If you are taking the time to read through our website, chances are, you’re not currently thrilled with your marketing campaign. That’s where we like to start. See, most SEO firms claim to be “marketing agencies”. Yet, when your phone doesn’t ring, and you have no new business coming in, they demand their payment. Why though? If their marketing doesn’t work, why pay? Check out real client testimonials below. Heck, why not pick up the phone and call them yourself. Our clients are our biggest advocates.


We Deliver Real Results

White & Champagne

” I’ve used more SEO firms than I can count. I met one of their programmers at the AVVO convention a few years back. My partner and I were impressed by his knowledge, as well as with the fact that he was willing to explain everything to us without charging us money, something that was new for us. Anyway, I cannot say enough about this company. Our law firm phone rings, we get tons of new business directly for their efforts. Their system is easy to use, and I am always able to reach a live tech or customer rep.”

Tess White – Personal Injury Lawyer –  Indianapolis, IN

O’Brien & Zehnder Law Firm

BBM Geeks is refreshingly old school in a 21st century world. They understand and implement cutting edge SEO and deliver what they promise on schedule and on budget. Every other SEO and social media company we’ve dealt with within the last 5 years has promised big and delivered little. It’s important to do business with a company that you can trust to build your online presence and reputation. Nick and Tanner will give your business the expert care and attention it deserves!

John O’Brien – Personal Injury Attorney – Elk Grove, CA

The Chicago Injury Lawyers, LLC

Our law firm is located in Chicago. We’ve tried lots of different marketing firms over the years. Some have been okay, most have been a waste of time. We needed to get new cases, and we were tired of spending money but not actually getting an increase in calls or client inquires. We went with this agency and it’s been a game changer for us. Calls come in, we get new client cases, it’s what we were looking for.

John Nisivaco – Accident Injury Lawyer – Chicago, IL

Rubin & Zyndorf

“As a personal injury lawyer I need a marketing plan that is going to work. I’ve practiced law for over 30 years. We have tried radio, television, and probably every internet marketing company you could name. This company though, well, they do everything and they do it the right way. We get new client calls weekly, almost daily. We make far more money than we spend with them, and that is what they promised would happen.”

Daryl Rubin – Car Accident Law Firm – Toledo, OH

The Law Offices of Marc Kohnen

” I have tried every SEO firm. I truly mean that. None have worked. This company helped me rebuild my practice after another firm nearly destroyed it. I was so tight on money, and they made it happen for me, and stuck with me even though I had to ramp up. My phone now rings off the hook, and I am getting more cases than I can handle. I recently hired a new attorney. If you want to work with the best, you’ve found the right company.”

Marc Kohnen – Criminal Defense Lawyer – San Diego, CA

Tijerina Legal Group

“I can tell you that without BBM my law firm would not be where it is today. I consistently receive over 150 plus inquires a month. My office is flooded with new case leads, and I am always able to get a hold of my account rep. BBM does what other companies promise, but fail at. I am thrilled to be working with them and I highly recommend them. “

Humberto Tijerina – Vehicle Accident Attorney – McAllen, TX

Valdez & Monarrez

I had been with a nationally recognized law firm agency, one of the biggest, for over 5 years. I never ranked, in fact, I never received a single new client from my site or their law firm directory. I was referred to Big Bang by an attorney who uses them, the best referral I have ever received.

This company cares, they do what they say they will, and they ALWAYS answer the phone.

Attorney Raymundo Valdez – The Rio Grande Valley, TX

DUI Defender Program 

” We set out to build a nation wide DUI Defense network, connecting attorneys coast to coast, to offer affordable DUI Defense and Traffic Ticket assistance. We interviewed a small, selective handful of reputable providers. This company knocked our socks off, and they’ve continued to provide amazing results year after year.”

DUI Defender Program

James Munafo & Associates

Finding a real marketing company isn’t easy. However, this firm makes it very simple for me. I am confident in their work, and they have been there for me for the last 5 plus years.

James Munafo – Accident Lawyer – Parker, CO

Novak Holdings 

” It is very difficult to market a financial firm. First, there are very strict regulations we must follow. Second, the market is extremely competitive and over saturated. We were able to tackle both of these issues with Big Bang, and they have continued to wow us ever since.”

Jack Novak – Business Owner – Nationwide Campaign

The Law Offices of Alejandro D. De Varona

” I have offices in Florida and New York. My phone used to ring daily with SEO firms pitching me they could get me new biz, more clients, yeah right. I tried a lot of them. I had to sue a lot of them. If you’re an attorney you know the drill. I met this group at the NACD Conference a couple years ago. No joke, this company actually delivers what they promise. My Coral Gables and Miami Offices are flooded with business and I just launched a second campaign with them out of New York. They are the best in my book.”

Alejandro D. De Varona – Criminal Defense & Injury Lawyer – New York and Florida Offices 

E Turf PRO

” We are a national provider of synthetic turf grass. Our competition is needless to say, extreme and hostile when it comes to marketing. I was impressed from the jump with this company. They were professional, and they never pressured me to use them. It was the opposite of every marketing company I had ever contacted. 4 years later we are still using them and they are still hitting the mark every month for us.”

Jordan Asher – Business Owner – Nationwide Campaign 

The Appliances Doctor

“Appliance repair in Southern California is extremely competitive. Our business needs 24 hour support, 365 days a year. Our site not only ranks well, it is also able to sync with all of our systems. When ever I need anything, I can get a hold of a representative.”

Theodore Shapiro – Business Owner – Southern California 

San Dimas Dentistry

” I cannot say enough about their results. I have multiple dental offices and they make sure each one gets phone calls.”

Dr. Toan Nguyen

RNA Dentistry

” My old SEO firm (patient you know who) took my site down. This company came to my rescue and did it easliy.”

Dr. Rozita Nosratabadi

All About Smile Dental Group

” We have three offices throughout California. They made each one ROCK from day one. We love this company.”

Dr. Sheida Tabari

Jerald Novak & Associates

” If you have any doubt about using this company I encourage you to pick up the phone and call me directly. I am not only a successful Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, I’m also a member of the National College of DUI Defense, and this is, hands down, the best marketing agency I have ever used.”

The Law Offices of David Rudoi

” I have tried FindLaw, AVVO, On the Map, and every other SEO firm out there. I stumbled upon these guys three years ago. Wow, that is all I can say. Every time I want to add a photo, or change something, they jump on it and they don’t send me a bill. Most of all, I get 8 to 12 new quality cases per month from my site, which makes the difference for me. This company is the best I have ever tried and I will stick with them and if you have ANY questions you can call me directly. It is the least I can do for them.” 



Rank on all platforms

Get Everything You Need With One Company

Organic SEO Rankings are important. Yet, you also have to account for other elements of your marketing. Google AdWords, Yelp reviews and client testimonials, Social Media Management, as well as Radio and Television Commercials are all vital to your businesses success. Then, you need the ability to track everything. We provide everything your business needs under one roof. Keep reading our client reviews page to find out more reasons why so many clients turn to us for their marketing needs. 

“I get new DUI calls on a weekly basis!”

I have used so many companies, all have fallen short, this one though is the real deal. If you have questions about their results, you can call me and I will speak with you. I am proud to say that this company delivers what they promise.

Alejandro D De. Varona

Criminal Defense Attorney Coral Gables, FL

“My CPA Firm is SO BUSY I had to ask them to slow down!”

I am an ex IRS Fraud Investigator, and I use this company for my online marketing. They had me so busy, that last year during tax season I had to ask them to SLOW DOWN because I could not handle the amount of inquires I was getting. This company is amazing from top to bottom.

Lawrence Danny

CPA & Ex – IRS Fraud Investigator in Woodland Hills, CA

“My website ranks in English and Spanish”

As an Immigration Attorney I need to have the ability for clients to find me whether they search for me in English or Spanish, this company was able to do this, and deliver phone calls from REAL clients every week.

Raymundo Valdez – Immigration Attorney – Texas



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