Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing for Law Firms It's here. We've made it through taking our kids trick or treating, we stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving, and we survived the shopping, office parties, and the inlaws over the winter holidays. The most...

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads

Law Firm Marketing and Using Search Engine Optimization to Get Leads Look, if you've found your way to our website it means one of two things. Either you're currently paying for marketing and it's not working. Or, second, you're considering utilizing digital...

The Future of SEO Marketing for Attorneys

The Future of SEO Marketing for Attorneys Okay, stop rolling your eyes. Yes, we know that at the end of every year, every SEO company tires to paint some urgent picture about the future of SEO marketing for attorneys. In addition, we know that you know were are trying...

Google and the BERT Algorithm Update

Google and the BERT Algorithm Update If you're an attorney, and you're looking to get leads from your website, you better keep up with Google and the BERT algorithm update. Search Engine Journal just published its own opinion on this groundbreaking update. How big is...

Marketing Your Law Firm Without SEO

Marketing Your Law Firm Without SEO Look, if you visit our website enough than you know we're big with attorneys. Over 85% of our pipeline is focused on marketing and managing ad campaigns for lawyers. If you have half a brain, and you follow the SEO world than you...

Law Firm Marketing and Choosing The Right Marketing Agency 

Law Firm Marketing and Choosing The Right Marketing Agency  We recently asked one of our Senior Account Analysts, Mr. Brett Weisler, to write an article about Law Firm Marketing and Choosing the Right Marketing Agency. If you're an avid reader of our blog then you...

Law Firm Marketing Companies and Getting New Case Leads

Law Firm Marketing Companies and Getting New Case Leads If you've visited our website, or if you've spoken to one of our account analysts before, than you know we're heavy into Attorney SEO Marketing. When I, or any of our writers for that matter, publish new...

Attorney SEO Marketing

Attorney SEO Marketing Big Bang is an award-winning Attorney SEO Marketing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Now, what you're about to read may shock and confuse you. That's good, because if you're like most of our clients, you need a slap in the face to wake you...

Ranking SEO Content For Attorneys

Ranking SEO Content For Attorneys If you're an attorney, and you are currently paying for an Attorney SEO Marketing campaign, you need to read this. Look, we are not attorneys. However, because we work with so many law firms, we spend a lot of time researching what's...

Marketing Tips For Attorney Lead Generation

Marketing Tips For Attorney Lead Generation Ten years ago, any attorney worth their weight, knew that they had to invest in online marketing. Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search were still in their infancy, and there was money to be made for lawyers who could...

Website Development & Marketing Services

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Big Bang Marketing Services

Website Development & SEO

From Attorneys to Dentists, and every Business Owner in between, you need NEW clients every month. We understand your needs and we provide full proof plans that allow you to convert organic leads into paying customers. How do we do that? Simple, through market analysis and quality programming. All of which we control in-house.

Website Development

Your website says who you are, and what your business is about. From law firms to dentists, and everything in between, your site says why clients should hire you instead of one of your competitors. We design and develop custom sites that establish your business as the premier choice in your field or industry. 

Google AdWords & Paid Search

As certified Google AdWords Professionals we believe 100% in Google AdWords. We also focus on other forms of paid search such as Yelp and Facebook. Paid Ads, when properly managed, delivers INSTANT results for your business. Call us today to schedule a FREE analysis on how to manage a paid ad campaign. 

Medical & Dental Marketing

Whether you’re a Dentist or a Plastic Surgeon, you need new patients paying you for services every month. You also need a website that looks amazing and functions with your reviews and social presence. We do all of it for you. 

CPA & Financial Websites

You not only need a website and local online presence, you also need to stay compliant with FTC, SEC, and local and national  rules and regulations about what you say and advertise on your website. We work directly with you to solve these problems, as well as sync your site with online calculators and information directories for your practice. 

APP Development

Everyone wants to use a mobile APP. We can convert your law firm, dental, or business website into a fully functioning mobile APP. We also develop custom, complex APP’s and manage them on IOS and Android Platforms. 

Google AdWords & Paid Search

Our Google AdWords Certified Professionals work one on one with each client. By providing a non-compete clause, we focus on your geographical territory and destroy your competitors. There is nothing more powerful than a successful paid ads campaign. When properly managed, and added to an organic campaign, your business becomes unstoppable. 

Organic SEO

Organic and MAP rankings help prove to your potential clients that you are a REAL provider of goods and services. People TRUST what they see organically. We make sure you rank at the TOP of page ONE on Google.

Law Firm Marketing

Whether you’re a Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, or Divorce Lawyer you NEED new clients calling you every month. The term “Personal Injury Attorney” can go for over $900.00 a click on AdWords depending upon your city and state location. We deliver organic results that mirror the top searched and clicked AdWord campaigns. 

E Commerce & Online Business Websites

If you sell goods and services online than you know the competitive nature of the E Commerce World. We can make your website standout. This drives you more traffic and more conversions leads to more paying customers. 

Drop Ship Websites & Integration

Drop Shipping has been around for decades. However, over the past 18 months it has become a booming business, providing entrepreneur and stay at home moms a new way to make money. Our Drop Ship Websites come fully functional, SEO optimized, and can have full API integration with Drop Ship Providers. 

Video Creation & Marketing

We also develop custom one of a kind videos for YouTube, Social Media, as well as traditional Television Commercials. 


Paid Search Training

Would you like to learn more about how Google AdWords or Paid Search works? We offer free web training courses each month, call us and sign up.

Organic SEO Courses

Our Los Angeles Office offers live and web based SEO courses. If you would like to learn more about content and organic SEO, call to sign up for free.

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