understands content and who produces quality articles.

Talk to Search Inquires 

Talk to search inquires are only going to get bigger. As phones and AI become more advanced fewer people “type” to search than they “talk to search”. Voice search optimization is a must in 2020 and it’s a great way to generate some serious leads. When someone “asks” their phone a question they can request much more specific information that someone shorthand typing an inquiry. This leads to much better client calls and higher conversions.

Paid Search and Social Media 

Lest we not forget the real king of digital marketing, paid search. We LOVE Google AdWords. They are true, tried, and tested. Do yourself a favor and open up an ads campaign. Even if you do not use an agency, do it yourself. There are tons of online videos you can watch for free to get tips. You can also take the Google Academy classes online. The benefit of using an ad agency of Google Partner firm to manage your paid campaigns is to help increase CTR, lower CPC, and improve conversions. When you’re spending lots of money it may make sense to use an agency. If budget is a concern than go the route of managing your campaign on your own to start. Social also provides a great venue for paid ads. Don’t forget about that, and sometimes, the CPC is far more advantageous than on search engines.

Big Bang Marketing Launches our Media Buying Division 

We talked about this in the last quarter of 2019 and we are now proud to announce the BIG news. We’ve successfully launched our Media Buying and Ads Management Division. Big Bang Marketing now creates, films, produces, edits, and markets television commercials and radio ads. Our media buying division is licensed and contracted to sell to local and national markets via cable as well as satellite-based services. We also have the ability to market closed-circuit systems. Mr. Gary Hewitt is the head of our media buying and production division. He brings with him over 35 years of expertise in the realm of television and radio advertising. Mr. Hewitt has successfully built and managed over a billion dollars in traditional marketing ad campaigns over his four-decade tenured career.

Remember, marketing is about generating new business. 2020 is a big year, and so is every new year. It’s time to get out ahead of the pack. Brand your law firm, grow your business, and increase revenue. Big Bang Marketing wishes you, your partners, and your associate attorneys a healthy and wealthy 2020. Whether you choose to utilize our ad agency or if you wish to use another firm we encourage you to converse with us, pick our brains, and if nothing else get free ideas from our staff about ways you can blend marketing campaigns to increase profits in the new year.

We hope you enjoyed our article about digital marketing versus traditional marketing for law firms. If you have questions about a potential campaign, or if you would like to discuss a television commercial package please click here to fill out our contact form. You can actually schedule a demo and conversation with one of our Media Buying Analysts, or speak with Mr. Hewitt himself.