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The Universe, and one of our favorite TV Shows, started with a Big Bang. We love technology, we love to help clients achieve their business goals, and we REALLY LOVE challenges. Nothing is more challenging then dealing with a technology space that is constantly changing. Find out how we got started below, or if you want to check out services, click the blue button. Sorry Neo, we don’t have a red pill for you swallow (that’s a Matrix joke by the way). 

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We Got Started Because We Wanted to Make Web Marketing Work

Okay, so that tag line to the left is little to cliche, but, it’s not far from the hard truth. We actually got our start as developers and programmers for other companies. Our owners actually have degrees and certifications in Aerospace Engineering, Stress and Strain Analysis, CAD/CAM Software Engineering, as well as Google Professional Courses. In fact, we actually first opened up a Card Not Present Processing Center and Data Base Management System. So, how did we get here?

Well, all of our CNP clients had websites. Like any computer nerd would do, we would analyze our clients websites and too often, which we apologize for now as we are older and far more mature (no we are not we wear Star Wars t-shirts to work), we would make fun of our clients websites. The programming and functionality put into the sites was, well, laughable. 

One day, while enjoying a joke at the expense (yes we know how bad this sounds) of one of our clients, one of our Processing Account Executives asked us “hey, you guys are nerds, why don’t you build them a better website?” 

We listened, and we did. That was day one of our Internet Marketing venture. Nine years later, we are loving life.

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We Aim For Your Competitors Online

Like any quality nerds, we love games and challenges. Instead of spending our time with board games and computer conquests, we focus on Organic SEO and AdWords Management. Essentially, we LOVE to take down your lawyer buddy you went to school with or the dentist down the street that bought that brand new Mercedes you wanted. 


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If you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level, call us today. We would like to say to “infinity and beyond” but I think Buzz Lightyear has that one legally locked down. What are you waiting for? Stop wasting your marketing money and contact us today to learn all about how SEO Marketing really works. You just might learn something.