Content Marketing for Attorneys

It seems like an easy concept to understand and explain, right? Content marketing. Hmm… what is content marketing? Content Marketing is a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” As it pertains single-minded focus of Big Bang Marketing and your law firm, the big question is what is content marketing specifically for attorneys. The skill of flooding one’s website with quality content that is relevant, valuable and trustworthy. Now you may be asking yourself… who exactly should I be marketing my content to? Again, that seems like an easy answer. Of course, you need to market to consumers who may be in need of the legal services you offer… right? Well, yes, but with a special caveat.

Who decides which sites consumers see when they speak or write a keyword term that relates to a service they’re seeking? Good answer. It’s Google or the Google algorithm or, even more accurately, the Googlebot. That’s right, your law firm’s website is at the mercy of the Googlebot. Isn’t that a kick? That may seem intimidating and daunting, considering the cut-throat competition between law firms, but if you hire the right SEO firm to build and manage your law firm’s website… like Big Bang Marketing, then your content worries will be no more.

Big Bang Marketing has mastered the skill of developing and writing law firm website content. It’s really no surprise, since we’ve been doing top-level SEO for attorneys going on thirteen years now. So… how do we succeed so consistently at the SEO game? It’s all about quality content. Please allow me to emphasize that. Quality content is KING.

The Power of Quality Content 

Oh, okay, let’s just write a bunch of quality content that relates to being a lawyer, and my law firm’s website will be overwhelmed with traffic and leads, right? Ah, if it were only that simple. Why isn’t it that simple? For instance, the legal industry, especially as it pertains to lawyers and the almost limitless array of practice areas, verticals and sub-verticals, has an almost endless search space for consumers who use Google to bring them options right to their smartphones or desktop or laptop computers. Don’t forget what we’re talking about here; it’s content marketing for attorneys. Therefore, you need to decide what you’re marketing.

I’ll tell you what you’re marketing. You’re marketing who you are as an attorney, who you are as a person, and, most importantly, you’re marketing the specific types of cases you want your law firm to service. In case you’re wondering exactly what that means, it’s called branding. The power of quality content only matters if you can brand your law firm properly and skillfully. One of the main testaments to the power of quality content is the value it brings to visitors to your website and the instant potential trust and credibility it shines on your law firm, even without having spoken a direct word to a potential client. Big Bang Marketing knows exactly how to brand you and your law practice for the sole purpose of driving you leads from your website that turn into the specific types of clients whom you want to represent.

When considering the power of quality content spread throughout your site, it’s all about how that content can truly increase your lead generation.

How Content Can Increase Your Leads

You might think that discovering how content can increase the number of leads you derive directly from your law firm’s website is the question of all questions. Well, you would be partially correct. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Let’s say you discovered where a sunken ship’s treasure is. That’s about as awesome as it gets. Only now you have to figure out the best way to retrieve that life-changing sunken treasure that’s in the middle of the ocean with sharks and unknown creatures of the sea. It may be a touch of a reach analogy, but hear me out. You’ve discovered that content can increase your lead generation numbers. Only now you have to figure out the best way to actually get those leads, which, by the way, are now going to your competitors.

That’s where Big Bang Marketing can be the most crucial partner decision you ever make. We are the sunken treasure experts of the vast law firm website and lead generation ocean, where your competitors and Google are the sharks and the unknown creatures of the sea. When writing quality content with the goal of increasing your lead count, multiple factors exist. Among them are knowing how your site’s content relates directly to organic searches and knowing how your site’s content will impact the decision-making moment for potential clients who are in need of and ready now to hire a law firm. In addition, the content that fills your site will dictate how you will be perceived by clients who have vetted your firm, and that same content can significantly contribute to offsetting your paid ads cost.

Organic Searches

Essentially, the top reason to focus heavily on content marketing is to win the organic search game. And don’t be naïve; it’s a game to be certain and a hardcore game at that. Now that you’ve accepted the fact that organic search results are at the top of your law firm competitors’ priority list, let Big Bang Marketing help you win the content game, which, by no coincidence, is how we will win the organic search game for you. Why is organic search so important? Well, the more searchers who are shown your law firm website by the Googlebot, the more searchers who will either jump to your site or call your firm directly from the search result. Since every single searcher who either links to your site or calls you is a new lead, then it should come as no surprise that doing whatever it takes via digital marketing to generate more and more leads is exactly how you win the organic search and lead generation game, which clearly go hand and hand. The bottom line in the world of organic search is that quality content that is relevant, valuable and trustworthy is how Big Bang Marketing will create an invisible road from your site’s content, then to the Googlebot, then to your phone in the form of new leads for cases you really want.

People Who are Ready, Willing, and Able to Retain Your Law Firm

Let’s be clear, in a preponderance of practice areas, choosing an attorney is an emotional and time-sensitive decision for those in need of legal representation. Due to the steep competition between you and your competitors in your respective city, gaining any ethical advantage that translates to possible clients contacting you first is yet another aspect of the organic search game. Now how can Big Bang Marketing help you get those clicks and calls first? I think you’re getting the idea by now. It’s through skillful content marketing and knowing just how content can increase your leads that come from people who are ready, willing and able to retain your law firm today.

Creating quality content that educates visitors as to their legal situation and options and propels their confidence in your competence and trustworthiness as an experienced attorney is Big Bang Marketing’s specialty. Our goal is to build a virtual encyclopedia of content that directly relates to your preferred areas of practice and that clearly delineates your firm as the best choice for consumers who are readily seeking a lawyer. Ultimately, anyone who is searching for an attorney for any reason is either in need of one themselves or is searching for a loved one. Regardless, each and every one of those searchers will most likely choose a lawyer very soon, and using quality content to target those very people will be the singular focus of Big Bang Marketing as your partner.

Potential Clients Who Have Vetted Your Firm 

Although many practice areas seem to create urgency for potential clients and their decision-making process, there will always be a percentage of people in need of an attorney who will take the time to vet your firm, as well as other firms, before making such a critical decision for themselves and their family. That being said, how important is the content on your site to turning those lawyer researchers and seekers into actual new clients for your firm, instead of new clients for your competitors? Umm… I would say monumentally important, because in those cases, emotion and urgency are not dictating the show. Rather, it will be the quality of your content and how that content shines a credible and trustworthy light on your firm.

In other words, emphasizing quality content as the number one priority, when choosing a lead generation agency to build and manage your law firm website, is how you will attract more leads from various target audiences, including those who will look quite carefully at multiple law firms prior to making a decision. Big Bang Marketing has the skilled content writers to ensure that people vetting your firm will be highly impressed and confident with your level of ability to represent them in the experienced, caring and diligent manner that they want.

Offsetting Paid Search Costs 

The world of paid search ads has grown exponentially over the past several years. Keeping with the concept of full transparency, as is one of Big Bang Marketing’s staple values, the amount of money a law firm must spend to reap the rewards of Google Ad Words and paid search cost has developed into its own separate marketing platform and budget that often times far surpasses the monthly SEO cost. However, dominating the organic search results over your competitors via the use of smart branding and quality, consistent content on your law firm website can get you the lead numbers required, in order to net the desired number of cases you seek, so as to offset your need to commit budget dollars to a hefty paid search campaign.

Again, here’s some transparency. Ideally, Big Bang Marketing would love nothing more than for all of our law firm clients to allot significant money to both SEO and paid search. Under those circumstances, we could ensure total dominance of a given city, region or even a whole state, winning both the organic search game and the paid search game. Reality has us quite aware, though, that if we can put in the hours and work required each and every day to organically smash our clients’ competitors, then our niche will continue to thrive. Attention all attorneys:  know one thing for sure… paid search requires much more money from YOU to dominate, while SEO requires much, much more time and effort from US to dominate. Big Bang Marketing is happy to put in that time and work each day to drive new leads your way. We only ask that you don’t take it for granted.  😉

Growing Your Law Firm’s Brand with Quality Content

If it’s not abundantly clear by now, content is king in the SEO jungle. If you want a website that represents your brand as an attorney and a law firm, then quality content and how that content is organized will contribute exponentially to separating you from your competitors. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s clarify what branding is. In fact, let’s fine-tune that. What we’re really talking about for your law firm website, your social media platforms, your Google My Business presence, videos, online ads, plus more… is DIGITAL BRANDING. The blood that flows through all of these media is content. The higher quality the content is and the better organized your branding is, the more your business identity, visibility and credibility will shine and stand out among consumers.

So… from building your website with carefully constructed cornerstone pages, all relating to specific types of cases you desire, to keeping your social media presence alive and interesting, to consistently showing relevant Google My Business activity, to producing entertaining videos, to creating a worthy online ad campaign… Big Bang Marketing will brand you with quality content that will result in new cases each and every month. At the heart of earning those new cases will be organic search domination, which will increase your leads with consumers who are ready now to hire an attorney, as well as with consumers who are taking the time to vet your law firm. The path of organic search dominance will end with your phone ringing more and more. Ultimately, consumers will go down a road of content created by Big Bang Marketing, with the sole purpose of driving them directly to your law firm in the form of clicks and calls and completed forms.

Quality content is the key. Now all you have to do is partner with the right SEO firm that knows exactly how to write, organize and put that content in the faces of countless consumers who are seeking the legal services that you specifically want to provide. Call Big Bang Marketing right now for a FREE DEMO, so we can show you exactly how we will take over your competitors and grow your law firm to the level you desire.