Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers

Improving Website Conversions and Getting Better Leads for Lawyers Welcome back to our monthly blog and law firm marketing updates. If you've been following us on Social Media, then you already know we've rolled out our daily tips for attorneys. We begin each week...

Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips

Affordable and Effective Marketing Tips It's June. To say that 2020 has been a rough year is a major understatement. Nearly halfway through the calendar year, we've witnessed tragedies, injustice, a global pandemic, and now rioting in our streets. As business owners...

Using Search Engine Optimization to Generate Leads During the COVID Crisis

Using Search Engine Optimization to Generate Leads During the COVID Crisis Thank you for stopping by our website. First and foremost, we hope that you, your families, and your staff are doing as well as can be. These are trying times, and everyone at Big Bang...

Growing Your Law Firm During the Coronavirus and Surviving the COVID Crisis

Growing Your Law Firm During the Coronavirus and Surviving the COVID Crisis As you're well aware of, Big Bang is a BIG provider of law firm marketing services. In addition, like the rest of the working world, your mind is stuck bouncing back and forth between two BIG...

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies When it comes to growing any business you need to focus on leads. It doesn't matter if you're running a storefront retail shop or if you are managing an online website, new customers are the lifeblood of a profitable venture. Yes,...

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing and Generating New Leads

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing and Generating New Leads You asked for it and now we've delivered it. In the months of December and January, we put on two law firm marketing workshops. If you're an avid visitor of our website then you know we love to talk shop...

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms It's here. We've made it through taking our kids trick or treating, we stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving, and we survived the shopping, office parties, and the inlaws over the winter holidays. The most...

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads Look, if you've found your way to our website it means one of two things. Either you're currently paying for marketing and it's not working. Or, second, you're considering utilizing digital...

The Future of SEO Marketing for Attorneys

The Future of SEO Marketing for Attorneys Okay, stop rolling your eyes. Yes, we know that at the end of every year, every SEO company tires to paint some urgent picture about the future of SEO marketing for attorneys. In addition, we know that you know were are trying...

Google and the BERT Algorithm Update

Google and the BERT Algorithm Update If you're an attorney, and you're looking to get leads from your website, you better keep up with Google and the BERT algorithm update. Search Engine Journal just published its own opinion on this groundbreaking update. How big is...

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Big Bang Marketing knows that Financial Professionals need to make a lasting first impression. From elegantly designed websites and access to financial tools to staying within marketing compliance, our programmers and designers develop custom campaigns. From CPA’s to Wealth Managers, our clients get much more out of their website than simply new business. They brand their name and their firm. See what we can offer you below.

Financial SEO

A Trusted Provider Since 2010

We know that you not only need new clients on a monthly basis, but that you also must have the ability to service said clients. Our websites have multiple API capabilities. This allows your site to communicate and function with a plethora of outside technologies. From financial calculators to secure client portals, Big Bang Marketing has thought of everything that you may need.

Website ROI
Diversify Your Campaign
Affordable Paid Search
Organic SEO Rankings

Your website will rank at the top of the search engines, allowing customers to read about your services and offerings.

Professional Testimonials

Attorneys, Doctors, and Financial Professionals choose to use our services because we are ethical, honest, and perform.

Google AdWords & Paid Search

We do not charge extra for Google AdWords Management. Our marketing campaigns include everything at one fair price.

Lawrence J. Danny – Ex IRS Fraud Agent & CPA

“I could NOT be HAPPIER with my website. Not only do I rank well and get phone calls for new business, my site itself looks amazing. I had tied other CPA marketing firms in the past. The content always sounded very poor, and worse, too often the information listed was wrong or flat out not allowed per marketing and advertising guidelines. This company really impressed me, and they still do today. If you have ANY questions about their services you are more than welcome to call me directly.”


Your Clients can Access Apps & Website Options Straight from their Phone

Let’s face it, if you really want to “wow” your clients than you NEED an amazing online presence. Our state of the art websites allow for financial tools and access points to be fully accessible on android as well as ios platforms. 

“Our image and our reputation need to stand out in order for us to be successful. We wanted a tasteful, elegant website that portrayed our core values. Big Bang hit the mark spot on.” 

Jack Novak – Novak Holdings 

We Make Financial Marketing Videos – Included with your site

If you want your website to stand out in today’s market you NEED video marketing. Most SEO agencies charge extra for this service, we do not. It’s not about what you make, but what you keep. Economics 101. Our sites give you with the ability to have everything provided at one fair price.

Everything Personalized for YOUR needs

The same way you meet with your clients, and create a financial course of action that will best suit them, is what we do for you and your business. It starts with an initial interview. One of Account Analysts will gather data which will allow them to work with our developers and programmers to come up with a game plan specifically for your needs and wants. Next, our team will come back to you, either in person or utilizing our virtual meeting room, and we perform a brain storming session. This “war room” type meeting lets us put all of the pieces together. Finally, we draw everything up and present you with a beautiful, fully optimized site.

"My phone rings with new client calls, every month. For me, that justifies the money I spend. As long as I make MORE money than I spend on marketing, it is worth every penny."

Lawrence J. Danny 

"Realtors have a hard enough time as it is with trying to stand out. With DRE rules and regs, we all have to charge nearly the same amount of money, and it's not like there is much to pitch other than reputation and personality. This company though made my site look like a MILLION bucks. That was so cool and so amazing. Every client says the love my site."

Lisa Markowitz 

"Finding an outfit that can write content for Financial Advisers is a near impossible. This firm however publishes very well written articles on my site weekly."

Rebecca Adams

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We know that too many SEO firms have made HUGE promises yet fallen short. Big Bang Marketing doesn’t do that. In fact, for Financial Professionals we offer a FREE trial. That’s right, your name and signature are good enough for us. We trust you, and we know that if we are able to produce for you that you will produce for us. Big Bang Marketing believes in partnerships, and mutually beneficial business. Call us today to chat with an Account Analyst about what we can offer you and your firm. 


Paid Search Training

Would you like to learn more about how Google AdWords or Paid Search works? We offer free web training courses each month, call us and sign up.

Organic SEO Courses

Our Los Angeles Office offers live and web based SEO courses. If you would like to learn more about content and organic SEO, call to sign up for free.

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