Criminal Defense Attorney Keywords

Last week we started to dive into keyword selection. Today we decided to look deeper into effective Attorney SEO Marketing tactics for defense law firms. Criminal Defense Attorney Keywords share similarities to injury law firm terms in the sense of selection difficulty. See, both criminal defense and injury representation carry strong root keywords. In addition, there are a plethora of synonyms and this is where the problems start to form if you’re not careful with an organic or paid search campaign.

A criminal defense lawyer may not want to take on all types of cases. Some are licensed on a State level only, while others choose to take on Federal Cases. What’s the point of getting a call or spending money on a click if it isn’t a type of case you can take? So, prior to paying any money for Criminal Defense Digital Marketing, it’s imperative to take time to do research with your potential Law Firm Marketing Agency.

Selecting Proper Defense Attorney Keywords 

One of the most important things we stress here at Big Bang is the attorney interview process. In order for us to generate quality leads, we need to know what types of cases a lawyer will take and will not take. Then we can target competing law firms, and go after the search traffic. Simply put we take the time to understand an attorneys expectations and needs from their digital marketing campaign. If you want to take on more DUI cases and avoid general Criminal Defense calls than focus your content and ads accordingly. All of this info comes from open communication with your SEO firm.

We have some criminal defense law firms that want to focus on Federal White Collar and Sex Crimes, we have other attorneys who only want to handle State Level Drug Charges. The point is that any campaign can be successful if properly managed from day one. Figure out what types of criminal cases you want to represent and then push your marketing company to produce high-quality content and ads for those key terms. If you want DUI’s than don’t waste time on “criminal lawyer” and instead go for “DUI attorney”.

Finding a Criminal Defense Niche 

Every SEO agency has their own beliefs on what works and what doesn’t. Now, we’re not talking about the shady SEO companies that guarantee phantom rankings or who charge you for nonsense keywords that no one has ever used to search for. No, we are talking about the legitimate Attorney Digital Marketing Agencies, and there’s a solid amount of them. Each real SEO firm has it’s own ideas on what’s most important, on top of the mandatory stuff like amazing content, paid search, and social.

At Big Bang we are a “big” proponent for finding a criminal defense niche. We DO NOT believe in being a “Law Frim Swiss Army Knife”. It just doesn’t work in our eyes. Figure out what types of cases you want, and then figure out a niche to push your law firm’s brand. Maybe it’s affordability, perhaps it’s your tenure and reputation, either way, pick something to highlight. It’s better to kick ass at few things and dominate for those real terms than to get crappy, nonsense rankings for a bunch of random terms that no one has ever searched for to find a lawyer.