Our Third Step is to complete your on-boarding. This means that we have collected all of the necessary information and now your Account Analyst is working with our development team to create your new website and campaign platform. This is a very exciting time, and if you would like to take a “sneak peak” all you need to do is call us. We love to provide updates.

State of the art development

In order for your campaign to hit the ground running we have a lot of work that needs to be done. From creating amazing, unique content to developing an aggressive Google AdWords campaign we work around the clock to get you up and running quickly.


Status calls & reports

During your on-boarding process we are also building out your client dashboard. Within 30 days or less of signing up with our firm you are provided access to your client phone call dashboard, and you will begin receiving reports. 

Big Bang Marketing News

We LOVE to keep up to date with the world of SEO and Paid Search. This is why our content team is constantly publishing stories about things we see with our own clients, or topics we find interesting on the web. Knowledge is power, and information should be free.

Google MUM and Creating Content for Lawyers

Google MUM and Creating Content for Lawyers For a long time law firms have played a "tug of war" watch between SEO content and the way they would word information. Attorneys are intelligent, and as such, their vocabulary and level of understanding are going to be much...

Performance Marketing for Attorneys

Performance Marketing for Attorneys  Welcome back to our law firm marketing blog. If you're joining us because you just finished pulling your hair out over your current advertising campaign, we hope to be of some relief. At Big Bang, we're all about results. Our...

The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Marketing Okay, before we dive into our Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Marketing, let’s make one thing clear. We know you’ve read lots of articles, all claiming to be the “end all be all” to law firm marketing tips. You get excited, sit down...

AdWords versus Google Screened for Law Firms

AdWords versus Google Screened for Law Firms If you’re an attorney, and you haven’t looked into Google Local Service ads for your law firm, you need to wake up. Google doesn't make big changes often. Yes, I know, all the SEO companies who call you tell you that there...