Best Personal Injury Keywords

We started off this week with a big splash about keyword selection. Today we will discuss what we believe to be the best personal injury keywords. As always, Big Bang is a premier provider of law firm lead generation services. In our opinion, the success of an Attorney SEO Marketing is based upon how many new cases it provides. In furthering our discussion about which terms are most effective to target, we decided to tackle Accident Lawyers.

It’s well known that the CPC (cost per click) for injury attorney related terms can climb as high as $900.00 plus dollars. That’s for a single click, not a client conversion. Now, don’t let us scare you away from paid search campaigns. On the contrary, we are a huge proponent for Google AdWords. We love paid search. Yet, once again, it comes down to acquire new client cases. Personal Injury, quite possibly, is the most exaggerated example of how improper keyword selection can crush a campaign.

In this article, we are going to take on different types of injury campaigns. From different verticals of personal injury to geographical keyword targeting, our goal is to identify a few core ways to improve an attorney digital marketing campaign. Without any further delay, grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive into selecting keywords.

Selecting the right Personal Injury Keywords

On the surface, selecting the right personal injury keywords sounds simple enough. If you’re an injury lawyer then you want to run ads for the keyword “personal injury attorney” right? No, you’re wrong and worse than you being wrong is your Attorney SEO Marketing agency charging you for the wrong search terms. Two weeks ago we published an article about the necessity for the Attorney Digital Marketing Interview. The post talked about how critical it is to properly brainstorm with your SEO firm before beginning your campaign.

Like any fruitful business partnership or a happy marriage, an effective Attorney SEO Marketing campaign needs open and clear communication. Too often, Law Firm Digital Marketing agencies are so quick to sign up an attorney, that they fail to even identify what it is that the lawyer even wants to get out of the campaign. Just because you’re tagged as a Personal Injury Attorney DOES NOT mean you want to take on PERSONAL INJURY cases. Don’t get confused, keep reading.

Let’s start by using Google AdWords as an example because it’s very clear with this visual. If you select “personal injury attorney Los Angeles” as a keyword, in very elementary terms, you will show up with this term. Now we’re not here today to talk about the in’s and out’s of AdWords, or campaign structure. The goal here is to talk about selecting the best personal injury keywords. So, staying on point, you may believe that coming up for “personal injury attorney Los Angeles” is great. However, you may get calls for Medical Malpractice, and those clicks can crush your spend in a few days.

If you find yourself saying “wait a minute I don’t do med-mal and why would I get clicks for that?” then you JUST proved us right. Using the example above shows why you would want to run negative keywords. Again, diving into all the tactics of an effective paid search campaign is not what we’re doing today. Yet, this is a great example of why you need to discuss your expectations with your SEO firm before you pay them any money. If you want car accident cases only then you’re not a personal injury attorney, you are a “car accident lawyer Los Angeles”. Get it? Well, there is a lot more, so keep reading.

Personal Injury Attorney Digital Marketing 

You need to determine what types of client inquiries you want to get. Only then can you and your SEO company begin an effective personal injury attorney digital marketing campaign. Paying your SEO company money but never determining the types of cases you want to take is like going to an expensive steak house but failing to tell your waiter how you want your steak cooked. You might be ready to sink your teeth into a nice rare filet mignon, and you end up with a well-done ribeye.

An effective, and financial profitable Law Firm Marketing campaign, needs to start off with the right foot forward. An even better example is building a house, it’s all about the foundation. If you want auto accident cases, then tell that to your digital marketing rep. If you don’t want medical malpractice or workers comp calls, tell them that too. If you want to get truck accident cases or commercial injury calls, and you don’t want to spend time with car crashes, you have to speak up.

You’ve got to remember that the SEO company you’re working with is typically a sales agency. The majority of the time they are not doing the work in-house. Do you remember the game “telephone” when you were a kid? By the time you hear the final message, it’s not even a glimmer of what it started out as. Now, this may really scare the crap out of you, but that’s what’s happening with your current Attorney SEO Marketing campaign.

By the time someone, usually overseas, gets a hold of your campaign they believe you want to get calls for injury cases. They don’t know that you want car accident calls over wrongful death or med-mal. They truly know nothing about you, your law firm, or your expectations.

Selecting the Best Personal Injury Keywords

Once you determine the types of cases you want to target, you need to then figure out which terms work in your area. Some times we see better conversions for the term “car accident attorney” than we do for the term “car crash lawyer”. On the very bottom of a Google search results page, you can find synonyms. These are great to use as well from an organic standpoint. You can create blog posts, or use them within your social feeds.

After you’ve determined the types of cases you want, and you spent time looking at real analytics, you’re on to the final step. We urge you to look at the mathematical data, don’t just blindly trust a marketing executive. The final step is to determine your geographical area. Take Southern California as an example. If you’re located in Woodland Hills, you may want to target the whole San Fernando Valley, and you may not. Perhaps you want to get cases in Los Angeles since you’re located in Los Angeles County. Maybe you just want to market Woodland Hills and Calabasas.

You need to figure out how far of a range you can really draw from. Also, don’t get sucked into believing that you “have to rank in your local area first”. This is one of the oldest scams that SEO companies pull. Look, you’re an attorney, a doctor of law. It’s time to wake up and take control of your digital marketing spend. There are better ways to generate leads using Attorney SEO Marketing, you just need to do your homework. If you’ve got questions, send them our way.