Criminal Defense Attorney MarketingĀ 

If you’re wondering how you can increase quality leads and calls from your marketing campaign, keep reading. today we decided to tackle how Criminal Defense Law Firms can add more value to their internet marketing campaigns. First, Criminal Defense is a broad vertical of law. Some attorneys may be strictly State, while others may decide to only take on Federal Cases. It’s not just State versus Federal that needs to be taken into consideration. Some Criminal Defense Lawyers love to take DUI and DWI cases. We have multiple law firms who practice Criminal Defense but they only take on drug offenses.

The point is simple, if you want to make your campaign work, you need to first determine what types of cases you want to take on. Next, take a look at your direct competitors. From Criminal Defense Attorneys this is easy, who do you see in court? Who is getting the most work down at the courthouse? Don’t get offended if it is not you right now. Soon, it can be. You just need to push your campaign to the next level. Check out our law firm marketing page to find out how we can help your law firm get new cases for Criminal Defense related search terms today.

Getting DUI Leads in Major CitiesĀ 

One issue that a lot of law firms run up against is trying to market in metropolitan areas. Getting DUI leads in major cities is extremely tough. The competition drives the price of paid search clicks as high as $300.00 dollars and it makes organic SEO very difficult. So, now that we have whined enough, what is the solution? Well, for starters, you need you to have a quality foundation. If you’re planning on getting phone calls from your website, you want to make sure you have a solid organic and AdWords campaign.

Next, check your budget. You cannot jump into a knife fight with a pillow in your hand. It may sound like a bad analogy, but if your competitors are spending five to ten thousand dollars a month on paid clicks, you cannot jump into a campaign with a budget of two grand and expect results. This is why most SEO campaigns fail. The marketing agency you are talking to is SO EAGER to sign you and take your money that they FAIL to tell you the TRUTH.

SEO for Lawyers in Woodland HillsĀ 

If you’re an attorney, and you want to know who has the best SEO for lawyers in Woodland Hills, you’ve found it. Now, don’t get us wrong. There are a lot of quality marketing agencies out there. Even in Woodland Hills, you can find a couple of stellar ones. However, when it comes to marketing for attorneys, we believe we are simply the BEST. From utilizing ex-paralegals to assist with content to having our entire design and development team in-house, we hit a home run with every campaign.

If you would like to schedule a free campaign analysis, contact us today. For those of you local in Woodland Hills, you are always welcome to pop by our office, take a seat, and watch us work. There are ways you can turn your law firm’s marketing campaign around. We would love to help guide you on a path to getting new leads monthly.