Building a Profitable Google Ads Campaign for Personal Injury Attorneys

Law firm marketing isn’t something we simply “do” at Big Bang. We eat, sleep, and breathe law firm ads. It’s our bread and butter, and we go together like “pees and carrots” with attorneys who need to grow their practices. Over the last decade and a half, we’ve built thousands of law firm marketing campaigns. From criminal defense and family law ads to employment law, estate planning, and workers’ comp campaigns, we’ve built them all. However, if you asked us to pick the number one type of campaign we excel at, we’d have to say personal injury.

Marketing a law firm is an art form. It takes technical knowhow, design creativity, writing skills, advertising experience, and most of all… insight and knowledge about the area of law you’re looking to obtain leads for. Building an effective and profitable law firm marketing campaign takes a TEAM. You need programmers and digital ad gurus, traditional media buyers, kick-butt content writers, artistic and creative designers, and account reps who have a legal background. At Big Bang, we have the team in place to tackle the toughest law firm marketing campaigns thrown at us.

So, today, we decided to climb the Mount Everest of law firm marketing campaigns. We’re going to discuss how we go about building a profitable Google Ads campaign for personal injury attorneys.  If you’re a personal injury lawyer, and you are ready to grow your firm, increase your ROI, and have some fun while doing it than keep reading. Here is how we at Big Band develop personal injury marketing campaigns.


The 10 Steps to Building an Effective and Profitable Personal Injury Lead Generation Campaign Using Google Ads

Don’t laugh, yes, we’re jamming in a little organic SEO tactics here. Why not? While organic SEO doesn’t directly bring in leads like it used to, it DOES help a lot with improving your paid ads. So, if we’re going to list our 10 steps to building an effective and profitable personal injury lead generation campaign using Google Ads, we deserve to boost our own ads. Yes, that’s a joke. Enough said.

Here is the down and dirty. These are our opinions. Don’t just blindly trust us, in fact, don’t trust anyone trying to sell you something. And yes, we are trying to sell you and your law firm. We don’t publish these types of articles out of the kindness of our hearts. So, with that said, don’t just give a law firm marketing agency the benefit of the doubt. If a random  doctor you’ve never been to before told you that you needed needed surgery, you’re going to go get a second opinion. Treat your law firm marketing campaigns with the same respect. One bad move could kill your budget, and worse, could cause you a financial heart attack.

Okay, so, below are our top 10 tips to turning your personal injury Google Adwords into a money making machine. Have fun, take notes, and above all else… ask lots of questions and do your homework. Call us, call other law firm advertising agencies, make sure you get as much info as you can before you hire a marketing company. Let’s begin… Here are our top 10 tips for personal injury lawyers if and when you decide to launch a paid ads campaign.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Company For Google AdWords

Number One: Pick a Niche – Don’t Be the Costco of Personal Injury

Our number one tip, don’t be Costco, be Louis Vuitton. Personal injury is the broadest vertical of law. An injury attorney could mean a number of things. Some personal injury lawyers only want MVA cases, others want medical malpractice, while some would NEVER take a Med-Mal claim. How about workers’ compensation? Yup, that would fall under the category of personal injury as well.

Here is the point, pick a niche. Personal injury is too broad of a keyword, too broad of a way to brand yourself. If you really want to obtain MVA leads then build your ad campaigns around car crashes, truck accidents, and motorcycle wrecks. With the launch of Google Local Service Ads for attorneys things have drastically changed. Not only is Google moving to a hyper “locally” focused campaign mode, it’s also trying harder then ever to cut up the advertising pie. So what does that mean for you and your law firm marketing campaign? It means you need to hyper focus on what you really want. Not what you will just take.

Costco sells pool toys, groceries, home appliances, tires, vacation packages, and you can even see an eye doctor at some locations. Not to mention, some killer pizza and hot dogs. LV sells high end bags. Get it? Google is trying to make sure that each law firm gets a piece of the lead pie, and as such, it’s going to divi up the pie based upon who will take what. So if your advertising MVA’s, but also med-mal, wrongful death, slip and falls, and workers comp, you may end up with the lion’s share of crap your competitors don’t want, and they eat up all the MVA leads.

Pick a niche.

Number Two: Know Your Niche – Publish Quality Content

No, we are not talking about organic SEO. Organic SEO for lawyers is dead. Organic SEO is dead. It’s not a direct lead generation tool anymore. It hasn’t been one in over 4 years. However, quality content still has a place and purpose. In fact, organic SEO still has a purpose. Here is the skinny on why knowing your niche and publishing quality content is vital to your lead generation success.

In our opinion, there are two big reasons why you still want to optimize your content and publish quality content on your law firm’s website. Number one, Google Quality Score, and number two, CONVERSIONS. Let’s address both.

  • Google Quality Score: Organic SEO doesn’t get you leads, paid ads get you leads. However, within your paid ads account you will see a new “quality score” area. The higher your score, the better your ads preform. In addition, our research shows that higher scores and campaigns that have longevity also earn a lower cost per click, get better impression share, and get better time on top during peak hours. Organic SEO, especially on landing pages you are using for ads, helps boost your quality score. In addition, you can avoid some of the ridiculous recommendations such as adding broad match keywords that will destroy your law firm’s ad campaign.
  • Conversions: This one is simple. Most of your new potential clients will just call you. However, they may come back and read about you and most of all, what you have to say about their type of injury. People get nervous when it comes to money. And, let’s be real, most injury victims are hoping to win a lot of money. If you publish quality content about the areas of injury law that you’re marketing, it makes you and your firm “sticky”. Meaning, someone who calls you is more likely to STOP looking for another lawyer and they will simply sign with you.

Quality content isn’t hard to do. You’re a personal injury attorney. You know your stuff. Simply write about past cases, things you’ve witnessed insurance companies do to deny legitimate claims, your success (and your failures) in injury law, and most of all why an injury victim should retain your services. Or, if you hate writing, you can always hire us. Yes? Maybe? Of course that’s a marketing tactic we are jamming into this article. Can you blame us?

Number Three: Build Specific Landing Pages – Develop Digital Billboards

You could create the best ad copy, come up with the best campaign plan, and crush the search results. Guess what, if your landing pages suck then it’s all for nothing. Regardless of what society may say, people do judge a book by its cover. According to HubSpot, as well as other leading landing page design experts, a visitor will make a decision in 3 seconds or less. Better yet, think of it this way… Take all the money you’ve invested in AdWords, Google Local Service Ads, organic SEO, Television Marketing, take all of that hard earned money you have put back into your law firm to help it grow. EVEN if your campaigns are successful, if your landing pages, the place you are DIRECTING a new potential client to, aren’t designed and developed right, it’s all for nothing.

Remember, we are not just talking about quality design. We are also talking about functionality, tag lines, information pertaining to the specific type of injury the searcher is suffering from, and of course… multiple quick and easy ways for the searcher to contact your law firm. You want to build landing pages that act as digital billboards. Within less than 3 seconds you want the visitor to see a tag line that let’s them know you can handle their specific type of injury. You also want to add trust building information such as how much money you have won, years of experience, or awards such as your AV Preeminent status or AVVO ranking. In addition, adding images such as you and your fellow attorneys, or a picture of the type of accident the searcher was hurt in, can help complete the initial experience of visiting your landing page.

Finally, since September of 2021, organic SEO content is more important than ever. You don’t have to “busy” up the page by showing content above the fold. However, we highly recommend having a good amount of quality content and tags beneath the fold. Google is looking to see that your landing page provides information related to the keywords you are targeting. An example would be as follows:

  • Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles (H1) 
  • Types of Car Accident Injuries We Represent (H2) 
  • Chain Reaction Auto Accident Injuries (H3)
  • Fatal Car Crash Injuries (H3)
  • Car Accidents Involving Spine, Neck, Back, or Head Injuries (H3)
  • Rideshare Accident Injuries (H3)
  • Uber Accident Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles (H4)
  • Lyft Accident Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles (H4) 
  • Underinsured Motorists Claims (H3) 
  • Auto Accident Injuries Involving Commercial Vehicles (H3) 
  • Schedule a Free Consultation With an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles (H2)

As you can see above, this type of information tree kills two birds with one stone. First, it shows Google that your ad landing page provides a DEEP dive of info related to car crash injuries. Second, it gives an inquisitive searcher a plethora of information and resources.

Number Four: Sell Yourself to Potential Clients – Highlight Your Accomplishments

You are not the only personal injury lawyer looking to land new clients. No marketing agency (unless you’re working with the MOB) can go out and stage more accidents. That means there as is a limited amount of quality cases per month. And, if you’re in a competitive market such as Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, or Manhattan, you know you’ve got an uphill battle from the very beginning. This is why selling yourself to potential clients is a MUST. It’s not enough to run ads online, buy billboards, or invest in TV commercials. Your competitors do the same thing. Remember, if a client is calling  you because they found your ad online, remembered your TV commercial, or happened to drive by your billboard that means they are NOT loyal. If someone who knew an attorney, or had a friend of family member that was a lawyer, they would NOT be calling you from one of your ads. This means you HAVE to convince these types of inquiries that YOU are the BEST solution for them.

It’s imperative to highlight all of your awards, your case results, and most of all… show your face on your website. Video is great, it allows new potential clients to see you, hear your voice, and get an idea of why they should retain your firm over the other two dozen lawyers also running ads.

Number Five: Understand Your Market – Know Your Geographical Area and Competitors

Know your market, know what your competitors are doing, and most of all… where they are investing their advertising spends. You need to work hand in hand with your law firm marketing company. While the ad agency should have the knowledge about backend data, you have front end knowledge. You’re in the trenches, you know the geographical pockets to target and the ones to stay away from. In addition, you know which competitive law firms you see in court, the ones who are gobbling up cases you could have had a crack at landing. Information is GOLD when it coms to building an effective personal injury marketing campaign. Give as many details to your advertising agency as possible. And, if they aren’t asking you lots of questions, take that as a “nod” to hire an agency that cares about getting you quality case leads.

Number Six: Be Prepared to Invest Money – Focus on ROI Not Initial Budget

Okay, we talk about this one all the time. In fact, we’ve written multiple blogs and produced multiple YouTube videos discussing this very topic. So today, we’re not going to “beat a dead horse”. Instead, we will keep it short and simple and provide you with resources to do your own homework. Here goes, DON’T BE CHEAP. Period. STOP looking at the amount of money you allocate on your ad campaigns as a cost, and START treating it as an investment. You cannot go into a gun fight with a water pistol. So don’t try go beat your competitors when you know very well they are investing tens of thousands of dollar a month into marketing online, plus a hundred thousand a month into traditional ads, on a “shoe string budget” for your own campaign. The only one losing is you.


Number Seven: Adapt to Market Conditions – Be Flexible with Changes

Don’t be a dinosaur. Things change. In the last 18 months Google alone, that’s not even talking about changes to other digital platforms of traditional marketing outlets, Google also has made 4 HUGE new campaign shifts. What worked in 2021 didn’t work in the beginning of 2022, and what worked back in January of this year has also changed. The point we are getting at is this, don’t be afraid to adapt. Adaptation is what allows a species to survive and thrive. Talk with your current law firm marketing agency. Ask them questions about ways they can brainstorm to get you more clients, talk to your fellow lawyer associates, even your competitors, you all share info with each other.

If all else fails, and you can’t find a way to get better case leads, more case leads, call our law firm marketing company. We love helping lawyers and we ROCK at personal injury attorney marketing. Yes, that is us selling ourselves within this blog.

Number Eight: Invest in Multiple Google Ad Platforms – Spread the Wealth

This one is a NO brainer, but so many law firms fail at it. Google is a scratch their back, they scratch your back type of world. Don’t be a pig. Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered. Google provides your law firm with a plethora of platforms to advertise on. In fact, Google even has partner websites which you can activate within your AdWords that most people have never heard of. The point is this, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. One thing we have seen across the board is that law firms that solely focus on the new highly acclaimed Google Local Services Ads are not getting the quality results that law firms who invest money in combination with other Google platforms are receiving. Read between the lines, spread the wealth. Here are the top Google platforms to buy ads on.

Number Nine: Track Your Calls and Analytics – Make Sure You Answer the Phone

While this one sounds like a “no-brainer”, I cannot tell you how many times we have to talk to law firm’s about their call answering set up. Now, we address this upfront on day one. Rather than wasting our clients hard earned money. However, not every agency does. In fact, time and time again when we sign up a new law firm client and we ask them about their call answering service, their tracking software, how many leads they have received from specific campaigns over the last X amount of time, more often than not the law firm looks at us like “deer in the headlights”. You NEED to track everything. If you’re willing to invest money into marketing, you should invest time into tracking what works and what does not work. Or, a better way of explaining it, your law firm marketing agency better care enough to track it. Without tracking, it’s like throwing money at the wall to see what sticks. Just save yourself the headache and go to Vegas and let it all ride on red.

In addition, YOU HAVE TO PICK UP THE PHONE. PERIOD. This is such a huge problem. Look, if someone knew which personal injury lawyer to call, they would. Which means the accident victims who are calling you from your ads didn’t know who to call, so there is NO loyalty for them to wait for you to call them back. They are hurt, pissed off, scared, and they want to talk to an attorney NOW. Not later. You need to make sure you are answering each and every call right away. Period.

Number Ten: Don’t Rely Solely on Digital Marketing – Most Important of All – Invest in Traditional Ads as Well

Finally, our number 10 tip for building a profitable and effective personal injury attorney marketing campaign is to NOT rely solely on digital ads. We cannot stress enough the importance of investing money into advertising campaigns OUTSIDE of and in COMBINATION with digital. Television, radio, print, billboards, and other mediums of traditional marketing not only help you get more leads, they are VITAL to the success of your digital campaign. Please, do not STOP investing in traditional ads simply because you are running a digital campaign. You will lose out in the long run.

Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys is Hard – Here is Why

Remember this, marketing for personal injury attorney is hard. In fact, it’s hands down the hardest vertical when it comes to getting leads for lawyers. So, if you want to crush it and get the types of cases and the quantity of cases you’re looking for, you need to spend time understanding the market. This way, when your law firm advertising agency throws ideas at you, you don’t freak out over sticker shock and shoot them down. The more profitable a potential area of business is, the more expensive the marketing field. It’s economics 101.

We get calls from lots of different personal injury law firms looking to increase their case leads. Here are some things to consider before you retain a law firm marketing company. Remember, as an injury attorney, you’re in the toughest market there is. Please take time to understand why you’re vertical is so tough. This way, when an ad agency asks for you to invest a considerable amount of financial resources, you don’t freak out.

Best Law Firm Marketing Companies

Most Competitive Law Firm Marketing Vertical

Number one, you are in the most competitive law firm marketing vertical. Injury lawyers will spend money on billboards, TV ads, radio jingles, bus ads. They will buy postcards, banners at local school, even sporting events and halftime shows. Heck, if an injury attorney could slap their face on lunch boxes I bet they would in a New York minute. If you want to run with the big dawgs, be prepared.

Most Expensive Law Firm Marketing Vertical

Your cost per click is going to be triple that of a divorce or criminal defense attorney. Don’t get sticker shock and pass out before you give yourself a chance to make money.

Most Potential Profits for a Law Firm

Ah, here is the soft landing for the harsh ride we just put you through. Your area of law has the most potential profits. All you need to to do is get the right cases for your firm. This is why you MUST look and treat your ad campaigns as investments. You need to fund them in order for them to work. Period.

Why Does Big Bang Advise Law Firms to Invest in Multiple Types of Ad Campaigns?

We don’t believe that a personal injury law firm should put all of their eggs in one basket. In fact, we believe in blended campaigns and that traditional and digital help each other immensely. While digital ads “catch” clients who are searching, traditional media actually creates a buzz and helps entice potential clients to search for your services. We look at hundreds of personal injury campaigns, the law firms that invest in digital and traditional, HANDS DOWN, are far more successful then the ones that solely focus on digital.

Top 3 Marketing Campaigns for Personal Injury Lawyers Outside of Digital Ads

What to learn more about where to place ads outside of the digital space? Here are our top 3 marketing campaigns for personal injury lawyers outside of digital ads. If you’re an injury attorney, and you have questions about growing your law firm or launching a new ad campaign, call us now at (818) 877-7701. We love talking shop and we love providing free consultations.

Television Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

TV is KING. Has been and always will be. If you want your personal injury law firm to be flush with new cases, get on TV. Not only will TV bring in an enormous amount of new biz, it will HELP your digital ads. See, just because you end up on the first page of Google, doesn’t mean your ads are alone. There are OTHER injury law firms running ads as well. So, if those OTHER lawyers have TV ads, people will remember those ads and then click on their ad over yours.

Radio Ads for Injury Attorneys

Just like we mentioned above, radio ads will help your digital ads. Plus, people listen to the radio and music when they drive. If you want MVA leads, radio is a GREAT way to obtain them. Enough said.

Billboard and Print Ads

Print ads never go out of style. Billboard and print ads create earworm memories, they work hand in hand with digital ads, and they really boost your firms brand. They inexpensive compared to the return you can make. Don’t forget about billboard and print ads for your law firm marketing campaign needs.

Things to Consider Before Launching a Personal Injury Marketing Campaign

Now that we’ve touched on multiple tips and tactics that can help a persona injury attorney marketing campaign, let’s discuss a very important topic. Things you need to consider before launching a marketing campaign. As we talked about throughout this article, investing in a personal injury marketing campaign isn’t cheap. It’s not for the light-hearted. You have to be willing to invest, stay the course, and be focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some things you may want to consider before you dive into the deep end of the personal injury marketing pool. Remember, there are no pool floaties allowed and “there be sharks” in the water.

Law Firm Marketing

How Much Longer am I Going to Practice?

If you’re a “young-gun”, or at least set to practice another 5-10 years, run your ads. If however you’re at the twilight of your career and ready to ride off into the sunset, keep your money in your pocket. You have to be willing to invest. And, like any good investment, you need to stay the course for it to pay off.

How Much Can I Afford to Invest?

Don’t walk into a gun fight with a knife. Law firm marketing campaigns are like nuclear arms deals. They are expensive and can turn deadly. If you don’t have the bankroll or the grit to invest, don’t bother. You can’t be a little bit pregnant and you can’t treat you personal injury law firm advertising campaign differently. You either need to go all in, or stay off the field.

Do I Have the Staff to Service More Cases?

Can you actually take more cases and do you have the staff to ANSWER the phones and help CLOSE leads? You need to make sure you’re ready and able to deal with an influx of leads. Leads are like frogs, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you land a prince or princess. Make sure you and your firm are ready to kiss a lot of frogs. If not, don’t invest a penny. You don’t want to blow your money and get a bad taste in your mouth for marketing when the cause of the campaigns failure is your lack of preparation.

Do I Have the Right Law Firm Marketing Agency?

Lastly, do you have the right law firm marketing agency? Investing money in your ads is well, an investment. Make sure you’ve done your homework. There is an ungodly amount of law firm marketing companies out there. You need to find the right one for you and your agency. Make sure the company you are trusting with your law firm marketing fully understands your wants, needs, desires, and also… that they have the ability to deliver real results.

How to Find the Right Law Firm Marketing Agency for My Personal Injury Law Firm?

Ah, at last, we are nearing the end of our blog and the most important part (not just for us but for you as well). How do you find the right law firm marketing agency? Let’s take a deep dive into how you can find the best law firm marketing company without having to be put through the ringer over and over again. Yes, this is also a sales tactic to call us right now. Can you blame us? We just spend 4412 words providing you with FREE insight into ways you can capitalize on your ads investment. Throw is a bone. Here, listen what one of your injury competitors has to say about us.

Without further delay, here are some ways we believe you can find the right law firm marketing company for your personal injury firm.


Ask for Reference and Results from Other Personal Injury Attorneys

As we just showed you above, ASK for reference and results from other personal injury attorneys. Don’t blindly trust anyone, verify everything. If you’re working with a law firm marketing agency, they MUST have other law firms they market for as well. It’s not wrong of you to want to review the results of other law firms using your current ad agency. And, if you are contemplating hiring a NEW law firm marketing company, YOU better ask for a ton of reference.

Ask for a Free Trial Period

Any law firm marketing company worth their weight will give you a free trial. A personal injury law firm client is worth 5k and upwards a month in profit for a law firm marketing agency. If this new found ads company is SO convinced they can hit a home run for you, why would they NOT give you a free trial? We offer a 30-day free trial. That’s right, if you want to learn more about our law firm marketing campaigns, or how we can get you more case leads click here.

Call Multiple Ad Agencies Before Hiring One

Get multiple quotes and talk to a few different law firm marketing companies. Even with us, don’t just hire us off the rip. Call other firms. Make sure you mesh well with the agency you’re about to retain.

Schedule a Free Personal Injury Marketing Campaign Review with Big Bang Today

Most of all, call us at (818) 877-7701 to schedule a free personal injury marketing campaign review. We love to help law firms. For over a decade and a half we’ve been working with attorneys. Let us show you how we can increase your leads, lower your headaches, and help your law firm obtain the ROI you’ve been looking for.

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