Car Accident Attorney Leads

If the title of this post reached out and tugged on your heartstrings, we did our job. No, not because the vision of an automobile wreck makes you feel warm and cozy inside, but instead because you need leads. If you’re still reading this article, you are most likely an injury lawyer. More troublesome, you’re probably paying for SEO or some type of marketing yet not receiving leads for car crash cases. Don’t feel ashamed, you are just another notch in the belt for some marketing agency. however, what we are about to show you is 100% free information. The tips we are about to talk about are not proprietary. There is no secret recipe or tactic we employ that you cannot do all by yourself. Let’s get some car accident leads today.

How to use SEO to generate car crash injury inquires

We are a big believer in quality organic content. Now, we could spend all day and all week simply talking about content tips and barely scratch the surface. So, for the point of this post, we are going to hit some tip highlights. If you want to dig deeper into these tactics, call us and we will be happy to spend as much time for free going over each element. First, don’t cram multiple keywords into one page. Each page should focus on one key topic. Dedicate time to each page, and provide quality information about a specific topic. For example, if your focus keyword is “car accident attorney” then talk about what to do after an accident or the benefits of utilizing a car accident attorney.

Second, use parent pages with child support pages. Some times people call these cornerstone pages, it doesn’t matter what you call them. Understanding how to use them though is important. If you decide to make your “car accident attorney” page a parent or cornerstone page then you might want to consider adding a dozen or so child pages.

Here is an example. While your home page is a major anchor or parent page, you will still have inner pages that have a parent relationship. For, an injury law firm in Ohio, this inner page contains data about hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, from this page, a user can easily access additional pages containing information related to the primary page, see here

Above you can clearly see how a content developer can go deeper and deeper with content silos. Thus providing a plethora of data about a certain topic or related topics. The breadcrumb trail above leads a user to information about how to file a car accident injury claim. Subsequently, the law firm receives a significant amount of leads per month from this searched term. All of these relate back to searching for an auto accident attorney.

Google AdWords for Car Accident Attorneys 

If we really want to turn up the phones for car accident attorney leads than we cannot forget Google AdWords. Now, for those of you out there who shy away, or shutter at the thought of AdWords, read this part carefully. AdWords rock, and if you’ve had a bad experience it’s not Google’s fault but the company who is managing your campaign. Just like organic SEO, we could spend a whole week talking about AdWords. Once again, for the sake of time, we are going to provide you with some quick tips. If you want to dive deeper into anything we list, feel free to call us for free.

Just like with organic SEO, you want to create topics or focus points. AdWords calls these “audiences”. While developing your campaign, if you know you want to get car accident injury leads then you NEED to develop a campaign to target that audience. Here are some things we like to tackle when building an AdWords campaign:

  1. Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO)
  2. Designing a landing page or inner page for each audience
  3. Quality Score
  4. Negative keywords

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer needs a quality SEO firm

Time. That’s really it. Sorry, we don’t have some dramatic reason or pitch for you. It simply comes down to time. There is absolutely nothing that any SEO does for a law firm that an attorney cannot do all by themselves. With online training courses, design applications, Google AdWords University classes, and YouTube a lawyer can tackle this on their own. So, if you want to know why you would hire an SEO company, it comes down to your time.

Big Bang Marketing handles everything for law firms. Content, posts, social media, paid search, hosting, you name it. This allows for personal injury attorneys to focus on court and their clients. If you would like to learn more about all of the amazing things we can offer your practice, please call us today for a free demo. Most of all, we deliver new client leads. Not phony placements. We are not out to charge our clients unless they benefit, and the only real benefit to marketing is an increase in revenue.